Mental health

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

How are you? How do you do?

I know you may think „Oh please, no“ or „OK, let’s see what she wants this time“ while reading the headline because there are times when nearly every influencer or personality talks about it. A lot of them talk about stress, taking no breaks, and some of them have negative thoughts about themselves. Then you can read a lot „It’s ok not to be ok“. Sometimes it seems to be like a movement. Quite strange for me because I have lived with such feelings for such a long time now. It is strange to see such VIPs go to therapy or taking a break and after a few weeks they return and look as polished as usual. What do they do for it? Can they recover from it, like you recover from the flu?

I mean, I have had my depression and my social anxiety my whole life. I went to therapy for one year. There I learnt how to handle and to live with it. I learnt to accept this part of me. I don’t take pills and I don’t want to take any. Still, I have my ups and downs. My downs aren’t as bad as before the therapy, which is good.

Sometimes my depression comes over me like a tornado and even with the same speed it is gone again. And then there are other days were my depression comes really slowly and takes up several days. It is getting worse every day, bit by bit. The problem is, I recognise such days and what happens quite late. My mood sinks really slowly and then there is this breaking point and I am getting grumpy. To be honest, I don’t like getting grumpy because I’m getting loud and quick-tempered as well.

My social anxiety is quite different from the depression because it is present every single day. But if you would compare both then the anxiety is quiet and the depression is loud. The anxiety is there and I can feel its presence. It‘s not a thought like the depression. The feeling can just be that my heart is pumping fast or my breathing could be harder.
One year ago I had these feelings a lot at work. At the last company every time I had my anxiety when I got an invitation to a personal conversation with my supervisior. These meetings weren’t fun and I often got criticised for my character; however, never for my work because my work was excellent. I was too quiet which is quite funny because at my current working place I’m still the same and I don’t get criticised for my character. So at the moment my anxiety is slowing down when I go to a meeting or a personal talk with my superiors. It is really different and even if my team leader and I have a different opinions about things, it‘s totally fine and my character isn’t a problem at all.

To be honest, it wasn’t always as good or as smooth as it is now. Several months before I found my therapist it was really bad. I stayed at home and I cried out of control. I slept most of the day and I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself. My husband was at my side and tried his best. He helped me with nearly everything. He drove me to my therapy lessons and waited outside. I was glad to get help from him and the therapy helped me to understand my mental situation. I learnt to accept my depression and the social anxiety. I was taught several techniques to handle trigger moments or ways to reduce the stress.

In the same year I finished my therapy we adopted Maya, by pure chance. This little pug brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. It got very chaotic as well. Nevertheless, she did and still does something incredible: Maya recognizes when my depression takes over. She gets calm and wants to cuddle a lot. When I try to go into another room then she follows me and watches over me. When she recognizes that my mood is getting better than she brings something to play or likes to play tag.
When my social anxiety takes over, Maya tries to cheer me up with playing and when we go outside for a walk, she gets quite protective and barks even at the smallest bird. But she would never ever bite.

As you know, we live in a house in the countryside. Before that we lived in a flat in the city, well that quarter of the city wasn’t the best but there were just families and elderly people. However, there was one huge trigger in our block of flats which made it quite hard for me to live there happily. We were on the 5th floor (there was no elevator) and when we went up- or downstairs we had to pass one door in the third floor. There lived a nice family but their dog was really aggressive against Maya and also against me. There were several moments were it was quite dangerous when Maya or I could have get bitten or hurt. So every time I passed this door I got panic.
Since we moved to the house it is much easier for my mental health. My panic attacks, my depression, and my social anxiety reduced and got much better.

I don’t wait that these negative moments just get over. I reflect my days and write down whether I had a trigger moment and, if so, what it did to me. I go outside for at least 30 minutes a day because the fresh air helps me to clear my mind. I take long baths and listen to a podcast or a radio play. Even working in the garden helps me to reduce my stress and to push the positivity. Talking with my husband with a cup of good coffee helps to understand what happens in this moment. Sometimes I talk with one of my dearest friends about my feelings and thoughts but I talk just with one or two of them about it. Two weeks ago I had a bad day. I had such problems to get any positive thought and I felt really down. It is getting better again. But sometimes it is a struggle and I need to fight for the life I think I could live.

Yes, it is ok not to be ok, but it is important to find a way to deal with such situations. There is a way to learn to accept mental struggles. Be aware that it takes some time and you can’t fix it over night. Maybe try to see it like the Japanese master craftsman handle a damaged plate: They repair it with care, slowly and overpaint it with the colour gold. The plate is your mental health. Give yourself enough time to recover and see it as a part of you which helps you to grow.

Wisdom of the day: Don’t be afraid to talk about mental health because when we don’t do it, the people around you won’t understand it.

Love to you all and stay safe,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

Just Another Cozy Chat

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

how is your weekend? Are you enjoying life (which I hope you can in this troubled times)? Is there anything you need from me like a kind word? I’ll be there for you. So grab your favourite drink and if you like something to eat, and let’s talk about everything that’s on your mind.
So come to me and sit down on my sofa. 🙂 It’s the new one and yes it is the comfy blue over there. 😉 Well, I haven’t got a table for it, so please be aware to put your empty cup onto the floor.
Right, let’s talk about random stuff 🙂


OK, let’s start with a topic I haven’t talked about for a while. Well, since the pandemic I didn’t shop a lot. To be honest the prices for shipping are extremely high and it takes such a longe time because of that I think twice about it before I shop. There are just three things with I allow myself to buy: Zenpop Box, Cecile Cafe and Rainbowholic as Patreon Support. I’m still hoping that one day it will be back to normal like two years ago and I could shop without any doubts. Do you shop regularly?

On the other side, I think that I have a lot of these goodies at home. Well, no one can use nearly 700 rolls of washi at once, right? 😀 I think I will try to reduce my shopping and use the products which I currently have at home.

The Garden

As you may remember, we planned some plant stones for our herb garden. We learnt that we need a plan B for this little project. One of these stones weighs 34 kilograms (around 64 pounds). Nope, I didn’t forget a point between the numbers. They are so heavy… too heavy. My husband had an operation nearly two years ago because he did oneself an injury so I don’t want him to lift such heavy things.
I’m thinking maybe a little planting bed made out of wood would be a great alternative.

Yesterday I removed older bushes which grew quite wildly. I call this part of the garden as my „little place of disgrace“. There were those bushes and a lot of weed. I discovered that there were a lot of smaller and bigger rocks underneath the weed. Next steps will be that I will remove the soil and check how many stones there really are.


I started a picture as a new project but it has been in progress for nearly four weeks. I’m stuck. Every time I would like to take time for watercolouring I have other things to do. Well, my time management isn’t the best at the moment. I have some difficulties to manage my to dos during the day.
I mean, my workload is quite good but the time after work, there I have troubles to deal with. I would like to have time to watercolour or to journal at the weekends but I haven’t.

OK, stop! I can’t write like I would feel alright today. Actually I’m not ok. It’a not a good day for me because my depression and my anxiety are quite present at the moment. My tinnitus is loud as well. I think that my mental problems push my tinnitus. It’s tough. I can’t tell you why today is a bad day. I went out of bed and realized that my depression said hello. My husband and I have deal when I feel depressed then I describe my depression in form of a dog breed. That way I let him know how big my mental problem is. Today the size is a St. Bernard. That is really huge because normally it isn’t that present. Normally it is like a puppy Chihuahua. I call him Bob. Bob is there but really, really quiet, he doesn’t bark or does anything.

My anxiety pushes my depression. It is like a cheerleader who likes to support the favourite football team. It is great for them but quite bad for me. So it seemed that my Tinnitus is the party music for both of them. It is the type of party you don’t really enjoy because there is nobody you know, you don’t like the food or the drinks, and the conversations suck as well. Today I’m the special guest there. And I don’t like it.

I tried to escape, so I sat in my studio with an open window. I started blogging but I got stuck really fast… after the first sentence, actually. So I decided to look outside and try to calm down. It helped for a couple of minutes. After that it started all over again. It is like a downward spiral.

At that point I would grab a pen and start journaling, unfortunately I won’t do it because I don’t want to. Even something like watching a movie, I don’t want to do that either.
Today I literally try to survive and just be, nothing more and nothing less.

I’m very sorry for today and that because of my depression, there isn’t any wisdom for today.

Love to you all and stay safe in every way,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

LeGrow – Your Indoor Garden

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

Well, it’s not Sunday. Yes, I skipped actually two Sundays, that’s happened because I sat down and tried to write but I didn’t find my flow. It was dreadful. Yesterday I organized my studio because I got a sofa and needed to rearrange my furniture. It‘s not put in the way I would like to have it but it’s comfy and the studio went in the right direction with it. 🙂
Maybe I didn’t find my flow because of my diagnosis which I got from my appointment with my ENT specialist. Well, I am going to be hard of hearing. As I said, I had an appointment at the ENT because I have some Tinnitus problems and they did some tests, and the results were pretty clear. My family background is full of people who have problems with their hearing and most of them have a hearing aid. For example my father and my granny – his mother – have had these hearing problems their whole life. It is a different situation for me to live with people who have these problems and now the situation has changed in a way that I am going to be one of them. My father was quite shocked while my mother encouraged me to go to my appointments regularly and to get a hearing aid when it will be necessary. I will give you an update on that if you want to.

Anyway; some days ago one of Kickstarter‘s projects which we supported arrived. We supported a project called LeGrow. It is a garden for your home, like in your living room. LeGrow offers a garden system which can be built up in the way you would like to have/create it. It is a modular system, so you can put and stack it the way you want it. The company has different sizes of gardens for your home. We supported the company with 184 Dollars and it was a herb garden in size large.

What We Got:

  • 13 Standard Pot
  • 5 Absorbent Cotton
  • 3 Vertical Pot
  • 4 Moss Pot
  • 1 Single Tray
  • 4 Self-watering Trays
  • 2 Grow Lamps
  • 1 Glass Bulb
  • 1 Humidifier
  • 1 Power Dock
  • 1 Adapter
  • 2 Connector
  • 1 Speaker
  • 1 Guide

It was quite a huge package 🙂 I was really excited and couldn’t wait to put plants into it. You can arrange the plants any way you would like to have it. You also get an easy to understand guide on how to plant/pot everything. You don’t need to read a lot because they use pictograms. So there are differences in potting a plants in general to potting succulents or orchids.
Because I was a little bit impatient my husband took me to Pflanzen Richter on Saturday. Well, Pflanzen Richter is a local garden center, where you can buy plants for inside and outside. The variety is huge from a little succulent up to trees. The prices are really fair, the products are of very good quality which is why I like shopping there. The staff is friendly and they help you when you look for something or you can consult them if you need advice on the plants you want to buy. As usual I bought too many plants. 😀 That is so me but I can’t resist. I’m not quite sure how it happened but I bought the following plants:

  • 5 succulents
  • 1 African violet
  • 2 orchids
  • Moss (maybe 2 kilograms)
  • 1 Strin-of-Pearls
  • 6 Peperomia
  • 1 Philodendron
  • 1 Rumex sanguineus

Most of these plants were really tiny 😀

How I Arranged Our Indoor Garden

We put the pots together and also stacked some of them, so we created some heights. We changed it a few times until we created the garden we would like to have. That is the coolest part about LeGrow: You can put and stack it the way you want. It is really easy to handle. I think that it would be fun for kids as well.

So I started potting on Saturday afternoon. I love a good planting party. 🙂 I enjoy every moment of that. It is so relaxing and I love the feeling of fresh soil and new plants. Every plant is different with different requirements in regard for water, soils, and light. It makes me happy to see a plant grow.
After 1 1/2 hours every plant had his pot and we put it back together. During that time we listened to something like planting music. We were amazed how different it looked. So we connected the electrical parts and filled the glass bulb with water. After that we put the power on and the humidifier started working. It was awesome to see how the steam wandered through the plants. The plant lights were really bright and they give great light.
I sat there and watched the waves of the steam for at least 30 minutes. It was so relaxing.
Because of the moss the room got some smell of forest which is really lovely.

We thought for quite a long time about the perfect place because the garden isn’t a small one and we do already have a lot of plants in the house. At first we thought of the living room but there would be just a place on the table. We decided against it because the table would be full with the garden. Our next idea was the working office, nevertheless we have the space but we wouldn’t see the garden because it would be on top of a bookshelf. So our third idea was the bedroom. Behind our bed we have a storage area on which only our bedside lights stand, so there is enough space for the garden. We brought everything into the bedroom and placed the garden. It looked amazing. 🙂

First Night

Before we went to bed we decided to switch on the lights and the humidifier of the garden. We lied down and enjoyed the smell of the moss as well as the quiet sound of the humidifier. The smell of forest with this little cool refreshing breeze let you relax your body and mind. Even at night, after we switched off the light and the humidifier, I could smell the moss.

Since Saturday we have enjoyed the garden nearly every evening or night. At the moment I don’t regret that we supported LeGrow with that amount of money. The only thing I can say is that we love our little garden which brings fun, creativity, and relaxation. If you like/love plants and your space it is limited you should have a look at LeGrow. Maybe it would be a great garden for you as well.

Love to you all,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

P.S.: This review was neither paid nor supported in any way by anybody. It’s just the honest opinion of the author.

Diving into Another World

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

we left January behind us and we welcome February. This winter is more windy than cold or even freezing. It is a perfect time to do something creative or read a good book. Well, last week I wrote about watercolouring, so I think today we could talk about reading and how I found my way to this hobby. 🙂

My First Years Of Reading

I learnt reading quite early; I remember how my mother sat next to me and explained my name in letters and in what other words these letters could be found. Reading was a huge part in my family’s life. The only person who started reading quite late was my father because he didn’t find the right author. 😀 My mother had a separate room with a huge collection of books. She is still reading every night before she goes to bed. Her father – my grandfather – had a lovely collection as well. He read different books than my mother and even his wife, my grandmother, loved reading. As a little girl I was fascinated by my family members and their books. That’s why I loved taking a book out of the shelf and just browse through it – I couldn’t read at that point.
My mother used to read some fairy tales while my father didn’t read; he created his own version of those fairy tales for me.

After my mother had shown me the alphabet and the equivalent sounds, I tried to read my first words.
Then I went to elementary school and I loved to learn how to read. I started with books like Pipi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren or Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kästner. I loved the opportunity to dive into another world. I went on adventures while I sat on a windowsill. That was great for days when I couldn’t go out because of bad weather or when my friends weren’t at home.

Reading During High School

Next to my high school was the city library which was great because it was a walk of just one minute. 😀 They had a great collection of fictional and non-fictional books. The section for youth literature was huge. Those books were quite popular with a lot of girls. I tried reading them but they didn’t please me. A book had maybe 100 – 120 pages and I was, at that point, a fast reader and I didn’t enjoy books about school. I wanted to read different stuff.

The librarian was a strict lady in her mid-50’s. She knew her bookworms very well and she had an eye on us youngsters. One day I had some free time because one class had been cancelled, so I decided to go to the library and read something different. I sneaked into the area which was „forbidden“ because I wasn’t old enough for those books. And I found a book written by Stephen King „Pet Sematary“. In German the book is named „Friedhof der Kuscheltiere“, if I had to translate it, you could call it „cemetery of cuddly toys“. Well, how bad could the content be?! The librarian found me and that day I couldn’t read it. I tried it a few times and one day the Queen of the Library told me:“ Well, young lady, this book isn’t a book for someone of your age. I can’t allow you to take this book home with you. I would get into trouble with your parents. But – and this is really an exception – you can read it here and we will talk about it. If it is too scary you will tell me and I will show you the page where you can start reading again. OK?“

So I started reading my first Stephen King and it began a lovely relationship with the librarian. We talked about the book and she allowed me to have a look at books of all genres. I read a lot at that time.
I read Stephen King, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Shakespeare, Goethe, Tolkien, and lots more. I read some books of family members like my grandfather or my auntie who was a huge fan of DinoPark by Michael Crichton or Harry Potter by JK Rowling.

At University And Working

My reading changed a lot after my graduation from Highschool. I studied Sociology and I had to read a lot for it so during this time I read many non-fictional books. When I read a fictional book it was more a cozy mystery one like „Aunt Dimity“ by Nancy Atherton. It was cute, refreshing, and light. A good book to read in a short time but still very enjoyable.

I don’t read as often as I would like to. Sometimes I would like to have a whole weekend just for me, so I could have silence. Maybe I would hear just sounds like rain or thunder. I’m aware that I need to find more time to read because it helps me to relax.

Ten Books/Book Series (No Ranking)

It’s no real „Top Ten list“ but ten books/series I really like.

  • Pet Sematary (Stephen King)
  • Body in the Library (Agatha Christie)
  • Harry Potter (my personal favourite is number 3)
  • The Physicists: A Comedy in Two Acts (Friedrich Dürrenmatt, it’s a play)
  • Metro 2033 (Dmitry Glukhovsky)
  • I Remember You (Yrsa Sigurdardóttir)
  • Aunt Dimity (Nancy Atherton)
  • The Fifth Elephant (Terry Pratchett)
  • Conveniece Store Woman (Sayaka Murata)
  • Battle Royale (Konshun Takami)

Some of those books I read 15 to 25 years ago and I’m still in love with them. So I started reading „Body in the Library“ again this year. Fun Fact: I took this book out of the shelf and I started smiling. I know the story, I know the characters, and every time I read it, I discover a little thing which makes the story more lovable.
Some of those books I read more than twice or I read them in German and English. I have a version of „Pet Sematary“ which is quite old and has loose pages. It is in really bad condition but I can’t separate from it. 🙂

Some books can broaden your mind while you are getting older. I think a really good book, which you enjoy and can read over and over again, is like meeting a good friend. You love to have them around and when you re-read it, it is like coming home. It gives you a positive feeling.

Wisdom of the day: Diving into different worlds helps you to broaden your mind, enjoy adventures, and escape your normal world.

Love to you all,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

Using watercolours

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

how has your weekend been so far? Are you chilling or have you been busy?
Well, we have had a very windy weekend so far. So I decided to go up into my studio and practise my watercolouring skills. Here in my little refuge I can sit, concentrate, listen to the wind, and swear like an old sailor. 😀

Why I Started Using Watercolours

Watercolours and I have a really long relationsip and it hasn’t been the best one. Imagine a young school kid who loves colours but isn’t the best one in creating picture. In elementary school the teacher was supportive and gave me helpful some advice. Later, in secondary school, my teacher was very critical and my best mark was a C plus. I polished my grades with knowledge about theory and history of art. When I was in my senior high school classes and could drop subjects, I decided to give up art and go to music. (I can play different musical instruments.)

My grandmother started watercolouring when I began with secondary school. She is still painting and enjoys it very much. My grandfather likes to say that I introduced my grandmother to the art of watercolouring.

So basically, I didn’t touch any sort of artistic paint brush for watercolouring for a really long time – I mean lots of years. Then I scrolled through Skillshare and found some really great courses. Because of that I thought it would be a nice try to practise a little bit.
Last year in Denmark I took my little Van Gogh set with me, a little notepad as well and I started with some small sketches. I looked for templates on Pinterest. There you can find a lot of pictures and some of them are a step by step instruction.

What You Really Need

The list of materials which you need is quite short:

  • watercolour paper (a minimum of 200gsm)
  • watercolours, obviously 😉
  • brushes
  • two old cups for water
  • paper towel(s)
  • optional: washi tape
  • optional: pencil and eraser

For the start you won’t need to buy an expensive set of watercolours because if you just want to test whether watercolouring could be a new hobby for you, buy a less expensive one. I have several watercolour sets like van Gogh or Winsor & Newton. Two sets of van Gogh are small with 12 colours while Winsor & Newton is a set of 45 colours. The cool thing about the smaller ones is that you can take them with you. So I did during our vacation in Denmark last year.

The huge variety of brushes is endless and the prices can vary a lot. Even there you should ask yourself what you really want. I started with a little set of brushes. Later I bought brushes in different sizes. These are just synthetical ones because they are pretty fine for me. There are really expensive brushes with natural bristles and maybe I will buy a few of them one day.

The watercolouring paper is wide field as well. At the moment I’m using a selection of different papers from 200 up to 600 gsm. The paper is made by Hahnenmühle. I like the idea to have seven different mould-made paper and five different Akademie watercolour papers with different surfaces. So just test some different papers and find those which you like most; by doing so, you can see how paper and colour can blend together. If you use paper under 200 gsm the paper will get wavy which can make it look quite unpleasantly.

I like to use two old marmelade glasses for the water. The trick with the two cups is that one is for the brush, so you can use it for cleaning the brush, and the second one for having clear water, so your colours stay bright. 🙂

I use some paper towels to dry my brushes. I don’t use a new one every time because it is just water with a little bit of colour. So I re-use them for a very long time.

Washi tape is just for fixing the paper to the desk and it helps that the paper doesn’t get to wavy. Some artists paint without any skeching at first. Well, I can’t do this. So I sketch first and paint afterwards.

My Practice

At the moment I try to practise once a week just to get some routine and get a feeling for the colours. The pictures are copies from artists. One day I hope that I can create a picture just by myself. My husband has book about Japanese store or house fronts by Mateusz Urbanowicz. I adore his designs. They are colourful with lots of details. He painted a lot of storefronts in Tokyo.
These images are quite difficult for me but I love them so much, because of that I try to recreate them. I hope that I could sit in Tokyo one day and sketch a store by myself. Big dreams as usual 😀

During my practices I discovered that I learn to push my drawing / sketching skills as well. That’s why I would say I learnt a lot during this journey. My biggest weakness are the right perspective and the right heights. I think that I need a course to fix these problems and then I have to practise a lot. But it will be worth it.

If I ask my husband, he likes everything I try. He said that I make progress. I hope he is right. 😀 I won’t call myself a budding artist, that would be too overconfident. I would say that I’m a person who enjoys watercolouring. 🙂
I recreate birthday cards for family and friends by using inspiration from Pinterest and so far they have appreciated my work. 🙂

Once I have been told that you need just 20 hours of practice to learn the basics of a new topic and reproduce/create what you learnt. Well, I have learnt some basics and some I still have to learn some more but I have the patience to keep going. The 20 hours mark I hit a while ago, but it doesn’t matter to me. I will enjoy my progress.

Wisdom of the day: Practice helps you to get better. Don’t be afraid to have ups and downs. The results matter. 🙂

Love to you all and stay healthy,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

Planning of Our Garden

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

is everything fine? What’s new at your end? 🙂
Well, it’s Sunday and I thought it could be interesting to talk about gardening and journaling. I don’t know what the weather is like where you live but here it is rainy and very cloudy with a very fresh breeze. So, not really gardening weather 😀 Nevertheless it is perfect planning weather. 🙂

If I Could Have The Garden Of My Dreams

Let’s get a little bit dreamy. 😀 If I could have the garden of my dreams, I would have a corner with a herbal snail and some patches. There would be a place for insects, a little pond, a birdhouse and a little Japanese inspired part. Then, on the other side, were my flower beds which bloomed wonderfully. At last I would have a place where we can sit at a table for dinners with family and friends, and something more relaxing like a lounge with a fire place. Best part would be that nobody could see in our garden.
What a dream 😀 Let’s get it real!

Plans For This Year

My dream is really just a dream, the reality is different. I have one quite huge flower bed with different flowers. We have a table with chairs where we have dinner and we installed an awning so that we can have some privacy. Our fence is quite small and you can see everything in our garden with its birch tree and willow. There were a lot of rocks which I used as a fence for my flower bed. As you know I planted a lot of hydrangeas and other flowers last year.

This year I won’t plant new flowers. Instead, I would like to have a few vegetable patches and some herbs. Our garden isn’t huge but I think even with some small space you can create a wonderful place. So we will build three patches which will be 80 x 80 x 30 cm. We do already have the boards and all the other things at home because we had a garden lot a long, long time ago. (Unfortunately we had to give away the garden because we didn’t have enough time to give it the care it needed.)

My husband would love to have some herbs for his cooking and I love this idea to have fresh herbs as well. So because we won’t build a herbal snail with concrete or something like that. We decided to use plant stones. I translate this literally because I didn’t find the right English word for it. It is like a mould made out of stone which is hollow inside. Because of that, you can put soil and a plant inside, and the stone is like the fence around it. Quite practical and cute at the same time. You can get these little garden helpers in different sizes and shapes. You can put them separately, form a bigger shape with them and/or stack them together. We will stack them and try create something like stairs with them. The herbs can then be next to the flower bed because that way they will get good sunlight. 🙂

We also thought of a little path from the terrace to the composter at the far end of our garden. Well, this will be a lot of work this year.

Which Vegetables, Fruits And Herbs Will Move In

Well, my husband differentiated between herbs for the kitchen and medicinal herbs. So we decided to plant the following ones:

medicinal herbskitchen herbs
passion fruitrosemary
St. John’s wortthyme

My wishlist for vegetables and fruits is long as well 🙂 So let’s have a look:

  • strawberries
  • lettuce
  • rocket salad
  • tomatoes
  • chili peppers
  • bell peppers
  • spring onions
  • onions
  • garlic
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • blueberry
  • lemon

Maybe I’m a little over the top but the tomatoes and chilis I would put in large pots again like last year. In the next weeks I will research how many plants of each sort of vegetable can be put in one plot. I think that even the blueberry and the lemon will get their own pots. I planted a raspberry last year and well I’m not sure that it survived so maybe I am going to buy a new one, but only if the raspberry in the garden won’t survive the winter.

How I Journal About Gardening

I have my own journal just for gardening because I like to write about the development of the garden. So one day we stood in the garden, it was windy and really cold and we talked about where the patches and all that stuff should be, so I had my journal with me. I will show you the pages below. It is messy and just scribbles because I didn’t have the time to make it pretty. Even now I won’t re-do this pages in pretty because it isn’t necessary. Normally my pages are with photos, some writing and washi tapes. But for these pages I had a lot of time and created them in peace and quiet.

In addition to my research on how many plants can be put in pots, I think I will create a kind of fact sheet of all the plants. There could be some facts like Latin name, what you can do with them, which location they need and maybe some more facts. I think that we could write down our experiences and if the plants will have grow. The only thing I know about this sheet is that it should be just one page for each plant. I’ll keep you updated on that. 🙂

So, this is the plan for the garden and in the next weeks and months my gardening journal will be fed with new experiences, and hopefully with a lot of fun as well.

Wisdom of the day: Be ambitious and don’t worry if you need to reduce something! 🙂

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista Chrissi

Do I have too many hobbies?

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

How is/was your weekend? Well, yesterday we had much fun playing board games with one of our dearest friends. I would say that this friendship has been nearly 10 years long and it has never been dull for one single moment. I love those friends who accept your quirks and are there for you whenever you need them. I mean, I see her almost every day and we go for a walk for 45 minutes (even more when it’s warm outside) during this time. We can talk but we can also walk next to each other in complete silence.

Sorry, I’m straying away from my main topic 😀 So, yesterday my husband and I talked about my hobbies and that I can’t sit down and just do one of them for 30 minutes. I like having at least one hour for it. He said that he would like to see me sitting down and surprise him what I would do. Because of that, I thought I blog about them and face how time consuming hobbies I really have. 🙂

List Of Hobbies

  • Journaling
  • Blogging
  • Reading
  • Going for a walk with Maya
  • Drawing / Watercolouring
  • Gardening /plant care
  • Baking
  • Doing a jigsaw
  • Watching movies and series
  • Tidying up
  • Planning vacations / city trips
  • Playing board games
  • playing Animal Crossing
  • Writing stories
  • Collecting shells
  • Creating perler beads patterns
  • Taking photos
  • Traveling
  • Building with nub bricks like Lego and Blue Brixxs
  • Listening to podcasts, radio plays and music

Oh boy, that was just brainstorming 🙂 Maybe it is a little bit more than I expected, to be honest. I’m not doing everything in one week or with the same amount of time and passion. Sometimes it is hard to find the time to satisfy or provide the equal attention for each of them. Some of the hobbies I can do just at special times or seasons. Some hobbies I am doing simultaneously because it is great to combine them.

Hobbies Which I Do From Time To Time

There are a few activities which I do quite rarely but when I do them, then I do them with passion and take all the time I need or it takes.

  • Baking
  • Doing jigsaw
  • Planning vacations
  • Collection shells
  • Traveling
  • Building with nub bricks like Lego and Blue Brixxs
  • Creating perler beads patterns

I like baking because I can see how the ingredients work together and something new develops. I can see the same effect while I do a jigsaw. I love doing the really huge ones with 3000 or more pieces. The main reason why don‘t do them regularly is that I don’t have the space to leave it undone. So I need a lot of time and the space to do it.
Planning vacations and traveling are connected. I love planning and preparing a trip, and to see how the plan eventually works during the travels is amazing. During the pandemic we didn’t travel a lot – like most other people, too.
Collecting shells I just do during vacations in Denmark (or at other beaches where I can find them), so mainly just once in a year. But my collection is quite huge and I’m not sure what to do with them 😀
I build with nub bricks and create perler beads patterns only when I have a new project.

Hobbies Which I Do Quite Often

There are activities which I like to do at least once a month up to once a week.

  • Drawing / watercolouring
  • Playing board games
  • Gardening / plant care
  • Playing Animal Crossing
  • Writing stories
  • Blogging
  • Reading

Drawing and watercolouring are lovely and I can focus and relax at the same time but I’m quite slow, so it takes at least four hours until I’m satisfied with what I create.
We try to play board games twice a month, sometimes just my hubby and I, sometimes with friends. The games we play can vary in duration: between one hour and up to six (or even more) hours.
Plant care is quite a routine but I like doing it. Gardening is also time consuming because there is a lot of weed in our front and back garden. I love listening to podcasts or radio plays during the work in the garden. On the other side, when I’m reading I don’t like any noise accept rain, thunder storm sounds, or ambience.
I used to play Animal Crossing quite a lot and nearly every day but at the moment I play it once a month for one hour.
Also about once a month, a muse kisses me and I start writing little stories. I couldn’t be an author because I don’t write enough and I haven’t got really brilliant ideas. So I just scribble down my little thingys 😀
Blogging, as you all know, I do once a week and maybe I learn to manage my time better so that I can go back to twice a week. I still enjoy the process of creating a new blog post.
Oh gosh reading… Well, I would like to do it more than once a week. I think it is my oldest hobby and I would love to reconnect with it more. I have adored a good book since I learnt how to read and this passion is still inside me.

Hobbies Which I Nearly Do Every Day

I have to confess that I do the following activities quite a lot and I take my time for them.

  • Journaling
  • Going out with Maya
  • Watching series / movies
  • Tidying up
  • Taking photos
  • Listening to podcasts / radio plays

I like to combine those activities like journaling while watching a movie or tidying up and listen to a radio play. If I really want to enjoy journaling, it takes two hours or more. If I haven’t got enough of my daily time or if the day was stressful at work, it just takes 30 minutes – but that’s the minimum I want to have for it.
Maya’s daily walks are 45 minutes and up to one hour. This is important for me and my little pug girl, so she can walk and meet her buddies and I get some fresh air as well. 🙂 I would say it is a win-win situation.
When I say I watch a movie or a series, it can mean two things. First, I watch it with my hubby, sit down and do nothing else than that; the other way is that I’m creative while watching.
My next hobby can look quite strange to other people but I love to tidying up. I enjoy the thought that everything as its place but at the moment we haven’t found the system in the house yet. But it is ok because we haven’t finished all rooms. It just makes me happy and relaxed.
I take photos nearly every day. Most of the time the pictures include Maya, flowers, or landscapes. My husband likes them and often says that I should post them on Instagram, but to be honest, I’m not great at Instagram and I haven’t got passion to post there. I love my blog more and for me it is more important to take the time to create a post here than to post on Instagram where a huge crowd of people would ignore the picture. I’m so happy to get the feedback from you. It brings just more joy and meaning to me.
Listen to podcast / radio plays are great to explore new worlds or just broaden your mind and I feel quite relaxed during listen to it.

My husband asks me for a conclusion of this blog post and to be honest I thought for quite a few minutes how I could let end this post. Well, I think it doesn’t matter how much time you take for your hobbies or your activities. The quality is important. If it makes you happy, then do it. If it doesn’t bring you joy then leave it.

Wisdom of the day: Don’t worry about time. The activities or hobbies which we do make time precious. If we won’t do anything, time will be just time.

Love to you all,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

Journaling in 2022

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

Happy New Year! 🙂 Did you have a great start into 2022? We had a relaxed one. We played some board games with a friend and my husband cooked a lovely Japanese soup called Nikujaga.

So, as you know I skipped the setup for a bullet journal which still is a strange feeling. Nevertheless, I started my Hobonichi. I was quite sure how it would turn out great and whether I could fall in love with that new kind of usage or if I would need some time to get some drive.

But no… No, I‘m already in love after just these few days. The first time I didn’t have extra pages for a lot of things. If I start something special on a certain day then I mark it on the page for that day. I don‘t overthink how I can use the space of each day. Surprisingly I haven’t got any troubles to fill the pages with words, stickers, washi, or even little doodles.

How I Use The Different Areas

If you know Hobonichi Cousin, there are different sections in it. There are the months where every day has a little box with some lines, after that are the weeks with the time line for each day of the week and at last there is the section where every day has its own page.

To the first section: The monthly overview.
I use it for my trackers. I track the weather, my mood, vacation, and some fitness thingys 🙂
For my sleep I drew a time line at the side next to the month.
The weather is a little doodle on that day and beneath it is a smiley for my mood. My fitness dates are just the words and numbers. Then the tiny box for each day is full. 🙂

The second section: The weeklies.
This is for my time/self management. Last year I had the feeling that I didn’t plan my time well. Some days were packed with to dos and other days were quite relaxed but I didn’t use them to find some relaxation. Due to that, I will use the weeklies to see my potential free time and learn to manage my time better. Next to the week I write down what is really urgent like making appointments or some special events. For the intervals I use different colours. At the moment I haven’t got any special colour for every to do or activity. It is just important that I see the difference. I know, a lot of journaling addicts would say now that I should need a colour code… Well, nope! No! I don’t have to do that and I simply won’t, thank you very much. For next week it accidentally happened while I was thinking and I took one colour and thought about the intervals. 😀
I use some stickers or washis as well just for fun.
If I have to make changes then it could be interesting because I‘m not sure how I will do these ones. Well, we will see how it develops when I have to do it. 😉

The last section: The days
I write down my daily tasks which aren’t more than five per day, so I can manage to do them after my working time.
There is a little time line as well and sometimes I mark my daily routines or time spent in there as well but it isn’t a duty for me to do that.
I do also write about the day or just some random thought which are on my mind. Sometimes I‘m taking notes for things which I would like to do/make or which books I could read. I practise my doodling again because I missed it. I didn’t doodle for quite a long time and on my daily pages I have the space for a cute little picture. It doesn’t have to be something from that day, in most cases it is just something random.
I use washi, stickers, different colours as well. So my pages are colourful and they don’t follow any colour code.

What I Learnt From Just A Few Days

Surprisingly I‘m quick because I try to journal every day. I need about 30 minutes to fill in my daily stuff and plan the next day. Last year I journaled three to five times a week but it was a lot to remember or to plan ahead. This method is quite comfortable at the moment.

I‘m totally in love with the thin paper. Two years ago I had a Hobonichi Cousin for random journaling testing and I adored the paper at that time as well. I use a ball point pen, my Zebra Zensations, and my Brush Pens by Ecoline. There isn’t any bleeding, just a little bit of ghosting/see through but this is quite normal because the paper is really thin. I personally like a little bit of ghosting because you can see that someone is writing on it. For me it is a signal that the paper comes to life.

The quote under a day is interesting. My Japanese isn’t that good so I can’t read without any help. Because of that, I usually ask my Auntie Google for some help 😀 In some cases her translation seem to be great and meaningful, and sometimes it’s just utter nonsense :-D.

It is really comfy and I hope that the whole year will be like the first nine days of the year so far. 🙂

How do you journal? Did you change something in your way of journaling?

Wisdom of the day: Use our old methods but try new ways and you will be surprised what magic can happen because of it.

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista Chrissi

Learnings and Wishes for 2022

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

The end of the world is near! … Sorry, wrong blog 😀 No, just kidding. The end of the year is close and a lot of journaling addicts prepared their new journals and created a whole new notebook for it.

For some journaling lovers it is the most important time of the year. Setting up a new journal with matching colours, a theme, goals, and quotes. On YouTube you can find thousands of videos for such setups. Some videos are for beginners, some are artistic, others are minimalistic, and some are just beautiful or for a special purpose.

And then there is me: no setup, no matching colours, no quotes, and no goals. In the past years I did a setup with all these things. Last year I reduced all that to just my mood tracker, my sleeping log, and my pain tracker. It is quite strange to avoid it completely this time.
I see all these ideas and creations which are beautiful in their own way and my fingers are starting to itch because I would like to do it as well. Although I have to admit that it would be useless because I won’t need it, it is really a strange feeling. It is like skipping something important which you’re used to doing. It is quite hard to resist that habit.

My Way Of Journaling Next Year

What I will be doing instead, you might ask. Well, I will just use my Hobonichi Cousin (A5). I don’t want to specify what things or events I would like to track or write about. In my calendar I have a lot of space for every single day of the year. My plan for next year is that I would like to journal more often on an every day basis. At the moment I journal two to four times a week. Because of that I sometimes have problems to remember what happened.
It will be a different approach to find more structure during the day. I would like to reflect more so that I can clear my head. In the past months my head has been quite full and I have difficulties to concentrate because my brain is usually full with stuff which is important for the day or even the next day.

My Learnings

As you know I learn a lot of new things and processes but I like learning new stuff personally as well.

So I decided to learn more about self-sufficiency. I would like to grow more vegetables and fruits in our garden. I would like to plant some herbs as well. Maybe I can create different sauces and jellies/jams/marmelades. Maybe I can make soap or candles which could be for our personal usage or as a little gift for friends.
I would like to learn more about water colouring and hopefully I can sit in our garden one day and paint some flowers.

Parts Where I Can Get Better

This year I started to walk more and be more active than I had been the years before. For 2022 I intend to walk a little bit more. Additionally, I would like to try new sports like Yoga or Hiking. Maybe I will do some boxing or dancing again. I do need more activity in my life because this will be my physical balance to my work.

I would like to have a variety of sports to choose from. Furthermore, I would like to eat more healthy and try out new recipes as well. I would like to build a good relationship to my mind and my body.

I started to plant some flowers in the garden this year and I really hope that my flowers will flourish again. Maybe they will get bigger or even brighter. 🙂 I will read more about them to support their growth.

Things I Will Let Go Or Do Less

I would like to reduce my overthinking and worrying. Often I think and overthink thoughts and decisions. It gives me headaches and it isn’t really necessary because in the end I decide for the first thought I had. 😀 I think less overthinking would be great.

Drink less coffee is my second idea because I drink too much coffee. It isn’t really enjoying coffee it is more consuming.

The third thing I’d like to do less is to giving up too early. Oh boy, this is maybe one of my worst habits. I try things for one or two weeks and if I don’t see any result, I tend to do it less or even stop it. I‘m not always impatient; for example when I‘m gardening I can wait and watch the plants flourish but in other parts of my life my impatience is huge.

I think that I would like to watch less TV. I love Netflix, Disney+ and so on. I enjoy it really much but I think less will be more. So as a compensation I will re-read older books and enjoy them instead.

My Wishes For The New Year

Well, my wish is that the pandemic reduces itself to zero and we could live a normal life again (as much as possible). I would like to see my family and friends to be healthy and happy. Yes, that means I wish you health and happiness as well. 😉
Great would be, too, if we could travel to our favourite country again: Japan. But that can wait. 🙂
If I could wish one more thing for myself then it would be more perseverance.

So, the best part about my wishes, learnings, and plans is that I can journal about all of them. So we can exchange our thoughts about it and you will see my development.

For now, I would like to wish you all the best, health, happiness, luck, power/strength, and everything else which you would like to achieve in your lives / in 2022.

Love to you all,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

Hello again and merry Christmas

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

oh gosh, I’ve never planned to be away for such a long time. Well, I mean, I thought that I need to find my place in my new work place, learn a lot of things and then I will come back and blog again. Sounded like a great plan but it didn’t work the way I had intended as you see.
Today is Christmas Day and my thoughts started to wander around and reflect a lot of things. I am really grateful for the people I have met in private and at work. And then I thought about you. Yes you! The ones who read my blog posts, who left me comments, or sent me a mail, or just liked my posts. I’m sorry! It wasn’t really nice to let you wait just for a tiny update or something else.

You might be asking yourself, why is she writing on Christmas Day? Well, good question which is easy to answer: You’re my Lovelies. You’re part of my family and friends, so it is time to spent some with you. 🙂
We planned to visit my mother in law, unfortunately at the place where she lives it is quite snowy and the winter service doesn’t clear every street there. So we phoned her and decided that we will visit her on another day. Yesterday we visited my part of the family. So surprisingly, we have Christmas Day and Boxing Day just for us.

My Last Months At The New Company

Since September I’ve been working for a new company and I love it. I learn something new proverbially every day. It’s quite exhausting but in a happy and very pleasant way. 🙂 This is totally new to me. I have great and lovely co-workers, a great team leader and wonderful head of department. They always take the time to explain things to me and I can ask all my questions. I don’t need to find the perfect words and I can speak out everything I can think of. Even for my ideas they are open and listen to me. It is a huge responsibility I’ve got now and I have massive respect for this work. It is like planting: You plant a seed, water it, give it some light and wait. Then you can watch how it grows. In my case I’m the plant and I’ve got the first leaves over the soil. 😉

I sometimes work longer hours than in my old job and sometimes I work too long and eat and drink less which is not ok. I feel the lack of energy at those days. I need to find a more balanced way. If you can give me some advice from your experience, just leave me a comment.

Private Life

Well, when you think everything seems to be good, the reality hits you very hard. It was on October 3rd we got a message from a friend which was saying that the best friend of my husband had died in an accident. I still remember that it was Monday morning 6:40 am when I read those few lines. My heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe. My husband was still in bed and cuddled with Maya. I looked at him and he looked so relaxed. After he was awoken, I told him and … – sorry, this feeling comes up again at the moment.
… Ok, I needed a second … I cried the whole day. I wrote with his widow and we phoned the same day. Since then we phone or write up to three times a week.
We went to a memorial church service for him with some of our friends and a few days later we came together again with a few former co-workers and ate his favourite meal in his memory: Currywurst with fries. I think about him quite often. I remember all the fun we had and we shared those memories with friends who knew him as well.

November was a really unspectacular month for us but we were happy when it passed because arge beginning of December we had our vacation in Denmark. It was very cold and we had quite some snow at the beach. Maya was freezing because of that we went only a few short walks per day. We enjoyed the fire in the chimney very much. 🙂

During this week I started to play around with watercolours.

Being Creative – More Or Less

Well watercolours and I aren’t really friends. I would describe our relationship as acquaintances with the potential to become friends. I was surprised that I took watercolours with me and started some doodles. I had some templates from Pinterest. Well for my very first, more or less, serious try I am quite happy about the results.

I’m still journaling in my messy way. 🙂 I’m still in love with it. For next year I decided that I won’t use so many journals. I will use just one Travelers Notebook which I will carry with me all the time. It is only for appointments and some really short notes. All my other planning like the daily stuff, my trackers, my ideas, my list and so on I will write in my Hobonichi Cousin (A5). It is really crazy but I missed it this year. I wanted more space for the days so I can plan, doodle, take some notes in one spot.
But to be honest, I miss a little bit the time where I set up my Bullet Journal in my Leuchtturm1917. Oh gosh I miss getting creative, to set up a new notebook and think of a the pages I might need. One day I was thinking just to set one up but I wouldn’t use it. So I cancelled this idea quite quickly. 😀

What Can You Expect From Me In 2022?

I will go back to regular blogging. It will be once a week. My main topic is and will always be journaling, testing new products, and traveling. Furthermore, I will write about our garden and the upcoming changes, life projects, and developments and other fun/creative thingys. 🙂

So, for those of you who celebrate Christmas: Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends around the Christmas tree.

For those of you who don’t celebrate: Have a great and relaxing weekend. Have fun and make the best out of it. 🙂

Love to you all and stay health,

Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

A Subscription Box for Fountain Pen Addicts

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

do you enjoy your weekend or do you have some work to do? Any way, don’t let stress ruin your weekend? Try a little bit to relax even you have to work! I had a job for several years where I had to work in shifts at weekends and I know how hard and frustrating it can be. So please take care of yourself!

I kept a secret away from you. 😉 I had a fountain pen subscription for nearly a year. 😀 Ok, why did I hide it? Well, I really want to see if I would like just one box or if they could blow away my mind with one than one box. 😉 So check out what I have so far for you.

Truphae -The Company

Truphae is owned by Chris and Kylie Henline. A couple started with a dream and realise a plan to build a company for pen lovers. They rally a team of enthusiatis around them. The company is located in Greenville in South Carolina. Pretty awesome is that you can meet the team on the website. It is a lovely mix of enthusiats, writing lovers and pen addicts and you get a feeling for their passion for writing.

Truphae have a great variety of:

  • fountain pens
  • ballpoint pens
  • rollerball pens
  • inks
  • paper
  • pen cases
  • cigar accessories
  • fountain pen subscription box: Inkredible Box

The prices for the products are for all pockets sizes. You can get a fountain pen for 4 Dollars or for 65.000 Dollars. As you can see the range is huge and I think everybody can find there a pen for yourself or beloved person. I really appreciate such retailers who have huge price variety.

The Inkredible Box

Truphae offers six different boxes. You can choose between:

  • Inkmeister Monthly Subscription (25 Dollars)
  • nkmeister Premium Monthly Subscription (30 Dollars)
  • Penthusiast Monthly Subscription (75 Dollars)
  • Penthusiast Premium Monthly Subscription (80 Dollars)
  • Collector Monthly Subschription (150 Dollars)
  • Collector Premium Monthly Subschription (155 Dollars)

For every box they give you a really great idea of what you get. For example they explain that you can receive a LAMY or Conklin fountain pen in the Penthusiast Box. You can choose if you like ink samples and accessories which is a great opportunity for you not only to collect fountain pens, it is more, you can try more inks and then you can decide if you would buy a whole bottle of that ink.

I decided that I would spend 75 Dollars for one box. To be honest, this was one of most expensive subscriptions which I’ve ever bought so far. But I thought for a really long time about it.

What I got so far?

I got six orders so far and I will receive a last one. Why it is my last one I will explain later. 🙂 So six orders and I have nine fountain pens and 25 ink samples plus one ink bottle and a pen case. Well, I would say that is a pretty cool treasure.

You may ask which fountain pens I’ve got, so here are my new beauties:

  • Diplomat Traveller
  • Conklin Shamrock
  • Benu Yuletide
  • Monteverde Cosmos
  • Pineider Metropolis
  • Hongdian 6013 Black Dahlia
  • two Hongdian 5019

The brands for the inks (with five samples) are:

  • Oysters Seoul Collection
  • KWZ Ink
  • Private Reserve
  • Kyoto
  • The Jeans Collection

One Bottle is from Private Reserve Ink and its called Daphne Blue.

My impressions

To be honest, I would buy normally maybe three of them by myself. But I am totally impressed by all of these fountain pens. I’ve tested every single one so far and they are inkredible 🙂 Even the inks have a great colour variety and are so beautiful. I’ve never expected that in three of those boxes could be more then just one pen. There is just one pen I won’t buy because it isn’t really my taste nevertheless it is just one pen. So I can say that I am impressed how thoughtful this box is. Truphae do a great job and I enjoyed getting every single box. Even my husband is curios about it. 😀

Well, I admit that I cancelled the box. It wasn’t because of the box, it was because of the shipping experiences I had so far. Every time I got a tracking code the waiting started and sometimes I waited up to two months. I got some boxes nearly at the same time. My last box was really interesting to watch because it travelled from the US to Germany and back to the US and back to Germany. After arriving in Germany the package was three weeks at the customs office before I could pick it up from the postal office. The shipping is too nerve-racking for me. I don’t want to pray every time. So I will cancel it for a while.

To be fair it is really an incredible box. You receive so many goodies with a high value. I think I will try just for fun for one month the expensive box just to get an impression what you can get if you order some piece like that.

It doesn’t matter which amount you spend for this subscription. It is an invest in your collection and the team of Truphae makes a great job to pick such beauties for their customers. That is a point where you can get an impression how much passion they do their work. 🙂

I will write blogposts about the fountain pens and my experiences with them.

Wisdom of the day: Sometimes the unknown can enhance your life.

Love to you all,
Evil Journalista

Setting Up A New Journal (with photos)

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

Are you enjoying your weekend? Are you going on an adventure with your family or friends? 🙂

My weekend was lovely because a dear friend visited us and we had home made Ramen for dinner. Every time my hubby cooks Ramen, he brings back the memories of Japan. I love Ramen because there are so many ways to serve them. I haven’t got any favourite Ramen soup because they are all yammy. 😀

I miss travelling to Japan a lot. My husband knows that so well and because of that he made me a lovely surprise. He got me a Traveler’s Notebook. It is this cute edition „Have a nice trip“ in passport size. It is one of the collection which I haven’t bought so far.

Starting an Experiment

Since July I have tried to use a passport seized notebook for my daily journaling. Maybe you might ask how I got this crazy idea? Well, I don’t like unused paper in my journals. For every week I have one page with all the days of the week and the other page is for decoration like washi, drawings or other fun stuff. But the last weeks I didn’t like to see just a page with these things and there isn’t something written down. So I thought if I could use the page as a quote page. But to be honest, every week another quote? No, not my style. Instead of wasting pages I thought I could downsize my journal.
Therefore, I started this experiment. I use a standard and a passport size Traveler’s notebook. I will do this for the next weeks maybe months.

What Can I Tell You So Far?

I like the small journal. I can take it everywhere with me and there is still a space in my little handbag for my journal. 🙂 On the other side the pages are really small and I have to use three to four pages for just one week. It is a little bit challenging but not unmangeable. 😀

The second point is that I haven’t got any monthly spreads and yearly tracker in there. At the moment, I‘m trying to track everything in the week. This is the only thing I‘m not so sure about, whether I like it or not.

My last point is the ‚tiny‘ space which could be tricky because of my big handwriting. At the moment, I am trying to write smaller which is really difficult for me. But I will manage it. I hope so at least 😀

How I set my little journal up?

At first I use my Traveler’s Factory notebook passport size. It’s black with this quote on it. As an elastic band I decided to go with an orange one. It‘s a lovely contrast to the black leather. The leather material unbelievable; it’s soft and smooth.

Inside I have a blue cotton zipper case which is packed with some washi samples and last but not least my journal. That’s it.

Inside my journal are just my weeklies. 🙂

As accessories I have a pen loop, brass clip with TRC logo, a brass index clips for the week, and the tracker.

My new Diplomat Traveller is the fountain pen of my choice to go with it. The ink is „walk over viotula“ by KWZ Ink.

Currently, there isn’t any second journal because I haven’t got any clue what I could write in of it.

My Standard Journal As Comparison

As standard size journal, I use my green leather cover made by GalenLeathers. It has a brown elastic band with a little leather tag on it. „Life begins after coffee“ is written on it which is so very true 😀
It’s a wonderful leather cover which is really smooth and the colour is awesome. I added one evil eye as well.

Inside of it is my journal for my year in advance, my tracker for sleep, illnesses, moods, book, radioplays, and many things more. The second journal is about the weeklies.

The third one is my green leather wallet insert. At the moment I haven’t got anything inside it. On the wallet insert, there is a pen loop attached to it, I picked my LAMY Lx gold.
The last part is the brass clip with the airplane on it.

What I Will Learn From This Experiment

Well, I think that I will find my way. Maybe downsizing is a great way for me because sometimes I’m not in the mood for huge decorations.

Fun is a bit part. You can explore your limits, your creativity; you can learn more about yourself and the way of journaling. I don’t like to be entrenched, I like to be flexible and trying out new things.

Wisdom of the day: Don’t limit yourself!

Love to you all,
Evil Journalista

Cozy Chat July

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

Come, sit down and let’s have a cup of coffee together. Also, let‘s talk about the last month.
How are you? Is everything ok or is there anything you would like to talk about? (Please feel free to comment if there is anything you‘d like to have a chat about.)

July, wow! We are in the second half of the year and the time passes by really fast. So, just one more month for me at my present company and then I will start a new job in September.

New Job – New Adventure

As I told you many times before, everything is a journey full of adventures and we just have to decide whether we want to take a risk and do something different even it will be difficult.

I decided to take the risk: I will start this new adventure and I will learn new things too. I am so excited and happy about this opportunity which I get.
What I can tell you is that I will continue to be with German Railway („Deutsche Bahn“) but in a totally different company. After 10 years I will end my work with carsharing partners and I will start working at the train station – thought not any train station.

Well, to be honest I love train station. As a sociologist I am interested in micro cosmoses (also called „cosmoi“) and institutions. A train station is really awesome because it is such an important place in the lives of human beings. It is like a gateway for travellers, workers, and everybody else. It is so freakingly cool that I will have the opportunity to work at one. The second coolest part of it is, that it is BERLIN CENTRAL STATION!
Really, I am totally overwhelmed by my positive feelings for this new position. There isn’t even one day I don’t think about it. I can’t find any better and more positive word to describe this feeling. 🙂


Oh boi! What have I done?! In January I had a simple plan for the back garden and the front garden as well.

The front garden should be simple, just a few plants like bushes and groundcovers. Well, I would say that I did it in a different way. 😀 I have two bushes, one mallow, some houseleeks, and planty of groundcovers. But there are three tiny problems.

First, there is a lot of weed and it takes a really long time to clean the front garden. Second, there isn’t any little fence to the street side, just a curb. Because the patch is like a little slope I think of building a little fence. At the moment, I‘m not so sure which type of fence it will be because I don’t want a huge fence because it wouldn’t work with this small patch. Third and last, I will have to recreate the patch a little bit because I have to find a places for each of my two new hydrangeas.

The back garden… well, I love hydrangeas. They are beautiful flowers and the blossoms are so amazing. At the moment, there are 10 of them in a row. They are all growing and the colours are fantastic.
I also have a second flower patch with a lot of different flowers like snapdragons, coneflowers, carnations and more groundcovers. Even some houseleeks have found their place in there. 🙂

Gardening is a huge part in my life and I love being outside and dig in the soil, do some planting or potting.
We potted some chilis and tomatoes, and they are growing really great. I can’t wait to harvest the first fruits. 🙂

Social Media – Do I Miss it?

Actually no. I like this freedom away from Instagram and Facebook. I don‘t miss the stress to think about the perfect pic with the perfect text and then hope that I would get new followers and enough likes.

I like using the time for more real things like my journaling, gardening, a long walk with my pug girl, or just enjoying a good book. The pressure of creating something new and inspiring, and doing it all the time is just a bubble which isn’t the most important part in one‘s life – at least in my opinion. What’s important is to be healthy, living and enjoying life with real friends and family, being outside and exploring the world, and even sometimes it is just listening to the sound of rain. 🙂

A few years ago I would have loved to have a bigger present on Instagram. I thought about my posts every day and was looking for likes and new followers. But it seems with age I step one mile further away from Instagram and concentrate on the real life. I love blogging but even there I won’t set me under any pressure. So, my blogging is rare at the moment, nevertheless I would like to give you content and share my life with you when it happens and not because I have to write some silly content just because you expect to some. When I enjoy my writing, you can enjoy the reading. 🙂 That is really important to me.

Harry Potter Junk Journal

My husband bought a Harry Potter Junk Journal for my birthday. It is awesome. I will write about it in more detail but just for you. For you as a sneak: It was handmade and the woman who made it put so much into it. That it is amazing.

Convenience Store Woman

My husband and I had a long discussion about my taste of books. I love a great thriller or murder mystery. So we discussed if my reading is too picky and I could broaden my mind. Therefore, he ordered some books for me.

The first one is „Convenience Store Woman“ written by Sayaka Murata. It is all about Keiko and her life. She is a really special woman in her 30s because she never had a boyfriend and she has been working in a convenience store for over 18 years. Her family and friends wonder why she didn’t get married and why she didn’t look for a better job. Keiko knows quite well what makes her happy.

The novel is contemporary Japanese literature. The fun fact is that normally I wouldn’t read it but this book was great. It was funny, lovely and I had these pictures in my head because I often visited such a Kombini (convenience store) in Japan.
If you would like to read something different, this book is great. 🙂

So my Lovelies this was my quick and easy post 😉 I wish you all a lovely Sunday and a fresh start in the new week.

Wisdom of the day: Don’t be afraid of adventures because you can always grow and learn from them.

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

Journaling Outside

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

how are you? How is your life at the moment?

I was thinking whether I could write about my life but well, let’s get back to our main focus: journaling. 🙂 Some weeks ago I discovered the relaxation and beauty in journaling outside. I really enjoy being outside, getting a kiss by the sun and a some refreshing wind blowing around my hair. I listen to the twittering of the birds and find new inspiration for some spreads.

At first, I started journaling in our garden. It was really lovely. I enjoyed it and the best part was that if I forgot anything, I just went back inside up to my studio and picked it up. 🙂 Has that ever happened to you as well? Thinking you had everything you needed and then you need to get back to collect even more? 😀 Honestly, I swear I had nearly 1/4 of my whole studio in the garden. But I was thinking about getting even more down there. 😀

The table was a huge mess and our neighbours, who walked by and saw me, were amused. Well, it doesn’t matter because they always seem to be amused when they see me outside in the garden.
I have three theories for that. First one, they are just nice people and they like to smile a lot. Second theory, I’m funny so they laugh; and the third one is that they think I’m a little bit weird because I’m doing such things which only a few people do. I hope it is a good mix of all three theories 🙂 I like to be different.

Well, let’s go back to the messy table. 😉 Maybe you ask yourself what I put outside, which is an easy answer for me:

  • Travelers Notebook for daily journaling
  • some lines a day (a 5 year notebook by Leuchtturm)
  • coloured pencils
  • pens, highlighters, fountain pens and lots more
  • Bao bag full of washi tape samples
  • Hobonichi A5 for blogpost planning
  • patreon rewards of rainbowholic
  • 3 sticker booklets
  • 3 new inserts for new journaling ideas
  • a bag for transport
  • HP Sprocket for some photo printing

As you can imagine, it is quite a lot. The table was really packed but I liked it and it is still the same amount which I use to take with me in the garden.

I don’t need any music there because the loveliest music is played by nature itself. As a child I liked to be outside in a garden. In the school summer break I was with my two grandparents for a lot of time and both still had have a wonderful garden. The parents of my father have a garden full of flowers and there is a huge lilac which I liked to be on top of it. Somedays I sat there under the lilac with a book and enjoyed the silence, just listening to the birds. The other grandparents, on my mother’s side, had a huge garden with a pond and a really small forest which was my fairytale forest. I sat next to the pond, again with a book or my dairy, and enjoyed that. These memories come back every time when I sit in our garden. We haven’t got any pond or forest though. I have just some flowers but the nub of the matter is that nature inspires more than anything else. It slows everything down. I can totally understand people who likes to practice Yoga, meditation, or anything different outside. It calmes so much and your spirit and thoughts can wonder around because there aren’t any limits.

When I’m in such a creative and relaxed mood, I like to try new things and I don’t need a template or any inspiration from Instagram or YouTube because the inspiration it right in front of me.

One day in our vacation last week, my husband wanted to show me a place where we could spend some time. I loved the idea. So I needed to pack a bag full of everything I would need. Well, what should I say, the bag was really heavy. 😀

I took with me:

  • Travelers Notebook for daily journaling
  • some lines a day (a 5 year notebook by Leuchtturm)
  • coloured pencils
  • pens, highlighters, fountain pens and lots more
  • some washi tape samples
  • Hobonichi A5 for blogpost planning
  • patreon rewards of rainbowholic
  • 3 sticker booklets
  • 3 new inserts for new journaling ideas
  • a bag for transport
  • HP Sprocket for some photo printing
  • some paper
  • some stamps

Well, I know what you are thinking: This is quite a lot and it is even more than the journaling in the garden. Well, you are right. And it was way too much.
We went to a place where we could spot planes. There were just a few people but they left after a short time, so we were alone there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a bench to sit on so we made ourselves comfortable in the car. The windows were open and the wind was refreshing. We were listening to the birds and we could see some planes too. For a better view we went up a little observation hill where we had a fantastic view from over the whole airport Leipzig-Halle. And the weather really rewarded us with sunshine that day. 🙂

What I had learnt: Less is more 🙂 Well, that was quite a lesson for me 😀 I enjoy my huge selection of stationery but on a trip or in the garden I need just a few things like my journal, a fountain pen and some washi. Well, next trip or journaling in the garden, I will keep it simple. 🙂

What would you take with you when you journal outside? Have you ever journaled outside? Would you like to try it if you haven’t done this before?

Wisdom of the day: New places new experiences. 🙂

Love to you all and stay safe,

Your Evil Journalista

Life Update

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

long time no see. I f*cked it up. Sorry for the harsh words but to be honest, I haven’t any nice words to say about it. Normally, I had written two blog posts per week and I missed writing for nearly eight weeks. What happened in my life?

Well, I try to remember it. Everything started to get chaotic and out of rhythm with Maya’s operation. I think that I wrote about it. I was so worried and I stopped journaling during that time, too. At the same time, my confidience ran low because of a lot of thoughts in my head. The steady worries about my little pug, my work, finding something new, dealing with money problems and my depression was too much.

After Maya was getting better, my husband got ill. He refused to go to the doctor because, in his words, he wasn’t really ill. Well, after 10 days he got better but I got ill. I had an angina which I hadn’t had in years and – wtf – that was heavy. I didn’t go to the doctor either because I had just three days at work and then I had a week off. It was a horrible decision. During my days off, I tried to recover, and rest, and, up to a certain point, it worked.

My emotional stress didn’t get smaller either. Meanwhile, the gardening season had started and so I started to tidy up our front garden. It was tough because the soil hadn’t been really reworked in years and there was so much weed. The front garden isn’t really big but there were so many roots and weed. It was horrible. After I had worked through this little place, I couldn’t move my fingers anymore. Well, maybe that was a bit exaggerated. Nonetheless, I learnt it the hard way because I had this troubles with my hands.
Gardening helped me to reduce some of the stress. Unfortunately, the emotional insecurity was and is still at my side. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to deal with depression and anxiety. I wish that I didn’t have to deal with these dark moments. I wish I had a life without these worries.
I know that my emotional stress strengthened my physical pains. To be honest, I hate this feeling.

During all this time I lost track. I didn’t journal, I didn’t blog and I wasn’t on any social media. It was strange because I didn’t miss it. I didn’t miss my studio. I lost a little bit of myself. Journaling and blogging were always very important to me and I loved my habbit/routine.
Social media is hard for me because I am not a huge content creator or photographer. Fun fact: I love taking pictures and I think that I take up to three pictures a day. But I don’t like to share them with the world. That sounds idiotic, right? Social media sometimes isn’t the best place for me. I see all the beautiful, nearly perfect, pictures and I feel such a pressure to create such photos myself as well, but to be honest, I like my photos but they aren’t like the pictures on Instagram. I don’t like to put a lot of filters on them. My photos don’t have the perfect light or the picture isn’t very well balanced. No, it is just my understanding of beauty and I know that a lot of people don’t share it. Don’t know why I am so worried. It‘s so stupid, isn’t it?

Three weeks ago Maya started to cough. It was really bad so we went to the vet again and she had a laryngitis. Our vet gave us some medicine and she told us that Maya needed weekly check ups because the laryngitis could become a pneumonia. 😦 The first five days were the worst but it was getting better. Since last monday Maya hasn’t been sick anymore.

In the last five weeks I had some job interviews. I met a lot of great people and if everythings will be fine, I will have a new job in autumn. That would be great. But I have to wait until I get the official confirmation. It will be a great change for me. I will learn new things, broaden my mind and meet new people. So I can develop myself which I really appreciate. 🙂

A couple of days ago, Maya had a wound between her toes. So she bled and we needed to give her first aid. Luckily, she can walk and now everything is fine again. To be honest, I had some worries that we had to go to the vet yet again. I had the feeling that I was worring all the time.
Even today, my head is full of worries and concerns and it wouldn’t stop. But I know it has to stop. I am so sorry, that I didn’t come back and bring you great news.

My husband asked me if I would like to continue blogging or if I would like to give up. Honestly, last week I wasn’t quite sure. Not because I didn’t enjoy blogging. No, it was that I had been away from writing for a long time so I was afraid that I had lost my flow.

Today, I think I will continue blogging. I even started journaling again and I think I have some interesting products which I would like to review for you.
And if you are interested, I will review some non-stationery-related products, too. 😉 I have some interesting books, some Lego and other clamp stone projects as well as the development of my garden. I even try to incorporate my new hobbies into journaling. I think of a new journal just for gardening and the progress of my garden, and a second one just for my other hobbies.

So stay tuned. Because I’m finally back.

Wisdom of the Day: Don’t let your worries win. (I’m still working on it, though.)

Just stay safe and healthy!

Love to you all,
Your Evil Journalista

Support via Kickstarter

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

today I was really brave and told my colleagues about my mental and physical condition since the pressure is on for finding a new job. I was totally surprised by how many of them told me about how brave and strong they thought the words I spoke were. They appreciated my honesty and told me that they would support me. Amazing!
Even my husband was suprised that I found the courage to speak out loud about what had happened to me. Normally in a meeting, I’m a quiet person and I speak only when it is important.

But today I don’t want to speak about my worries; no, I would like to speak with you about support. Support can be done in different ways. Sometimes you can talk to someone and that helps, and sometimes a person needs financial help to achieve their dream.

Therefore I discovered a great project platform. 😀 It‘s called Kickstarter.

What Is Kickstarter?

It is a platform where people can share their projects and you can support the project if you like. There are different topics like:

  • Art
  • Comics and illustrations
  • Design and technology
  • Movie
  • Games
  • Music
  • And many more

The projects have timeframes so not everything can be supported every time. The projects which I supported and are closed now send updates about the development and when the final shipping will be.

Important fun fact: You will only be charged your supported sum, if the project reaches its financial goal.

Every project has its own tier or level system. So some projects can be supported by spending just 5 Euros and you will get a goodie and some pledges are really expensive. But it is your choice how much money you would like to spend.

Before I decide which tier to take, I read the discription over and over again and then I decide it because the more you support , the more you can get.

When a project hits the amount which it would like to receive, some creators put more goodies on top. These are so called Stretch Goals which either updates components or they are simply extras.

Did I get money of Kickstarter to write about it? No, because I’d like to write my first reviews of a brand/company/platform without getting any money or goodies. 🙂

How I Discovered This Place?

It is quite easy. My husband likes to support board games there. He has made great experiences and we got a lot of amazing games with lots of goodies. Most of the games were just produced for the supporters on Kickstarter and they will never hit retail.

One day he discovered a project called Bird Buddy and he sent me a link. To be honst, I love bird watching. I‘m not that type of person who knows exactly which bird is which. No, I just love watching the birds and I have some birdseeds around all time of the year. The sound of birds which are singing happily makes me feel great. 🙂

So I watched the video and I was blown away. An intelligent bird house! How cool is that?! It comes with a camera and an app, so if a bird will comes for some food you get a notification and you can take a picture of the bird. Awesome! Then the creative brains behind Bird Buddy sent an update that you can get your Buddy with a solar roof for self-sufficient energy supply.

Hello?! Come on, isn’t that awesome?? Well, the price is quite high: It’s about 200 Euros with shipping. I know I might be called insane to pay such an amount for a bird feeder. But I promise when Bird Buddy will arrive in September, I will give you an update (and I‘m sure Bird Buddy will be awesome) 🙂

But if you are more a stationery and journaling addict you can even find something interesting for that on Kickstarter. 🙂

Let me introduce you to The Hero’s Journal: Istoria Magic Academy„!

It‘s a journal which helps you to reach your goal by being an adventure. So you can be the hero of your own adventure. I was excited because that is the idea that I would like us adults would be thinking of our goals again. We go on our adventure and the journal is at our side.

The whole journal has cute illustrations in it and there is enough space so you can write down everything.

And I learnt this isn’t the first Hero’s Journal. It is like a sequel. I went a little bit crazy and I took the pledge for 110 Dollars. Well, I will get a lot for it but it is a lot of money for some journaling stuff. 🙂

This pledge includes:

  • 2 journals (one in blue and one in gray)
  • 2 digital journals (I‘ve already got them and they are absolutely amazing)
  • 2 soft cover companion journals
  • 6 enamel pins
  • 2 sticker sets
  • the academy & market map print

If you support just the journal you paid 40 Dollars.

Then the creators showed the stretch goals which came additional to the pledge:

  • hero habit tracker bookmarks
  • wax-sealed acceptance letters from Istoria Magic Academy
  • pens
  • ‚Kickstarter Wizard‘ enamel
  • postcards
  • pens included with every journal
  • plushie key chain

And than you could add more from the first campaign like:

  • the first Hero’s Journal (four different colours)
  • pin set
  • a fountain pen
  • sticker set
  • map of Istoria

Well, you might know me by now: I did of course order one of the first journals and a fountain pen as well. 😀

So the price went up to 210 Dollars. I told you I went crazy 😀

I supported some artists as well. They want to publish their first book and I am very excited for the outcome. By chance I found a new dog leash which has light in it and it will come with an app so you can track you steps. 😀 Not to mention Couch Console …

There are so many great projects and everytime I look on this website, I find something interesting, fascinating, or just cute.

We supported a lot of great projects which will be implemented and everytime some of them will arrive, I will review and let you know my thoughts about it.

I love the idea to know who gets your money and what you will get for it. The team behind the Hero’s Journal showed how excited and thankful they are in every update, just because a lot of people think that their campaign will be great.

Wisdom of the Day: Don’t be scared to support no matter in what way; one day you will be surprised when people support you!

Love to you all and stay healthy,
(Your Evil Journalista)

Journaling Places

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

How are you? I’m doing fine. You know what fine means, right? You don’t? Fine means F like freaked out, I for insecure, N for neurotic and E for emotional. 🙂
So some of my friends would say „nothing new“ and other friends would say „are you ok?“. Today my mood jumps from okay to not ok to fine and back to too many feelings at once, and it is okay to have such days.
At the moment, it’s helping me to look outside, seeing the rain falling down. It is so relaxing for me. Because of that I asked myself ‚Where are my favourite journaling places and can go there at the moment?‘.

On Instagram our favourite influencers, artists, shop owners, and friends are showing us their cute places from time to time, where they make the magic happen. The places can be a desk, a little table with lots of stationery goodies on it, or they sit outside in the garden, or somewhere completely different. So, I thought of my favourite places. Surprisingly, it isn’t just one place; no, I like different places.
Let’s check them out. 🙂

1. My Studio

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to go in my studio under the roof and journal there. I have a desk and all my stationery goodies are around me. There is my computer where I write my blogposts and I have some fun with the photos which I took in our holidays.

When I am sitting at my desk, like right now, I can look outside the window and I see some houses across the street and some tree. Normally the window is open and I can listen to the sound of the birds but today it is really rainy and cold so the window is closed. It helps me to calm down and find inspiration. Next to my desk is a cupboard and inside of it there are my pens, pencils, coloured pencils, my inks, my journals, goodies of friends, and a lot more.
I have a little trolley where there is other stuff like stickers, paper, more pens, highlighters, and so on. So literally I’m surrounded by stationery. 😀 Okay, the back is full of books for art, my studies, more journals and my secret hobby: collecting shells. 😀

My husband says that this is my little nerd cave. 😀 Nearly everything I need for my journaling is here. And my little pug girl has a place as well and if we both would like to cuddle, there is a blanket with a pillow.

2. Nørre Lynby

There is a little house which we like to call our favourite shed. The house is for holiday rental; it isn’t the newest but it is one with great charme and an impressive view outside. The house stands next to the cliffs in Northern Denmark. It is at the shores of the North Sea which you can observe all day long. And the house has a huge panorama window, so you can sit at the couch or the dining table and enjoy the view.

When we are there it is November, the weather isn’t bright. It’s usually cloudy, rainy and sometimes it’s so windy that you think the house would apart any minute. For me it is perfect. I love such November coast weather. 🙂
Because of Covid we didn’t go there last year but I hope that we are able to go on vacation maybe in November this year.

So because it is just vacation I have to compromise on my stationery because I’m not able to take everything with me. But I would, if I could. 😀
I normally sit there at the dining table and put all my stationery around me and then I am as creative and messy as I like to be. But for dinner I have to put all things together and give up some of „my space“ :-).

I have the feeling that my brain works better and I’m not so pent-up. It isn’t just because I’m on vacation. I think it’s because of the sea and the journaling which are both combined in one place and that brings me joy.

3. Tully’s Coffee in Shinjuku(Tokyo)

There are a lot of Tully’s Coffee shops in Tokyo and I went to quite a few of them but all of them have one thing in common: You can find a cute little spot to sit there and journal. Everytime I was in one of the coffee shops, there was at least one person who was journaling or studying, even people who had meetings there. Really interesting, from my perspective.

So this place is quite different to the other two because there is more movement, more activity. You can watch and observe so many (interesting) people; some are in a hurry, some are waiting for friends, some just sit there with a cup of coffee and are working. This kind of energy can help to find new inspiration and different ideas. I felt incredibly productive there.

I really had just a few things with me, like my journal and my pen. But it was enough. I could write a little bit more then usually.

Well, I hope that we have the time and the chance to go back there again, one day, and enjoy our vacation.

4. Sitting In The Garden

Well, as a child I loved sitting in the garden of my grandparents and write my stories or into my dairy. Since last week I will have the opportunity to do this in our garden – provided the weather will be nicer. 🙂

Last Sunday, I wrote my blogpost outside and enjoyed the sunshine too. The table we bought one day earlier is so huge that I can put a lot of stationery outside and get messy. 😀 The sound of birds and bees were so amazing. I hope that the weather will be nicer soon so I can go outside and do some journaling there as well. The fun part is that Maya would have her doggy bed next to my chair and so she can enjoy the sun as well while being next to me. She loves to sleep next to me while I am journaling.

5. Coffee Shop At The Main Train Station In Halle (Saale)

When you go to Halle (Saale) main train station, there is a coffee shop right in front of you when you enter the building through the main entrance. Two years ago my husband went to Frankfurt (Main) by train every week for one or two days for business trips. Because the train left so early and I brought him to the station it didn’t make any sense to drive back home because I would have had to leave again to go to our office ten minutes later. But since our office isn’t far away from the station, I decided to have a coffee and journal for an hour and then go to work from there.

You can sit there and watch how many people come inside the building and go straight to the platform, or how many people leave the building to go their ways. The early morning hours were so busy before COVID happened. Surprisingly, I was really productive too. Normally, I had my journal and pencil case with me wherever I went.

At the moment, there isn’t a place to go for journaling because in nearly every case guests are not allowed to sit down or but you just grab your coffee and go.

Well, these are my favourite journaling places. 🙂

Wisdom of the Day: Every place can give you a different kind of positive vibe to be productive and happy.

Love to you all and stay healthy,
(Your) Evil Journalista

Perfection in Your Journal

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

How has your week been so far? Have you enjoyed it or do you need help? If you need a lovely comment or just some kind words, please let me know. 🙂

Sometimes I scroll through YouTube and check out some new journaling videos. There so many YouTubers who have a really beautiful journal. Some of them are artistic, others minimalistic, yet again others are full of washi tapes and stickers. However, in each you can really see they put so much time, patience, talent, and work into it. These journals look amazing.
You can see that every sticker has its perfectly placed spot.

In the end, the month is harmonious in their colours, stickers, washi tape, highlighters etc. It simply looks like art.

There is no room for mistakes, no spot for chaos, no scribble or smudges. Nothing. It‘s just perfect.

Nearly every year there are some new trends which all the YouTubers do and hype and love and are so happy about. But they don‘t keep it when the hype is over.

When I started journaling in the way I do, the spreads were simple and functional. Over the years the spreads got more complex and you need to look out for the elegance of handlettering. Today the spreads should be not too simple, not too complex, there shouldn’t be too many colours but more than one colour. Your handlettering should be inspiring and elegant. Don‘t smudge and don‘t make any mistakes because then you can stop right away.

As you may notice, I am being over the top and I exaggerating it. But there is one point which all the YouTubers, Influencers and creative people show us: Achieve perfection in your journal! And they show us that their understanding of beauty can be a standard beauty in your journal.

Well, think about it. I know for some of you it may sound idiotic or crazy and some of you may think that it’s ok to have someone who tells you what is beautiful and what isn’t respectively. And that is great and I can appreciate your opinions. 🙂 Because that is the way we can learn from each other and be open minded.

Some years ago, I watched AmandaRachLee or other journaling queens and I thought „I want to journal in such a beautiful way as they do“. I watched a lot of different journaling gurus or queens and after quite some time I recognised that the spreads and the themes were nearly the same. Some of them had the theme a month earlier or later or the concept was nearly identical. The same lettering, nearly the same colours, same motives, or the same technique.

And every YouTuber did one video with their mistakes and how you could avoid them. And nearly all of them show you the same „mistakes“ and nearly the same solution to fix them. REALLY?!

I felt lost. I didn‘t want a journal what looks like everybody else’s. I didn’t want a topic for my month. Wtf?! I can‘t draw a single straight line. I am not artistic and yes, I have some smudges or „mistakes“ in my journal. Because I allow myself to be myself.

There was a time when I really tried so hard to have perfect spreads with beautiful colours and even with handlettering. But it was so exhausting for me. I needed so much time to get my journal ready. That wasn‘t me.
I lost the joy and it wasn’t fun any longer.
And I had the feeling that it didn’t matter how hard I tried to be creative and draw something; it simply didn’t get any better.

Well I thought about giving up. But then I thought ‚Why I shouldn’t I try my own way?‘. So everything I knew and didn’t work for me, I threw over board and started my own way.

So this is my way:

  • No topic for the month
  • No limits regarding the use of colours
  • Grab the first materials and use them for the spread
  • If you would like to draw, don’t draw a flower, look for something different (animal, cup of tea, weather)
  • Have fun

That‘s all!

Sometimes I sit there at my desk and would like to do something really simple. So I just use one marker and some stamps. I draw some lines and then I stamp the day over it. Finished! Or I create a little comic scene. Everything in own month. Do I do handlettering? No. I am looking for different fonts and try to use them instead.

To be honest: I have seen too much handlettering by now. I am getting a little bit bored to see just this style.

I know some planner and journaling addicts who get a nervous breakdown when they see my journal and they give me some ideas and inspiration to develop my journal to make it more beautiful. Being open-minded, I listen to them and some ideas are indeed great and I try them out. But if it doesn’t match with my way or looks creepy 😀 I don’t use it again.

I don’t call a line or a spot which isn’t at the right place a mistake anymore. I try to make the best out of it; sometimes I create something out of it or I write something over it, or do just a cute doodle from it. Everything is possible as long as you allow yourself to broaden your mind.

What I wish for us all to see is that the world of perfection doesn’t need to live in a journal. Our journals are our little secret places and sometimes we share it with the world. Let’s celebrate ever spread because in ever spread there is beauty to be found. Your journal doesn’t have to fit in the standard definition of beauty or perfection because we all have a different understanding of these words and the concepts behind them.

When I get old, I mean really old, like 90 years old, I would like to take one of my journals, flip through it and see the highlights, the fun, and the joy.

My aim for my journal isn‘t perfection; it is about collecting memories and stay true to my heart.

Wisdom of the Day: Don’t let the chase for perfection ruin your beautiful journal.

Love to you all,
(Your) Evil Journalista

Support via Patreon

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

Today is the first day that I can sit outside in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. I am so happy about it. I hope you enjoy your Sunday as well.

Three years ago my husband started supporting the podcast ‚Stay forever‘ via Patreon. Gunnar Lott und Christian Schmidt are two guys who love computer games. Both talk about elderly games and for each episode they play the game again and review it. Sometimes they have a music episode where they talk about music in video games.
I just listen them from time to time. Both are quite funny and I know some of those games as well because I played them when I was younger or I know them because of my husband. Unfortunately they just speak German.
From time to time my husband receives some ‚thank-you-for-supporting-us‘-goodies. And end of last year they blow me away because they sent us a calendar for 2021.

So I starting thinking if I could support one of my favourite Youtubers/ artists or bloggers as well. And well, I found Rainbowholic. 🙂

So let‘s have a quick check what Patreon is and who Rainbowholic is. 🙂

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform for artists and creators where supporters can pay them. It is a membership system. You can decide how much you would like to spend because most of the artists and creators have different level with different amounts. So you can check what you get for the level of support.

The great thing about Patreon is that there are so many different artists and creators. It is an amazing amount of people you can support and you can get really amazing things.

So if you know that your favourite artists/creator is there, then you go to Patreon and check out the level the artist have. So I searched for rainbowholic and decided for one level of support. You can cancel it every time. I know some people who likes to support different creators for just one or two months and then they switch to another artist.


I know Rainbowholic from her YouTube channel. Her name is Kaila and she lives in Japan. She journals in the kawaii style which is super cute and funny. Kaila doesn’t talk in her videos. She journals or goes shopping for stationery. I like watching her because it is so relaxing and cute at the same time and on the other hand it brings back some memories of Japan.

Because of the huge supporters on Patreon she was able to quite her job and do her shop and Patreon for her living. She has a partner named Aki. Both share the love to stationery.

Their company is growing and the team has now five members. The YouTube channel is doing pretty good as well with over 110000 followers.

Rainbowholic offers 11 different levels and you can decide in which way you would like to support.
I support her with Level ‚Kawaii Character‘ for 39 Euros per month.
For this level I receive everything what the lower levels getting and I get a special kawaii character monthly theme package and a tracking via FedEx.
I got an early access to her videos, they share little videos just for Patreon and they do some update for the packages.

My packages

I received two packages so far and it was totally surprised how fast they arrived. I think I waited just up to two weeks. That is for packages from Japan really fast because when I am waiting for packages from USA I waited for six to eight weeks at least.

My first package had the theme Sakura which I really like. I love cherry blossoms. For the first box and second package I had a different level which was a double rainbow (60 Euros).

I got some really lovely surprising goodies.

  • Sakura crips
  • sweet Sakura tea
  • Royal Apple Tea
  • Sakura Sumomo Tea
  • a little fish shaped sweet with strawberry flavour
  • a little bag with cherry blossoms
  • three washi tape rolls
  • peach candy
  • 12 sheets of paper with different motives
  • three sheets of sticker
  • a package of sticker flacks
  • two lovely photos
  • a few lovely small paper sheets
  • a thank you card
  • a postcard shaped in a post box

My second package was different but cute as well:

  • blendy stick
  • chocolate
  • Milk Caramel Tea
  • Grape candy
  • another candy
  • two washi tapes rolls
  • Shiba Inu sticker flacks
  • 16 sheets of paper in different sizes and themes
  • four sheets of stickers
  • two cute photos
  • a postcard

My Thoughts

I got a lot. I was really surprised. 🙂 All the goodies are really cute and some themes I know from shopping tour. 😉

Is the amount of stationery and tea the costs worthy? No, BUT you support someone and the dream behind it and that is what makes it worthy. The goodies which you receive are a thank you for the support. I love the idea that I can help someone to acheive his or her dream or to live the dream.

The stationery goodies are very gorgeous and some of them are a complete package and other parts are samples. I love the idea and it is a lovely surprise which you get each month.

Would I recommend it? Yes, because if you have the oppportunity to support your favourite artists or creators. The money which you choose to invest goes directly to the artist and that is really great.

Would I switch to another artist? Yes of course just to see how different artists say thank you to their supporters. 🙂 At the moment I am very happy with my goodies of Rainbowholic and I think I will stay for a while. 🙂

Wisdom of the day: Support someone’s dream can bring you joy in your life too.

Love to you all,
(Your) Evil Journalista

Sakura Collection by NotebookTherapy

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

I’m sorry that I haven’t written for quite some time but I couldn’t concentrate on writing a blog post. As you might know there is a lot going on in my personal life and to be fair with you, I don’t want to rewrite it over and over again.

Therefore my update will be quite short and then we are checking out the fun part. 😉


My lovely little girl had a hard time the last two weeks. The operation was really necessary and our vet explained that it couldn’t have been any later because she could have died otherwise. For nearly five days, we were really worried because she didn’t eat, so we had to force feed her which we didn’t like at all and Maya wasn’t really a fan of it either. Now she is much better and she is really back to the usual crazy lovely little pug she used to be – for which we are incredibly grateful.

Finding Something New

I sent out some job applications and now I am waiting if I will get any chance for an interview. But I will still look for a different jobs just because I can’t just sit there and wait.
My friends asked why I don’t start with Youtube, Twitch or something like that. Well, good question. Actually, I don’t know. What do you think? Would you like to watch a video where I am testing some products?

Now let’s have a look at the main set I would love to talk about with you. So, I hope you sit comfy and have a nice cup of your favourite drink next to you. NO? Why not?! Get up, make it and come back 😀 Just kidding.

NotebookTherapy – what?

It is a website where you can buy Japanese and Korean stationery products. Their product range is really lovely. You can buy:

  • notebooks
  • tote bags
  • pens
  • pencils
  • stickers
  • backpacks
  • diffusers
  • desk accessories
  • washi tape
  • pin
  • stamps
  • sticky notes
  • tsuki collection
  • accessories

As you can see the range is great. The prices are quite resonable and fair. When they host some discounts you can get a pretty good deal which is something I am looking for. And then, of course, I’ll buy lots of things. 😉

What I find really interesting is that the company don’t tell you anything like their vision or mission. No, they want to convey you a scene about the beauty of stationery and how important it is to have one website with cute stationery. Just read those few lines in the section „about us“ and you understand that they know their cutomers and they want to sell the best products to the customers (so, you), so you can sit down and journal with great stationery in your personal way. It’s an interesting approach because most company write about their tradition, their history or what their vision is.
Actually, I am now quite curious and I would like to know that as well. 😀 But it is ok, that they keep it a secret.

What I ordered

It was early March this year when I got a newletter by NotebookTherapy where they offered a Sakura Collection. It is called Tsuki ‚Sakura Edition‘ Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • Tsuki ‚Sakura Edition‘ Washi Tape Set
  • Tsuki ‚Sakura Edition‘ Pop-Up Pencil Case in Blush Pink or Petal Pink
  • Tsuki ‚Sakura‘ Limited Edition Bullet Journal in Blush Pink or Petal Pink

All together I paid 68,74 US Dollars.
Well, I was really thinking about this bundle for a long time. I wasn’t really sure whether I should buy it. I love Sakura, but I’m not a fan of pink. My husband said what I thought: „Something in pink isn’t really your style“. But how can I write about being open minded and at the same time discriminating the colour pink? Well, it doesn’t fit together. So, I ordered it and I tried to find a shade of pink on the website which looked fine to. Therefore, I ordered the journal and the pencil case in blush pink.

Order Arrived

I ordered it on March 5th 2021 and interestingly the package arrived really fast. It took just 10 days. Really impressive! And everything was save and sound.

I was quite excited to open it but I was a little bit scared because I was afraid of the pinky colour and what I should I do if I wouldn’t like it. Sell it? Give it away?

Well let’s check out every single product. 🙂

Pencil Case in Blush Pink

First things first, the colour isn’t too pinky for me. I actually quite like it because it isn’t such a bright pink. I bought ä one of these pop-up pencil cases before and I like them.

There are two different materials which they used. The bottom part is a soft cord and feels really lovely. The upper part is vegan leather with a Sakura floral design on it. The background colour is a very light pink; the cherry blossoms are white and two darker shades of pink. It matches really well together. The stitches are well made and there is no string which comes off. The vegan leather has a great smooth surface.

The zipper on top of the pencil case opens and closes easily. When the pencil case stands upright, it is 19 cm high which fits a Tombow Dual Brush Marker.
One cute thing I realised quite lately is that inside of the pencil case are three little pockets. How cute is that?! Amanzing idea!

Washi Tape Set

The box looks awesome. On top of the box the word Sakura is written in golden letters. You can also see some cherry blossom petals, golden dots, and golden Sakuras.

I opened the box and was surprised to find ä five sticker sheets in there. One sheet is with Sakuras and the other four sheets have different japanese motives on it. Really cute.

Then I discovered the washi tapes themselves. As you might know, I’m a washi tape collector. However, I’m not a hoarder because I use my washi. I was surprised because all rolls are in shades of pink but pleasing to my eye. There are eight washi tape rolls, one roll full of dots and one roll with sakura petals. And last but not least a rubber/an eraser.

There isn’t one washi tape which looks quite the same next to the other one. I like a good variety especially when it comes all together for one theme.

The rubber/eraser is wrapped in paper with sakura on top of it. But the fun part is that the rubber/eraser has a cherry blossom on it. How awesome!

The only thing which I don’t like it, that inside of the box it is a little bit smelly. It smells quite chemical and I hope that it will vanish one day.

Bullet Journal

As you can imagine, I ordered the journal in blush pink as well, and I was surprised that it came in such a lovely white box. The cover of the box has stars and the moon on it, both in a golden colour. It is a simple and elegant design. When you open the box, the journal is wrapped in very thin paper and after unwrapping it, you can enjoy the beauty of the notebook.

The colour is darker than I expected. I love it because it is a really nice blush pink. On the cover is a little design which shows the cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji and the moon. The details are golden which gives the journal an elegant touch.

There is an elastic band and two ribbons which you can use as book marks. In the back of the journal is a pocket as well. Surprisingly, I found a pink paper clip shaped like a cherry blossom inside of the pocket.

I bought the journal in size B5 because I like different sizes and trying them out. The paper has a weight of 160 gsm which is really thick so you don’t need to be worried if you like to journal with highlighters, markers, and different pens.
When you open the journal, there is some space to write your name and after that you can start journaling right away on pages which aren’t numbered. I really appreciate that the dots on the paper aren’t too visible so your writing/journaling won’t get lost on the paper.

At the spine of the notebook are the word sakura written in japanese and a cherry blossom is on top of it. Really cute. The journal isn’t a flat lay notebook but it lays really well so that you can enjoy your journaling.

The corners of the pages are rounded which I personally prefer. Interestingly, it is my first journal with golden colour on the paper. So when the journal is closed it is really shiny. At the moment, I like it but I’m not sure how it will change when I using it. Maybe the gold will get dirty or get off. We will see.

There is just one little part I am not really a fan of and that is the pinky pink colour of the ribbon. Don’t get me wrong, this is critism on a very, very high level. But I don’t understand why these two ribbons have this bright pink colour because everything else has a decent or at least a different shade of pink.

My Final Thoughts

Was it worth buying it? Yes.

Do I like it? Yes.

How bad was the colour pink for me? Not bad at all.

In total, it was a very good deal. To be honest, if it wouldn’t have been a bundled collection, I hadn’t bought it. I thought it would be nice to have such a set where everything matches together and it didn’t disappointed me at all. I will definitively try out the notebook. The pencil case is in use already 😀 and for the washi tape, the right time to use it will come. 🙂

I really adore the design and the motives. I will give you an update after using everything.

Wisdom of the Day: Even your least favourite colour can surprise you. 🙂

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista