Learnings and Wishes for 2022

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

The end of the world is near! … Sorry, wrong blog 😀 No, just kidding. The end of the year is close and a lot of journaling addicts prepared their new journals and created a whole new notebook for it.

For some journaling lovers it is the most important time of the year. Setting up a new journal with matching colours, a theme, goals, and quotes. On YouTube you can find thousands of videos for such setups. Some videos are for beginners, some are artistic, others are minimalistic, and some are just beautiful or for a special purpose.

And then there is me: no setup, no matching colours, no quotes, and no goals. In the past years I did a setup with all these things. Last year I reduced all that to just my mood tracker, my sleeping log, and my pain tracker. It is quite strange to avoid it completely this time.
I see all these ideas and creations which are beautiful in their own way and my fingers are starting to itch because I would like to do it as well. Although I have to admit that it would be useless because I won’t need it, it is really a strange feeling. It is like skipping something important which you’re used to doing. It is quite hard to resist that habit.

My Way Of Journaling Next Year

What I will be doing instead, you might ask. Well, I will just use my Hobonichi Cousin (A5). I don’t want to specify what things or events I would like to track or write about. In my calendar I have a lot of space for every single day of the year. My plan for next year is that I would like to journal more often on an every day basis. At the moment I journal two to four times a week. Because of that I sometimes have problems to remember what happened.
It will be a different approach to find more structure during the day. I would like to reflect more so that I can clear my head. In the past months my head has been quite full and I have difficulties to concentrate because my brain is usually full with stuff which is important for the day or even the next day.

My Learnings

As you know I learn a lot of new things and processes but I like learning new stuff personally as well.

So I decided to learn more about self-sufficiency. I would like to grow more vegetables and fruits in our garden. I would like to plant some herbs as well. Maybe I can create different sauces and jellies/jams/marmelades. Maybe I can make soap or candles which could be for our personal usage or as a little gift for friends.
I would like to learn more about water colouring and hopefully I can sit in our garden one day and paint some flowers.

Parts Where I Can Get Better

This year I started to walk more and be more active than I had been the years before. For 2022 I intend to walk a little bit more. Additionally, I would like to try new sports like Yoga or Hiking. Maybe I will do some boxing or dancing again. I do need more activity in my life because this will be my physical balance to my work.

I would like to have a variety of sports to choose from. Furthermore, I would like to eat more healthy and try out new recipes as well. I would like to build a good relationship to my mind and my body.

I started to plant some flowers in the garden this year and I really hope that my flowers will flourish again. Maybe they will get bigger or even brighter. 🙂 I will read more about them to support their growth.

Things I Will Let Go Or Do Less

I would like to reduce my overthinking and worrying. Often I think and overthink thoughts and decisions. It gives me headaches and it isn’t really necessary because in the end I decide for the first thought I had. 😀 I think less overthinking would be great.

Drink less coffee is my second idea because I drink too much coffee. It isn’t really enjoying coffee it is more consuming.

The third thing I’d like to do less is to giving up too early. Oh boy, this is maybe one of my worst habits. I try things for one or two weeks and if I don’t see any result, I tend to do it less or even stop it. I‘m not always impatient; for example when I‘m gardening I can wait and watch the plants flourish but in other parts of my life my impatience is huge.

I think that I would like to watch less TV. I love Netflix, Disney+ and so on. I enjoy it really much but I think less will be more. So as a compensation I will re-read older books and enjoy them instead.

My Wishes For The New Year

Well, my wish is that the pandemic reduces itself to zero and we could live a normal life again (as much as possible). I would like to see my family and friends to be healthy and happy. Yes, that means I wish you health and happiness as well. 😉
Great would be, too, if we could travel to our favourite country again: Japan. But that can wait. 🙂
If I could wish one more thing for myself then it would be more perseverance.

So, the best part about my wishes, learnings, and plans is that I can journal about all of them. So we can exchange our thoughts about it and you will see my development.

For now, I would like to wish you all the best, health, happiness, luck, power/strength, and everything else which you would like to achieve in your lives / in 2022.

Love to you all,
Your Evil Journalista Chrissi

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