Hello again and merry Christmas

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

oh gosh, I’ve never planned to be away for such a long time. Well, I mean, I thought that I need to find my place in my new work place, learn a lot of things and then I will come back and blog again. Sounded like a great plan but it didn’t work the way I had intended as you see.
Today is Christmas Day and my thoughts started to wander around and reflect a lot of things. I am really grateful for the people I have met in private and at work. And then I thought about you. Yes you! The ones who read my blog posts, who left me comments, or sent me a mail, or just liked my posts. I’m sorry! It wasn’t really nice to let you wait just for a tiny update or something else.

You might be asking yourself, why is she writing on Christmas Day? Well, good question which is easy to answer: You’re my Lovelies. You’re part of my family and friends, so it is time to spent some with you. 🙂
We planned to visit my mother in law, unfortunately at the place where she lives it is quite snowy and the winter service doesn’t clear every street there. So we phoned her and decided that we will visit her on another day. Yesterday we visited my part of the family. So surprisingly, we have Christmas Day and Boxing Day just for us.

My Last Months At The New Company

Since September I’ve been working for a new company and I love it. I learn something new proverbially every day. It’s quite exhausting but in a happy and very pleasant way. 🙂 This is totally new to me. I have great and lovely co-workers, a great team leader and wonderful head of department. They always take the time to explain things to me and I can ask all my questions. I don’t need to find the perfect words and I can speak out everything I can think of. Even for my ideas they are open and listen to me. It is a huge responsibility I’ve got now and I have massive respect for this work. It is like planting: You plant a seed, water it, give it some light and wait. Then you can watch how it grows. In my case I’m the plant and I’ve got the first leaves over the soil. 😉

I sometimes work longer hours than in my old job and sometimes I work too long and eat and drink less which is not ok. I feel the lack of energy at those days. I need to find a more balanced way. If you can give me some advice from your experience, just leave me a comment.

Private Life

Well, when you think everything seems to be good, the reality hits you very hard. It was on October 3rd we got a message from a friend which was saying that the best friend of my husband had died in an accident. I still remember that it was Monday morning 6:40 am when I read those few lines. My heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe. My husband was still in bed and cuddled with Maya. I looked at him and he looked so relaxed. After he was awoken, I told him and … – sorry, this feeling comes up again at the moment.
… Ok, I needed a second … I cried the whole day. I wrote with his widow and we phoned the same day. Since then we phone or write up to three times a week.
We went to a memorial church service for him with some of our friends and a few days later we came together again with a few former co-workers and ate his favourite meal in his memory: Currywurst with fries. I think about him quite often. I remember all the fun we had and we shared those memories with friends who knew him as well.

November was a really unspectacular month for us but we were happy when it passed because arge beginning of December we had our vacation in Denmark. It was very cold and we had quite some snow at the beach. Maya was freezing because of that we went only a few short walks per day. We enjoyed the fire in the chimney very much. 🙂

During this week I started to play around with watercolours.

Being Creative – More Or Less

Well watercolours and I aren’t really friends. I would describe our relationship as acquaintances with the potential to become friends. I was surprised that I took watercolours with me and started some doodles. I had some templates from Pinterest. Well for my very first, more or less, serious try I am quite happy about the results.

I’m still journaling in my messy way. 🙂 I’m still in love with it. For next year I decided that I won’t use so many journals. I will use just one Travelers Notebook which I will carry with me all the time. It is only for appointments and some really short notes. All my other planning like the daily stuff, my trackers, my ideas, my list and so on I will write in my Hobonichi Cousin (A5). It is really crazy but I missed it this year. I wanted more space for the days so I can plan, doodle, take some notes in one spot.
But to be honest, I miss a little bit the time where I set up my Bullet Journal in my Leuchtturm1917. Oh gosh I miss getting creative, to set up a new notebook and think of a the pages I might need. One day I was thinking just to set one up but I wouldn’t use it. So I cancelled this idea quite quickly. 😀

What Can You Expect From Me In 2022?

I will go back to regular blogging. It will be once a week. My main topic is and will always be journaling, testing new products, and traveling. Furthermore, I will write about our garden and the upcoming changes, life projects, and developments and other fun/creative thingys. 🙂

So, for those of you who celebrate Christmas: Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends around the Christmas tree.

For those of you who don’t celebrate: Have a great and relaxing weekend. Have fun and make the best out of it. 🙂

Love to you all and stay health,

Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

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  1. I’ve always been meaning to try water colouring, so maybe 2022 is the time I try it. Anyway, I love the niche of journalling, so I’m definitely looking forward to your upcoming posts. Thanks for this, and Merry Christmas!

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