Why Evil

Hello to you all, 🙂

these pages are intended for all stationery nerds, paper lovers, washi tape addicts, fontain pen friends, planner babes and many others who like to see different notebooks, pencils, pens, washi tape and lots more. 😄

My name is Chrissi and I have been in love with stationery since I got my very first pen and notepad: I was five years old and it was a present from my parents.

Me Becoming Evil

Did you ask yourself why you should trust a woman who calls herself evil? Well, yes. 🙂

Normally evil can be something or someone wicked or bad. Don’t take this word too strict. I consider myself rather an ‚enfant terrible’.

I am not the typical journaling type. I speak out my thoughts, my experiences and I don’t follow the crowd. In my opinion the world is more than pastell/light colours, bow washi tape, or just three colours for one spread. Don’t get me wrong, these things are totally fine, but I think we all can do more, try more and be more brave. What I want to say is: Get out of your comfort zone and start experminting with new things.

To be honest with you, I am a little rebel and I like to start one 😉 Once, I defended a young girl’s spread in a chat. It was bright with deep rich colour and it wasn’t the typical spread. Other members of this group started to give her „advices“ on how she could do better. The young girl didn’t ask for that. She just wanted to show her spread because she was proud of what she did. I was shocked that other journalists didn’t lift her or encourage her to find her own way. They just suggested it wasn’t what they wanted to see. So I gave her a positive feedback and wrote that it is great that she was finding her way. Oh boy, the comments which I got for this were shocking. There were questions/sentences like: „It isn’t beautiful. Can’t you see that?“ or „Don’t encourage something like that“. My favourite one was: „How evil are you?“

That was food for thought. The young girl contacted me and said thank you because I jumped in and was the only person who just tried to give her a good feeling instead of telling her what to do to fit in the frame they all wanted her to be in.

Yes sometimes my mind is wandering and I think a lot about things, why they get hyped and whether it’s worth to follow the crowd.

My interest is to show you that there is more out there than the same notebooks, pen, washi and stickers they all use.

If it is evil to broaden your mind, to inspire you or to show you how beautiful/great other things are, then hell yes, I am a proud wicked woman. 😀

Product Testing

Do you know the feeling, when you are sneaking around different products or shops and you aren’t really sure whether to buy something or not because you don’t know if it is worth it. That is a point which I can totally understand. Maybe I can help you a bit with your decisions. I am very curious and I like to try out new things. 😁

Because of that, I will share with you the things I buy, the things I try out, and the way I plan or journal. Every week there will be a new post on this blog and if you like, you can follow me on Instagram too (@chrissis_stationery or @eviljournalista).

When I recommend products, I don’t do so because I get money or any other form of compensation for it!

I do so because I believe that it is worth a try. And I would like to support little businesses to live their dream. I have a big heart for everybody who is following his/her dreams and such people should get our respect.


Regarding my planner system, I can say that I haven’t got one. I am a proud messy planner who loves to create a plan and then check it against reality. 😂

I adore all the pretty spreads of Bullet Journalists, Erin Condren fans, Happy Planner Babes and Hobonichi Addicts. It doesn’t matter if the spread is minimalistic, artistic or completely different. I love them all because in every spread you can find beauty and inspiration. I am no artist but every wonky line goes from my heart straight to the paper and I love it. 😂😍

So, my wisdom of the blog: Find your own way and let you be inspired by the world.

Love you all,

The Evil Journalista

PS: Here are a few of my pictures to get a first impression 😆

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