Setting Up A New Journal (with photos)

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

Are you enjoying your weekend? Are you going on an adventure with your family or friends? 🙂

My weekend was lovely because a dear friend visited us and we had home made Ramen for dinner. Every time my hubby cooks Ramen, he brings back the memories of Japan. I love Ramen because there are so many ways to serve them. I haven’t got any favourite Ramen soup because they are all yammy. 😀

I miss travelling to Japan a lot. My husband knows that so well and because of that he made me a lovely surprise. He got me a Traveler’s Notebook. It is this cute edition „Have a nice trip“ in passport size. It is one of the collection which I haven’t bought so far.

Starting an Experiment

Since July I have tried to use a passport seized notebook for my daily journaling. Maybe you might ask how I got this crazy idea? Well, I don’t like unused paper in my journals. For every week I have one page with all the days of the week and the other page is for decoration like washi, drawings or other fun stuff. But the last weeks I didn’t like to see just a page with these things and there isn’t something written down. So I thought if I could use the page as a quote page. But to be honest, every week another quote? No, not my style. Instead of wasting pages I thought I could downsize my journal.
Therefore, I started this experiment. I use a standard and a passport size Traveler’s notebook. I will do this for the next weeks maybe months.

What Can I Tell You So Far?

I like the small journal. I can take it everywhere with me and there is still a space in my little handbag for my journal. 🙂 On the other side the pages are really small and I have to use three to four pages for just one week. It is a little bit challenging but not unmangeable. 😀

The second point is that I haven’t got any monthly spreads and yearly tracker in there. At the moment, I‘m trying to track everything in the week. This is the only thing I‘m not so sure about, whether I like it or not.

My last point is the ‚tiny‘ space which could be tricky because of my big handwriting. At the moment, I am trying to write smaller which is really difficult for me. But I will manage it. I hope so at least 😀

How I set my little journal up?

At first I use my Traveler’s Factory notebook passport size. It’s black with this quote on it. As an elastic band I decided to go with an orange one. It‘s a lovely contrast to the black leather. The leather material unbelievable; it’s soft and smooth.

Inside I have a blue cotton zipper case which is packed with some washi samples and last but not least my journal. That’s it.

Inside my journal are just my weeklies. 🙂

As accessories I have a pen loop, brass clip with TRC logo, a brass index clips for the week, and the tracker.

My new Diplomat Traveller is the fountain pen of my choice to go with it. The ink is „walk over viotula“ by KWZ Ink.

Currently, there isn’t any second journal because I haven’t got any clue what I could write in of it.

My Standard Journal As Comparison

As standard size journal, I use my green leather cover made by GalenLeathers. It has a brown elastic band with a little leather tag on it. „Life begins after coffee“ is written on it which is so very true 😀
It’s a wonderful leather cover which is really smooth and the colour is awesome. I added one evil eye as well.

Inside of it is my journal for my year in advance, my tracker for sleep, illnesses, moods, book, radioplays, and many things more. The second journal is about the weeklies.

The third one is my green leather wallet insert. At the moment I haven’t got anything inside it. On the wallet insert, there is a pen loop attached to it, I picked my LAMY Lx gold.
The last part is the brass clip with the airplane on it.

What I Will Learn From This Experiment

Well, I think that I will find my way. Maybe downsizing is a great way for me because sometimes I’m not in the mood for huge decorations.

Fun is a bit part. You can explore your limits, your creativity; you can learn more about yourself and the way of journaling. I don’t like to be entrenched, I like to be flexible and trying out new things.

Wisdom of the day: Don’t limit yourself!

Love to you all,
Evil Journalista

One Comment on “Setting Up A New Journal (with photos)

  1. What a great post about journalling. I myself use the Traveler’s Notebook too, though I find it a little too slim sometimes. A5 is the perfect size for me. Anyway, looking forward to your updates!

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