A Subscription Box for Fountain Pen Addicts

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

do you enjoy your weekend or do you have some work to do? Any way, don’t let stress ruin your weekend? Try a little bit to relax even you have to work! I had a job for several years where I had to work in shifts at weekends and I know how hard and frustrating it can be. So please take care of yourself!

I kept a secret away from you. 😉 I had a fountain pen subscription for nearly a year. 😀 Ok, why did I hide it? Well, I really want to see if I would like just one box or if they could blow away my mind with one than one box. 😉 So check out what I have so far for you.

Truphae -The Company

Truphae is owned by Chris and Kylie Henline. A couple started with a dream and realise a plan to build a company for pen lovers. They rally a team of enthusiatis around them. The company is located in Greenville in South Carolina. Pretty awesome is that you can meet the team on the website. It is a lovely mix of enthusiats, writing lovers and pen addicts and you get a feeling for their passion for writing.

Truphae have a great variety of:

  • fountain pens
  • ballpoint pens
  • rollerball pens
  • inks
  • paper
  • pen cases
  • cigar accessories
  • fountain pen subscription box: Inkredible Box

The prices for the products are for all pockets sizes. You can get a fountain pen for 4 Dollars or for 65.000 Dollars. As you can see the range is huge and I think everybody can find there a pen for yourself or beloved person. I really appreciate such retailers who have huge price variety.

The Inkredible Box

Truphae offers six different boxes. You can choose between:

  • Inkmeister Monthly Subscription (25 Dollars)
  • nkmeister Premium Monthly Subscription (30 Dollars)
  • Penthusiast Monthly Subscription (75 Dollars)
  • Penthusiast Premium Monthly Subscription (80 Dollars)
  • Collector Monthly Subschription (150 Dollars)
  • Collector Premium Monthly Subschription (155 Dollars)

For every box they give you a really great idea of what you get. For example they explain that you can receive a LAMY or Conklin fountain pen in the Penthusiast Box. You can choose if you like ink samples and accessories which is a great opportunity for you not only to collect fountain pens, it is more, you can try more inks and then you can decide if you would buy a whole bottle of that ink.

I decided that I would spend 75 Dollars for one box. To be honest, this was one of most expensive subscriptions which I’ve ever bought so far. But I thought for a really long time about it.

What I got so far?

I got six orders so far and I will receive a last one. Why it is my last one I will explain later. 🙂 So six orders and I have nine fountain pens and 25 ink samples plus one ink bottle and a pen case. Well, I would say that is a pretty cool treasure.

You may ask which fountain pens I’ve got, so here are my new beauties:

  • Diplomat Traveller
  • Conklin Shamrock
  • Benu Yuletide
  • Monteverde Cosmos
  • Pineider Metropolis
  • Hongdian 6013 Black Dahlia
  • two Hongdian 5019

The brands for the inks (with five samples) are:

  • Oysters Seoul Collection
  • KWZ Ink
  • Private Reserve
  • Kyoto
  • The Jeans Collection

One Bottle is from Private Reserve Ink and its called Daphne Blue.

My impressions

To be honest, I would buy normally maybe three of them by myself. But I am totally impressed by all of these fountain pens. I’ve tested every single one so far and they are inkredible 🙂 Even the inks have a great colour variety and are so beautiful. I’ve never expected that in three of those boxes could be more then just one pen. There is just one pen I won’t buy because it isn’t really my taste nevertheless it is just one pen. So I can say that I am impressed how thoughtful this box is. Truphae do a great job and I enjoyed getting every single box. Even my husband is curios about it. 😀

Well, I admit that I cancelled the box. It wasn’t because of the box, it was because of the shipping experiences I had so far. Every time I got a tracking code the waiting started and sometimes I waited up to two months. I got some boxes nearly at the same time. My last box was really interesting to watch because it travelled from the US to Germany and back to the US and back to Germany. After arriving in Germany the package was three weeks at the customs office before I could pick it up from the postal office. The shipping is too nerve-racking for me. I don’t want to pray every time. So I will cancel it for a while.

To be fair it is really an incredible box. You receive so many goodies with a high value. I think I will try just for fun for one month the expensive box just to get an impression what you can get if you order some piece like that.

It doesn’t matter which amount you spend for this subscription. It is an invest in your collection and the team of Truphae makes a great job to pick such beauties for their customers. That is a point where you can get an impression how much passion they do their work. 🙂

I will write blogposts about the fountain pens and my experiences with them.

Wisdom of the day: Sometimes the unknown can enhance your life.

Love to you all,
Evil Journalista

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