Journal Journey: Archer&Olive

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

Wednesday is a great day. It is half of the week and you know that you’re on the way to the weekend. 🙂 Because we are on our way to relaxion or a great time, I thought it would be nice to talk about the new Archer&Olive Traveler’s Notebook.

As you all know, I tested a notebook with black pages of this brand and liked the paper quality but a completely black notebook wasn’t really my cup of tea.

At first for those who haven’t come across this brand, are here some quick information.

Archer&Olive – The Famous Notebook Brand

The company Archer&Olive was founded by Bonnie Kuhl. Journaling helped her to learn organise her life with her mental illness and to reach her goals.
The cute part about the company is the name idea. The mascots of the company are the two cats Archer and Olive. On their website there is a part called „about“ and there you can read Bonnie’s story and some facts about the cats.

The product range is great. So you can shop:

  • notebooks in different sizes, colours, and with different paper (white, black, kraft paper, neapolitan, watercolour)
  • a subscription box (which isn’t available at the moment)
  • pens and markers
  • notepads with different paper
  • planners
  • stickers
  • pencil pouches
  • washi tape

The design of the notebooks is simpel, minimalistic, and very elegant. The colour range for the notebooks is really beautiful and with the elegant design the notebook looks amazing.

What Notebooks Did I Order?

Well, I couldn’t decide which colour I should take. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to try a Traveler’s Notebook. So my husband encouraged me to buy two of them. I bought the North Star and the Green Deep. Both notebooks cost 31 dollars each.
To be honest with you, it is a lot of money for a journal. On top came shipping costs of 19.19 US Dollars.

I ordered through their website and waited for five weeks. It is quite ok because during COVID orders need more time.

The Deep Green Traveler’s Notebook

The journals come in a beautiful white boxes with green leaves and in the center you can read the company’s name. I always keep the boxes and store stickers or washi cards inside. I absolutely adore the box design.

Around every journal is a little white paper wrapping which gives you some short facts like the pages, thickness of the paper and the promise of no ghosting or bleeding. Even this little sheet of paper is simple and elegant in its design. You can see a floural design on top and bottom of the sidelines.

The size of the journal is 11 x 21 cm (4.33 x 8.25 inches) which is the size of a Traveler’s Notebook. The journal is covered in cloth and it is a really soft surface. On the front of the cover you can see a little design like a leave or a star. For the Deep Green, the cloth is a really dark green. My only worry is that the cloth is getting dirty and I’m not sure if I could clean the cover easily. It would be really sad if it got dirty. And I know me because I take my journal with me and the risk that it will get dirty is huge.
The little design is imprinted and in golden colour. So it stands out and looks really lovely.

There paper weight is 160 gsm which is a really thick paper. From the thickness of the paper I know that you won’t have trouble with fountain pens, pencils, pens, highlighters, and markers. I watched YouTubers who even used watercolours in their Archer&Olive. So it is a perfect paper to be as creative as you would love to be with it. 🙂 The surface of the paper is very smooth and soft. The paper is bright white.

When you open the notebook you have a page to write down some information. After that you can start journaling straight away. There are 144 pages with dot grid. The pages aren’t numbered and there isn’t an index either. You can decide to number the pages or maybe the two dark green ribbons (bookmarks) are enough to find the page you are looking for. On the bottom of one ribbon is the logo of the company in gold.
The dot grid is great to see but it isn’t too visible which I really appreciate because that way the dots will disappear in the background when you fill in the pages with your thoughts and ideas. 🙂

The binding of the notebook is really good and stable. It doesn’t matter which page I opened, the notebook lays nearly flat on the surface. By that you can write in it easily.
At the back of the journal you have a pocket where you can store washi samples or stickers, and there is a pen loop as well. So you can have your favourite pen always with you. The pen loop is black on the Deep Green Traveler’s Notebook. To keep everything together you can use the elastic band which is in deep green as well.

Final Thoughts

As you know, I love everything in green so I adore this green because it is a rich deep green. I like the cloth but I have some doubt to keep the journal clean.
I appreciate the ribbon, the back pocket and the elastic band.

I like the simpel design because it looks really elegant. At the moment, I am using a Traveler’s journal with the inserts. My weekly insert is nearly full and I am thinking about using the Archer&Olive next but because it was so expensive and because of the mentioned worry for the cloth, I don’t want to use it. I don’t want to f* it up. Sorry for the f-bomb.

So I’m thinking about using it as a travel memory keeper instead or as a reading journal.
We will see, I’m not really sure about it yet. 🙂

And the most important question for me was whether it would fit in a Traveler’s Notebook cover. And: Yes, it fits! That is great so the cloth is protected but unfortunately I can’t put another insert inside the cover as well because the Archer&Olive is too thick.

Wisdom of the Day: Sometimes beauty can be found in simplicity.

Love to you all and stay healthy,
Evil Journalista

My Vacation Mess

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

last Sunday I was really open to you and talked about my future upcoming job loss. I hope that it wasn’t to depressing for you. 😉

I thought about losing my job and which possibilities I have in life. Sometimes I think that I’m not using my full potential and then there are moments when I ask myself if I am worthy enough. I’m glad that I ask myself the second question not too often.

Reflectly As A Positive Motivator?

The interesting part is that I use an app called Reflectly. You can track your mood, how you feel, and also in regard of the Part part of your life like friends/family, work, or health. The app sends some positive and inspirational quotes to you every day.
Normally I read them and think that it is a nice idea to get some positive vibes. But this time it helped me. It helped me to stay focused on the important parts in life and to understand even more what really matters.
Funny was that sometimes the quotes matched the things my husband and I talked about that day. Or there were some quotes which were nearly identical to the words of my husband. 😀
(I don’t get any money or refund to write about the app, it is just my opinion.)

I Am More Than A Working Person

For a very long time I had loved my job and I was proud of what I was doing. Of cause there were ups and downs but I was always on the „bright side of my work“. I really identified with it.
More for more I was thinking about it, I asked myself why I reduced myself just down to the working part. My Lovelies, I don’t know the answer. And I am quite mad about myself because I did something like that.
I always encourage people around me to see more in themselves than just a busy bee at work. For example, I have a very good and dear friend, and she is a hardworking woman on one side. The other side is that she is a great mother of two lovely boys. She is such a strong and inspirational woman with so many skills and talents. She is a good listener, has a wonderful sense of humour, is creative, bakes so delicious food, and her sense of helping others is simply adorable. I know she is reading this, so yes I mean you, Claudi, my Love!
So, as you see I see more than just a mother or a busy bee in a human. But why the eff am I reducing myself?

Maybe I will never ever find an answer to this question but I will find out more about myself and find a way to see more than a busy bee. 😉 Perhaps I have some hidden talents too. 😀

What do you see yourself? What do you see in your family and what may your friends think about you?

Vacation Fun

So, during the last week I had this mess in my head and I tried to distract me a little bit. Therefore we met some friends and had a really good time. 🙂 We had some visitors and we were visitors. We talked about so many different things and enjoyed each other’s company. These moments gave so much to me. 🙂

Then I played some Animal Crossing or Just Dance. It was great to release the stress that way.

We tried to cut out one of my little characters. I have a Cricut but I hadn’t used it a lot; maybe it will change in the next months. 🙂 I will show you the results.

We watched the movie „Raya and the last Dragon“. It is a Disney movie and I loved it. I know everybody loves Frozen. Yes, it is a great movie, but it‘s not my favourite. My favourite is Moana and I think Raya and Moana have to share the first place. 😀 And interestingly, did anybody of you also realise that the singing was missing? I realised it just after the movie had ended. I was really surprised. I don’t want to spoiler anything, I just want to say, have a look.:-)


Unfortunately, we had another low point this Friday again. Our little pug girl needed to go to the vet. She seemed ill to us because she wasn’t behaving in the cute, bubbly way as she normally did. Because of that, we decided to go to the vet and it was the right decision. Maya has a inflammation of the uterus and she needs to have an operation.
I tried to be brave and not to cry, which I managed until we had left the vet. Back in the car I cried.
I’m not a mother of child and won’t be because I can’t have children but this is a different topic. But my little pug is my family, Maya is like my little baby. I know a lot of you will think „it is just a dog“ or „it is just an operation“, but I don’t care about such sentences. I care about my pug a lot. So I can get really emotional. The good part is my husband because he knows how to calm me down. THANK YOU, HUBBY! 🙂
So, next Saturday Maya will have her operation and we hope that everything will be good after it.

One Package After Another Package

I have been waiting for a long time to get some orders about which I would like to talk. And this week I didn’t expect any parcels to arrive but surprisingly I got one letter and three parcels. I was totally surprised.

What did I receive?

I got my letter from Japan which I wrote to myself in November 2019 when I coincidentally found the amazing little shop called Jiyucho. I am so happy about it.

Then I got my first Patreon parcel from rainbowholic.

My subscritipion box of Truphae arrived as well. The funny part is that I got my second box first and I am still waiting for my first order to arrive.

Last but not least I got my order of a Sakura themed box by Notebook Therapy.

As you see there is so much more to review for the next weeks. 🙂 I am really exicted and it will be great fun to test the products for you as well as to give you my opinion on them.

So my last words for this post: Next time we will talk about stationery again. 🙂

The words for my Wisdom of the Day is from Steven Maraboli:
„We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.“

Love to you all and stay healthy,
Evil Journalista

PS: We had some weather surprises too 🙂

Trip To England

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

it is middle of the week and I am wondering how your week is. Do you do well? Do you need some positivity or some nice worde? Well, please let me know and I will send some good vibes to you. 🙂

I discovered my memory-travel-journal again a few days ago. So I thought I give you a quick overview over the cities we visited on our trips and so you can get a feeling for the moments I would like to share with you.

England – My First Love

Before I met my husband I didn’t travel a lot because I focused on my studies and my parents just drove to Denmark.
Then I met my husband who came back to Germany after he worked and studied one year aboard in Cambridge, England. After two months beeing together he said that he would fly back to his friends (we call them his second family) and I could come with him. It was quite shocking because my English wasn’t really the best. But I agreed. I relearn English and 26th of December 2008 we flought to England. It was my first flight ever and I was so nervous because I was afraid of heights at that point.

After landing we took a bus to Cambridge and there his friends picked us up. I was so afraid of saying something that I didn’t speak. But his friends Marian an Richard made me feel welcome and everybody was so lovely and nice, so that I try to speak. 🙂

We stayed with them and we had so many wonderful trips through the country. Every time we drove or flought to Marian and Richard it was like coming home.

I learnt so much during our stays and I fell in love after our first trip. For a long time we were thinking about moving there but Brexit changed a lot. Because of that we just enjoy the visits and I hope that we will be able to travel soon.

List Of Cities Which We Visited

  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Norwich
  • York
  • Southwold
  • Bluntisham
  • Bedford
  • St. Ives
  • Canterbury
  • Ely
  • Stamford

Places To Go

Every city has its own charme and personality. 🙂
So my advice in general if you are travelling for a longer time to one country please don’t visit just the capital city or one famous, take the opportunity and visit as much as you can. Because so you will get a really good impression of the country. 🙂

So most people who come to Germany visit Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Honestly, these are typical tourist places. Germany has more to offer. 😉 Go east for Halle (Saale) or Leipzig or Erfurt. Three old cities with interesting history and great for day trips. 🙂

We visited cities like Cambridge, London or St. Ives more than once because there is so much to see and there are places we like to revisit. We both are in love with the British Museum, so every time we are in London we go to the Museum. For example I visited it three times while my husband can’t really count how often he visited the Museum. He guessed between 30 and 40 times. Don’t worry we didn’t more than just going to one museum. 😀
My husband studied at a college in Cambridge and he worked at a school in St. Ives, so we are often there too.

Some other cities we just visited for a daily trip like Norwich, Stamford or York.

So, I share with you all the places we visited and maybe I reveal some little gems to you which you never thought of visiting. 😉 Of course I will write about the big typical tourist sightseeing places for you because we can discuss if they are the money and time worthy.

How We Travel

2008 we flought from Leipzig to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Stanford. Then we travelled by bus to Cambrigde. The next times we travelled by car. We drove from Halle (Saale) to Calais, where we took the ferry to Dover. From Dover we drove to our friends.

Flying is more relaxed than driving by car. But we like to shop books or some food and that it is really difficult to take back. And we take a few up to a lot of goodies for our friends with us. So a lugguage can be to small. 😀

When we drove my husband and I are changing at least after four hours and the other one is driving. So you take breaks, can walk a few steps and the fresh air helps to recover as well. An other thing we like to do is driving at night because there aren’t so many cars on the road. Unintentional we stopped at the same petrol stations on the way. So from Halle to Calais are 809 km and you need 8 h 43 min. And from Dover to Bluntisham, where our friends live are 215 km and you need 2 h 28min to drive.

The time on the ferry I take a nap because I drive the last part in England. Because of driving on the other side of the street I need a little sleep to be more focused. When we drive back home my husband drives first on the continent so I can reorient myself.

Some Impressions

Wisdom of the day: Explore the world! So many adventures are waiting for you!

Love to you all and stay healthy, 🙂
Evil Journalista

Losing My Job

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

it’s Sunday, one of the beloved days of the week. Sundays are great for reflecting the week and all the happened. So I have to do with these quite intense last days.

On Tuesday I got a letter from my company that they appreciate my 10 years of working for the company. My team lead sent me a mail as well. To be honest with you, the letter and the mail sounded like a standard mail with text modules. It didn’t feel like an appreciation. No personal thoughts or comments in them.
Two years ago my husband had the same anniversary and he got a hand written card from our CEO, the letter and some flowers.

The week passed to Friday morning and I saw in my mail account that I had a one hour meeting with my head of department. Well, what can I tell you, I had a bad feeling about this. I couldn’t really focus on my work. I was thinking and thinking about the last months of work and whether I made any mistakes.

Then it was 12 o’clock and my appointment started. Well you can guess from the title the result of the chat. My last day at work will be June 30th 2021. I lost my job because of reorganization and too many people in our department. This meeting should have lasted one hour but after 13 minutes everything was said and done. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was in complete shock.

In my head were thousands of thoughts and I saw a million of problems. Yes, my world broke apart. I talked to my colleagues and took a break. My husband helped to find my breath und helped me to not get a nervous breakdown.

The break from work didn’t help so I talked with my colleagues and ended my workday. Fun fact: It was also the start of my vacation.

I cried a lot. After ten years I am losing my job. This letter is totally worthless. Why did they send me this sheet of paper when they in reality don’t appreciate my work at all? There were so many questions in my head, but interestingly this was the only one about my present work.

I asked myself the following things:

  • How will I pay my rent? How will I pay my loans?
  • Is there something I can sell to get some money for bad times?
  • Should we look for a different place to live?
  • What I am going to do?
  • Should I am looking for a lawyer to get some input?
  • Should I make an application if there are vacancies in our company?
  • What happens if I won’t find a job before the June 30th?
  • What would I like to do in the future?

These are just a few questions I have asked myself since Friday. The main and important part of all is for my to find a way to stay at our house because another move is something I couldn’t afford; and how to pay all of my loans.

In the past, my husband and I had some really bad years when we had just toast, sausage and Nutella. We survived and I think that we would make it again. I have never been without a job since I started working and to be honest I am afraid of this part.

I am still trying to understand what happened and ironically I don’t think about the company and the part why it happens to me. Because I know that it is easier to fire a woman in her 30’s instead of someone in their 50’s. It is easier to fire someone who doesn’t have any problems with changes and who finds some positive vibes in nearly every work. Well that’s me.
At moment, I just want to understand my feelings and find my way out of this dilemma. It’s the first time in my working life I don’t ask myself if it would be okay for the other members of our team when I do this or that. No, my brain stopped asking me this. I stopped. What a relief!

I think I am working on coping with the situation. There are the five stages of grief by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Accptance

I adopted this model for my situation. So the first phase „denial“ I totally skipped. I don’t know why. Maybe I am not that person to ask herself „why me?“.
Anger is a really strong word. Yes, I was angry but not in a huge way.
Bargaining I do with my future, not my past. I think about ways to find a new job or what I should do? Maybe I will open my online shop earlier than I thought.
Depression is a big personal deal for me because I’ve been diagnosed with a depression and anxiety disorder. I made a therapy with a really great psychotherapist and I finished my therapy. I won’t fall back in this really black hole. Yes, I am sad and I cry sometimes but it isn’t the same like when my depression takes over. It is different. It is ok to be not ok.
At the moment I am working on the loss of my job. To be fair, I wasn’t so happy with my job anymore, I should see it as an opportunity for finding something better.

Today there are just a few things which I really know: I can and I will handle the situation like a professional. I have a great husband who will help me to go my way and I have friends who will support me.

Am I ready for this unprepared adventure? Yes! I know my skills and I know that I am able to learn new things quite easily.

Today the wisdom of the day comes from Milton Berle: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. (I am starting right now)

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

Explaining your passion to other people

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

It‘s Wednesday and I have the time to write again. I‘m so happy about it. The last weeks were full with other things and appointments which are finished now. 🙂

Let‘s talk about our passions. Everybody has something in life we do and sometimes we don’t have anybody with the same passion around us. That’s what it was like for me for a very long time. Most of my friends asked me a few questions about my stationary passion and after a short chat they said something like „That isn‘t anything for me.“. Well, that makes it difficult to get into a creative exchange.

I‘m glad that today we can communicate worldwide but I like the personal chat as well. Sometimes I think of finding a group of journaling addicts who live in my area and we could meet once a month or the like. That would be great but unfortunately in my area aren’t many journaling addicts.

But I would like to share a moment with you that happens some years ago during a train ride which really influenced my life.
I was sitting on the ICE (the high speed trains in Germany) from Frankfurt to Berlin. The train was overcrowded and I found a place in the dining car. I ordered a dessert as a snack and some coffee. Around me sat a lot of people just staring at their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. I shared my table with three men with laptops as well. The lovely waitress brought me my order and said: „Oh someone without technical thingies.“ I smiled because I was the only one in the whole car. That moment showed me how much our life depends on these maschines. I pulled out my journal with my fountain pen and laid everything around me. Next to me sat a young man who was quite stressed while I enjoyed my dessert with coffee. I looked out of the window and enjoyed the ride. I love train rides. 🙂

My dessert was nearly finished and the young man looked at me and my journal. He asked me where my laptop or tablet is and I started laughing because I didn’t have any with me. Just me and my journal.

He looked at me in a confused way and went back to work again. The next man, opposite me, listened our short conversation. I think he was wondering too. Well their orders arrived and for the first time at my table, these three men put their laptops and tablets aside and ate. I started journaling and one of the man (I can‘t remember who it was) asked: „What are you doing?“

Such a simple question which I hadn’t heard in years, I just asked back how much time he had because this could be take some time. 😀
So, there we were, four strangers talking about my passion and why it is great to take a break from the digital world.

It was a really interesting chat. We spoke about different way of organising appointments and deadlines. It was a creative exchange and we all realised that it doesn’t matter what our profession is, but how important it is to have a clear mind and to be focused on your tasks.

I explained how I structured my journal and what everything inside was. In all these years I didn’t journal with stickers, had some washi tape and I used some highlighters too. Sometimes I doodled a little bit on some pages or I wrote some really short stories. I tracked my mood, the weather and some habits. I used to track my reading and listening to radio plays.

So I can truely say that my journal wasn‘t artistic or beautiful. I like my journal simple but messy. 😉
I think that it helped the three men at my table to understand the system a little bit better and my journal also showed them that it was in use and not for decoration.
In my understanding, my journal is pretty but a lot of people would disagree which, to be honest, doesn’t matter to me because it is my journal.

That was really a point of our discussion because there are thousand of journalistas and planner babes outside who create beautiful spreads. Don‘t get me wrong, I think we should cherish every single page of each one of us because we (and everything we create) are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

It was interesting to see three men talking about system and beauty on a page. 🙂 The young man was pulling out a journal which he got from his company. He looked quite stressed and asked us for help because he had problems with deadlines, tasks and other things.

It was fascinating because three strangers started helping one young professional to build a system. We did some brainstorming what he had to deal with. We created symbols for different points. I can tell you three hours can fly by like nothing. In the end, the young man had a journal with a key and first to dos. It was really minimalistic and very simpel. We sat there and had a really good time.

I learnt a lot about project planning and different ways to manage projects. I adapted the Kanban system to my blogging because of that day. It helps me to prepare multiple posts in advance and I can decide which blogpost I will work on.

My destination came up and I left the train, then I realised that I didn’t know any names. A really strange but an interesting and also memorable train ride.

Two weeks later I sat on the ICE from Frankfurt to Berlin again. I found a place in the dining car. The train wasn’t overcrowded this time but I liked to have a coffee. After a short time a voice asked where my journal would be. It was the young man again and next to him was another one of our little group.
We talked about his experience with the journaling and interestingly both men stayed in touch because both travelled the same distance the same day. We sat together for the ride and started a creative exchange.
It was lovely and one of the best train rides I ever had.

Wisdom of the Day: Journaling can bring strangers together and help to learn from one another.

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

Fountain Pen Collection: MonteVerde USA Monza 3

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

what a beautiful day Sundays are or can be. When I look outside my window today, the weather is cloudy. I like the layers of clouds hanging in the sky and they are looking as fluffy as candyfloss. Maybe the smell of my candle (vanilla) helps to imagine that picture in my head. 🙂 I hope you’re still safe and sound wherever you are.

I promised you to share information about my fountain pen collection with you and I said that I don’t have just expensive pens. Because of that, today we are talking about the Monza 3.

How Did I Get It?

Well, when I am in the mood for fountain pen shopping, I usually order at Goulet Pen. They have a huge variety of fountain pens and other goodies for writing. Because of that I have a wishlist there and when my husband needs some inspiration for birthday or Christmas or just as a surprise, he checks my wishlist.
So he did for last Christmas. Because we moved to our new home, we decided to spend just a small amount for each other. (I had to do this because he likes shopping a lot :-D) So I got two pens and one of them was a gift set, and I got two inks from Monteverde as well.

The Company – Quick Check

The company Monteverde USA is quite young with „just“ 40 years. They are from California and on the website you can buy a huge variety of different products like:

  • fountain pens
  • function pens
  • zipper pen cases
  • ballpoint pens
  • pencils
  • ink ball pens
  • inks/refills
  • accessories

The products have a price range up to 245 Dollars. You will find there a good pen for every price range. The pens are from modern and colourful up to elegant, so even for your personal taste there is something avaiable.

The Monza 3 Fountain Pen Gift Set

You can order the set at Monteverde directly. I just know that my husband ordered at Goulet (24 Dollars) and the part I know about the shipping is that it was quite fast. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything how fast the shipping is with Monteverde.

Let’s have a closer look at the package. The thing is that you get three pens, or in other words you get three nibs, with a converter and one body. Because the parts need some space you will get a little box where everything has its place. The box is made of plastic which is slightly transparent. On top of the box in the right bottom corner you find the name and the logo of the company. The measurements are 18,5 x 7 x 2,8cm which isn’t too big, so if you go on vacation and you would like to take all three nibs with you, you can take the box with you very easily.

When you open your box, the pen with the nibs and the converters lay on a soft beige ground. There isn’t any space that something could move. Everything is safe and secure. I even tried to shake it but nothing fell out.

All parts are really shiny and look like they got some polish. It looks quite elegant.

Let’s check the main fountain pen body first. I have got my pen set in red. The whole set is made out of resin. The whole body is one colour and just the nibs and the clip with ring around the cap are silver (chrome I would say). Because of just those two colours and the way the body is designed, the pen looks elegant. The resin is slightly transparent. The pen is 14,4 cm long and weights 14 Gramms, which in my opinion is quite light. A really flyweight. 🙂
The gripzone for your hand doesn’t have any special material, it is just the resin.

To open the fountain pen you need to screw the cap. On the ring around the cap you can read „MONTEVERDE USA MONZA“. But it is really subtle which I personally prefer.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the nibs. Let’s start with the omniflex one. It is made out of steel and it doesn’t have any decorations on it. You can only read FLEX on it. As the name presumes the nib is quite flexible. The more pressure you use, the thicker your writing gets and the ink is darker. If you don’t use much pressure you write thinner and the ink is lighter. But don’t get me wrong, the ink flow is always steady and constant. No smudges or anything like that.
Even filling the converter with the pen wasn’t a problem and after that I could write with the pen.

The fine nib is made out of steel too. It has some decorations on it and „Iridium Point Germany“ it is written on it. At least I think that is what is written there. It is really hard to read because it is quite tiny. 😀 So if one of you could read it perfectly, please let me know. 🙂 There is an F for fine on the nib as well.
The ink flow is great, but I have to say it took some time. To fill the converter with the nib didn’t work, so I pulled out the converter and had to fill it up by itself. After a few moments the nib started to write but it was a little bit scratchy. But the nib isn’t scratchy anymore and the ink flow is great. The nib is quite stiff, so you feel a difference between the omniflex and the fine nib.

Last but not least the medium nib. It has the same decorations and writing on it as on the fine nib. But there is a small M for medium on it as well. I had the same trouble with filling the converter but this nib wasn’t scratchy at all at the beginning. It wrote from the first letter as if it would have written for ages. The ink flow is great too.

My Writing Experiences

I wrote with all three of them for quite a while and very single one of them has likes and dislikes for me. But to be realistic and fair these dislikes are really complaining at the highest level. 😉

Normally, I prefer a fine nib because my writing looks quite good when the nib isn’t a thicker one. So, my writing looks like always to me which is what I expected.

The omniflex one is a nice nib which you can use for experiementing with pressure. I think you can do great and beautiful lettering with it. I would just write with the nib for fun but not on a daily basis.

But in this set I perfer the medium nib. I liked my handwriting with this medium nib from the first moment on. I had a wow-moment and I had this feeling with such a nib which is really rare. Yes, I need to write a little bit bigger than usual but I love it. The medium nib is my choice for a daily basis.

An Inky Bonus

In addition to the fountain pens, my husband also ordered some ink by Monteverde for me. I got Blue Velvet Cake and Cherry Danish. I really like the idea to give the inks‘ colours names after sweets and cakes.

I tested both inks and the blue one is really lovely; it gives your writing a beautiful touch. The cherry one is a really pleasant one. It isn’t such a light or heavy red. It is beautiful too.

My Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first fountain pen or you have been using pens for decades. You can’t go wrong with a Monza 3. Especially this gift set is a great start to become a fountain pen enthusiast.

And as always: I didn’t get any money for this recommendation or the fountain pens plus ink as a gift by the company. It was a present from my husband and he paid for it the normal prices.

Wisdom of the Day: Sometimes a different nib can surprise you. 😉

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

Cozy Chat February 2021

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

the second month of this year has come to an end, so we take a seat at our cozy couch and have little chat about the month and what happened beside the journaling. 🙂
Because of that, get yourself your favourite drink, treat yourself with a snack, and enjoy reading.

To Get A Kitchen Or Not To Get A Kitchen

What a roller coaster I can tell you. 😀 As you might remember, we ordered our kitchen online and we had our delivery date for 10th of February. We were so happy and excited but then the roller coaster started. This ride started with a tiny snow flake and we got 30 cm snow in just one night. There were a couple of days when snow fell and I shovelled snow up to three times a day.

On 9th of February we received a message that the kitchen wouldn’t be delivered because of the weather conditions which was quite understandable. They wrote that we would get a new apppointment.
The streets were full of snow and the winter service didn’t have time to clear up the smaller roads – they were too busy with the major roads and Autobahns. It was a crazy yet beautiful winter wonderland. On the other side, the temperatures dropped really low. At night we had temperatures as low as -20 degrees. It was bloody freezing. (Sorry for the swearing but I can’t say it in a nicer way ;-))

It was 12th of February im the evening when my husband was working while he received another message. New delivery date: 13th of February 6:45 to 9:45 am. I thought he was joking but no it was for real. Well, to be honest, I am a late riser at the weekend but for a kitchen I can get up at 5 o’clock. 😉

The next day the kitchen was delivered and we started building it up. The worktops will be sealed with wax, next weekend we will start bringing all together and find a place for everything. 🙂 I will be so happy when the kitchen is ready. Because my husband and I will start our next project in March.

Time To Read

While unpacking our moving boxes I found some books which I would like to re-read. We have a huge selection of non-fictional and fictional books. At this point, I am a little bit picky because I don’t buy every single book. If there is a new book which I would like to read I ask my friends if anybody has it, so I can borrow it. But this year, I would like to re-read my books and buy just a little amount. 😉

So, because of that I started with „Cross and Burn“ by Val McDermid a few weeks ago. I am not quite far with reading but it is about a guy who kills women who have similarities with Carol Jordan. Carol is one part of a duo together with Tony Hill. I love a thriller.

I like to read a lot of different book genres but the only section which I can’t really connect with is romance. Maybe it sounds tacky but I love a romance in reality. I married my best friend and he is all the romance I need. 🙂 Or when I see couples like family and friends who are together for long times and there is still this love in the air. It touches my heart more than a romance books could ever do. Well, that was really cheesy of me 😀

At the moment, a lot of things are going on at work, in the house, and with family and friends which makes it hard for me to find the time to read. I am thinking about a regular reading time for me. Maybe I can even create a new habit. I am still thinking about the best time and place for it. In general, I can read anytime and anywhere. 😀 I hope I will find an inspiration for the ways and means of this new habit in the next days.

In this context I started thinking about a reading journal. I know I won’t start a new journal 😀 But I was thinking about it. However, I was a little overwhelmed by the content on Youtube. Next month I will take this topic and make it to an article itself.

Being A Kid Again

I like watching a Youtube channel named „Held der Steine„. It is a guy in his 40s who owned a shop, built Lego, and other clip stones companies. He explains why a product is good or why he can’t recommend it. In one video he presented Lego Hogwarts moments. It is a classroom which looks like a cute little book. I was in love. So my husband bought for me my very first ever Lego. I know what you think: A grown up woman plays with Lego. No, I don’t play with it but I like to built it 😀 To be honest, I love trying out new things or new hobbies and to built things with Lego is so relaxing 🙂 I can forget the world around me.

I’m Walking

Maya and I walk between four and five kilometers every day and sometimes, at the weekends, it can be up to ten kilometers. I received our first walking medals. 🙂 I walk the Mt. Fuji trail on TheConquerors and on Pacer. I love both medals, and I am really proud of me and my little pug girl that we managed to walk 134 kilometers in one month. Many people might consider this nothing special because they walk farther, but for me and my arthrosis it is really good.

If I had to compare both companies, I liked the Conquerors a little bit more because I like the app and the structure more. But the two greatest features are the virtual postcards on the way and the tree planting at certain milestones. You will receive the postcards after you arrive at a certain check point and the tree will be planted after you hit a milestone (20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 percent milestone).

At the moment, Maya and I are walking the Inca Trail and maybe tomorrow we will walk across the finish line. The next challenge will be Hadrains Wall (148km). Wish me luck 😉

In addition, my husband wants to create a personal challenge for me. I should walk the distance of 3000 km. It is the length of Japan, and every time I am at a waypoint in a different bigger city or a specific region, he will cook something from that region for me. It is a lovely idea and as soon as I know more about it I will give you more information.

I hope you enjoyed your cup of your favourite drink and your snack. I will go for a walk with Maya and after that I will enjoy my book.

Wisdom of the Day: Just enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

P.S.: I didn’t receive any compensation or the like for mentioning the companies. This is totally my own opinion based on my own experiences for which I paid myself without any advantage.

Fountain Pen Collection: Diplomat

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

are you enjoying your weekend? I hope so 🙂 After a lot of snow we have the first weekend with lots of sunshine and the snow is nearly gone by now.

Today, let’s check out of my first posher fountain pen. Well, it isn’t by far as expensive as the one by Montblanc but it was very expensive for me the time I bought it.

I had known the brand Diplomat for quite a long time. During my studies I had some luck and a friend of mine owned one. So I tested it and I liked the heavier weight and the writing feeling which came with it. Years passed by and coincidentally I found an online offer. A Diplomat pen for half the normal price. I couldn’t resist and bought right away. Five years have passed since then and I am still in love with it. The writing is amazing and the fountain pen is simple and elegant.

This is my very first fountain pen which I used to start my Bullet Journal. I used to write with it every day. Now I am using it at least once a week for writing notes or writing into my journal with it.
So let’s have a much deeper insight.

Diplomat – Who?

Originally, Diplomat, founded in 1922 by Carl Räuchle, was a workshop for handmade fountain pens. In the 1950’s the brand became popular through their ballpoint pen. In 1958 the first fountain pen with a converter was made and it became a success.

Today Diplomat is owned by Mathias Ringeard who is a French businessman and also CEO.

The company produces fountain pens and ballpoint pens and also supplies for them. Diplomat is the part of the business which produces classic, high quality writing instruments. Every writing utensil is still made by hand and they are still using the same techniques they used in 1922.

The prices for the writing utensils starts at around 35-40 Euros and goes up to over 1000 Euros.


My fountain pen is a Diplomat Excellence A2 Black Laquer. It is completely made out of metal. The laquer is multi-layered and really nicely polished. Even the chrome elements are really shiny. Because of the black and chrome, the fountain pen looks elegant and timeless.
The pen is 13,8 cm long and the weight is 41 grams. The fountain pen comes with a converter which has „Diplomat 1922“ printed on it.

Normally, I keep the packages of my fountain pens but unfortunately I haven’t got that one with me right now (it’s probably still in one of our boxes when we moved house). However, I remember that the packaging was white and the company name with the foundation year was printed on top.

On the website the price is 190 Euros for the pen. To be honest, I am not really sure how much I paid for it because I don’t have the bill anymore (I think it was something around 100 Euros) and the shop where I bought it has only offers and when they are sold they won’t restock them.

The cap is black as well with a chrome clip. On top of it is the logo of Diplomat. It looks like an elegant black flower. On the bottom of the cap is a chrome ring with „Diplomat since 1922 – made in germany“ on it. The chrome clip is really strong, I can’t get it really moved. It is a little bit hard for me, so the clip is more decoration, for me, than of practical use.

To open the fountain pen you just need to pull off the cap. The zone where you hold the pen is black as well. The passage to the nib is a chrome ring which has the effect to soften the black body to the nib. It is like giving a little extra length to the nib. I like that look a lot.

The nib my pen has is a medium one. Normally, the fountain pens I go for are with a fine nib but I adore my Diplomat fountain pens with the medium nib which is polished stainless steel and due to that it is really shiny. On the pen’s nib is the logo of Diplomat. There is the name of the company with 1922 and the strength of the nib, „M“, printed on it as well. There is no decoration at all, so the nib is quite simple.

The pen has a soft slide for closing the cap. So if you want to open the pen, you need a good pull and if it is really closed you can hear a click sound. I like this soft slide thingy and I like the sound of it, too. 😀

The Writing Experience

When it comes to writing with the Diplomat, it feels like to meet a good old friend. It feels great to meet, have fun and enjoy the time together. It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t seen each other because your friendship is timeless and no one of you would question it.

I like the weight of the fountain pen and it’s minimalistic beauty. Sometimes less is more and I think this concept turns out perfect here.

Because of the feeling in your hand it is really comfortable to write with. I can imagine that the pen could be too heavy for some people. For example, my husband has a different Diplomat and my pen is too light for him. It is really interesting to see how different the sensation can be.

The nib isn’t quite flexible, because of the steel, I would say. Of course you can bring pressure to the pen and the nib can handle it, but I don’t think that you need any pressure to create a wonderful writing on the paper. The ink flow is really amazing. It is consistent even when you put pressure on the pen, however I don’t recommend doing this. Let the pen slide over the paper for you.
In all these years, I haven’t had any problem with ink which drys up or ink smudges. I tested different inks and I have never had any problems with any kinds of fountain pen ink. That is really awesome because I had fountain pens which couldn’t handle a variety of inks.

Final Thoughts

My Diplomat Excellence is one of two I own. I have never regretted buying it. I think that I will buy another one because of the high quality and the simple elegance. The pen is handmade and I personally love a great piece of craftsmanship. I think it is quite special because from a different point of view someone made the pen for you. I love such thinking because I appreciate the hard work and ability of making such a beautiful piece.

Wisdom of the Day: Your relationship with a pen can broaden your writing mind.

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

How To Plan A Trip?

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

it is middle of the week and I hope you are doing well. My husband and I were thinking of Japan and our trips. I hope that maybe we can travel again next year. As we were talking about our trips he asked me how I planned our vacations and why I didn’t explain it to you. Well good questions. 😀

There are moments in my life where I like to be clueless but not when we are planning a trip to a different country. Do I overplan it? Maybe? But in my planning structure is still space for flexibility and space for some relaxation. 🙂

Where And How To Start?

The central premise is you know where you would like to go. I start always the same way. I am looking for information about the country. It is really the basic stuff like where is it in the world, how many people live there, the currency, the language, the weather, the food or even the entry requirements.

You can use google, Wikipedia or your Foreign Office. Sometimes you can visit a travel agency in your area or a tourism exhibition. Personal blogs or Youtube are great as well to get a different point of view. Or you can watch documentaries or reports about the country. I like to have a book as well so I buy a travel guide next to all the digital research. A travel guide is great because you have the main tourist spots, basic information, where to eat and drink in one little book. Normally I have a lot of labels and notes sticking in the guide. 🙂 And often there is a map as well which is awesome for planning.

It sounds like a lot of work and yes it is but nobody says that you have to do it all by yourself alone nor at one day. I start when we have the idea to visit the country. Normally it is 6 months upto 12 months ahead. I do some research for one to two hours per week. This is just basic stuff, it isn’t really serious at that moment.

Ask yourself and your travel buddy if you have one, how long do you want to stay there. Would you like to go on a city trip or would you like to explore more than one city?
I personally recommend if you have the chance to visit a country for more than a few days then visit more than one city because you can get a way better feeling of the country and the people. We say England isn’t just London, for example. 😉

Of course I have a journal or a piece of paper for some notes. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming and with billions of label/stickers you can loose the overview. 😉 Therefore is the paper/journal. It helps to structure your thoughts a little bit.

Then book your hotel/hostel/apartment and your flight to your first vacation destination.

We booked for Japan our flight and hotel together while on our trip to Barcelona we booked flight and apartment separate. We like to check the costs mulitple times because at somedays it can be cheaper than on another day.

After Reading/Watching/Wondering

Now you are ready to dive into the depth of planning and your ideas will become reality. Great! Now the work starts! 😀 Just kidding, the fun starts. One of my rules is one day per city is good. Two days are great. But it depense how busy you would like to be in your vacation.

If you have decided to visit a country for more than two weeks, write down the cities where you would like to go. Google Maps will be one of your friends because you can check the distances between the cities. That is quite important because you need to decide how you would like to travel between the places. Would you take the train or a plan or do you rent a car?

We love to go by train or by car. For example when we visit our friends in England we go by car. We drive from Germany to England. But when we visit Japan we go by train because we like to travel more relaxed there. I am not afraid to drive in Japan. I like just trains as well. 😉

After seeing all the cities on a map, maybe you can identify cities which are closer to each other than to other ones. When cities are close to each other you could plan in one city a second larger stop and travel from that city into the cities around them.

For example: We stayed in Osaka for three days. One day for Osaka, the next day we went to Kyoto and the third day we took the train to Nara. The next morning after that we took the train to Hiroshima. Our main hotel was in Tokyo but for those days we slept in Osaka because the distance was too long to travel it every day from Tokyo.

Lists are your new buddies

If you know all the cities and it matches the time frame for your travel than make a list with everything you would like to visit/do there. Maybe it sounds silly for you but if you even know places where you would like to shop or eat write it on that list. So you won’t forget it and you can make it happen.

For me it is helpful to see all dates and cities on one page. You can create a timeline or just a table for it. There you can use some sticky notes to slide the cities to the right spot for you.

After that check the transport routes. If you like to go by plane or train check if there is a connection between the cities and how long it takes. If you need to book a plane watch out for the time you will arrive because that is important to know, so you can plan the rest of the day.

For example: We took one of the earliest trains from Tokyo to Osaka because we wanted to have a lot of time in Osaka that day. It was hard get up by 6 o’clock and took the train 8 o’clock.

Maybe you ask yourself why you write down all the places on a different page instead of write into the timeline immediately. It is quite easy to answer because your timeline is and should be your basement. It is your master plan. Every other list is just a supplier to the master plan.

Check Your Day Plans

To fill your master plan think about how relaxed you would like to travel. Are there a lot of things which you would like to see or is the trip more for relaxation.

A good time to start the day is for me 8 o’clock am. This is the time where we would the hotel/hostel/apartment.
We made the experience that it isn’t too much at a day when you visit four to five places on your list. I would say that on many sightseeing places you need two hours without standing in a queue.

Tourist attractions can be very crowded and therefore you should plan more time for such places. Or you can look up for alternatives.

For example: Every guide recommends a visit at the Skytree in Tokyo. The view should be incredible. But on some days you stand up to two hours in a queue and you have to pay for the entry. Well, there is a really great alternative: Shinjuku town hall. The queue isn’t so long and the entry is free. You have nearly the same view. It was great. Look out for such hidden gems.

Check places which are in the same area or near by, so you can walk through streets or take a short ride with the subway. We do both a lot but it depense on the time. If we stay in plan we take the ride if we are faster than we thought we walk the way.

How To Sort Out The Places

Ok, try to imagine, that you have your long list of places to go and you realise that there are too many places and the time isn’t enough. Well, it happens and it happened us for our first trip to Japan.

I sat there with a huge list of must haves and places and there wasn’t any time left. I remember this moment quite good. The table in our living room was full of books, my coffee mug, maps, sticker notes and a lot of other things. I stood up and left it for two days. The days passed by I sat down and colour coded the places. I knew which places would be in the same area, so I took three colours. Red for must have, yellow for maybe and green for „only if time would be left“. I talked with my husband and I shovelled some days new and it was lighter and more focused.

Sometimes it helps to check a place, a shop or a restaurant again and then decide to leave or cross out it.

Play with the times, the places and dates. You can decide to leave places out or give yourself more space to shop or to relax. 🙂 Have fun.

I personally plan some time slots for dinner, breakfast or snacks into the day. The slots are really flexible.

Normally I plan the day til 6o’clock pm. After that would be dinner, a walk through the area where the hotel is, take a shower/bath and fall into sleep. In all of our vacations we never go before 11o’clock to bed.

Budget – Money For Transport/Shopping/Food

It is important to have a look on the prices. Yes the flight and the hotel are paid but it isn’t all. You will need money for the public transport, food, shopping, sightseeing or other things.

I like to check costs for the public transport in advance, so I get a feeling what it will be cost for a ride with a train or the subway. Look out for some offers like the japan rail pass for tourists or in Barcelona you can buy a city ticket for sightseeing and public transport.

We like to be self-supporters when we are on vacation. So we can decide spontaneously where and when we would like to eat. Therefore we don’t go always in a restaurant, often a light meal or something from a supermarket is enough. We plan with 30 – 50 Euros for two people.

My last tip for you is check out the bank holidays or some festivals. It can be very crowded or some shops can be closed.

After all this madness

I will be honest, there will be moments where you didn’t enjoy the planning, maybe you are nearly hating it. But it will be worthy. I planned three trips to England, two trips to Denmark, two trips to Japan and one Citytrip to Barcelona with friends. And everybody had fun, was enjoying the company and didn’t feel the pressure of going to the next interesting spot. Because a good planning gives you structure and enough flexiblity to remove or add new places/shops/to do’s.

Wisdom of the day: First plan hard, second travel relaxed.;-)

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

Colouring with Pencils: Faber-Castell

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

it’s Sunday and it’s Valentine’s Day, too. Do you celebrate it or do you think it is just an overrated day? Well, my husband and I don’t celebrate because there are 365 days in a year which should be celebrated. I love him every day and I am very grateful that he is in my life. Why should I show him my love just one day in a year? It doesn’t make any sense for me. 😀 We even forget our wedding anniversary, well I forget it 😀 Just one day in the year is important for us and this is the day when we were officially a couple. We have now been together for 12 years and 6 months and we have been married for nearly 4 years. For us, every day is special.

Ok, enough of Valentine’s Day and being a couple. 😀 Let’s dive into our topic for today. 😉 I promissed you that I will open up my cupboards and we will talk about journals, pens and all the other stationery goodies I have.
Today I would like to introduce you to our new series. Colour pencils! Some of you may think: Boring! Some of you may think: Wait, I used them as a child. Both can be true but then you haven’t found the right ones for you. 😉

Why Are Coloured Pencils Awesome?

Well, easy question because you can use them on every paper. It doesn’t matter how thin or thick the paper is, you can create amazing art with them. With the right pencils, you can even doodle on a black surface.

You can find a huge variety of colours and they don’t have to be expensive to be great.

I have different brands with different numbers of colour in the set:

  • Faber-Castell Classic Colour (24 pencils)
  • Faber-Castell Colour Grip (16 pencils)
  • Faber-Castell Erasable (12 pencils)
  • Prismacolor Premier (36 pencils)
  • Castle Art Supplies Colored Pencils (72 pencils)
  • Caran d’Ache Pablo (18 pencils)
  • Holbein Artists‘ Colored Pencil (36 pencils)
  • Irojiten Vol. 1 – 9 (each volume has 10 pencils)

As you can see, the seizes of my sets are different and the price of them differs a lot too. So let’s start with Faber-Castell. I would like to introduce to you all three sets at once because the difference between them isn’t really huge.

Faber-Castell – Pencils From Germany

A quick fact check on the company will surprise you. The company was founded over 260 years ago by Kaspar Faber. The foundation stone was set near Nuremberg (Nürnberg) and the family has kept the company for eight generations.

The products are for example:

  • pencils
  • coloured pencils
  • erasers
  • rulers
  • artist pens
  • brushes
  • watercolours
  • fountain pens
  • ball point pens
  • sharpeners
  • crayons

The whole list of products is very long and impressive. The interesting point is that there is something available for every budget.

Their vision is to release creativity so that ideas can become reality. For Faber-Castell it is important to be grateful for the tradition and be brave to walk new ways. Their standards are high so they want to acheive high quality in every product and it should be enviromentally friendly as well. Therefore, they use only wood from sustainable forests.

They produce 2,3 billions of wooden pencils. Quite impressive, I would say. 😉

My Coloured Pencil Sets

Let’s start with the first set: Faber-Castell Classic Colour

Unfortunately, I don’t have the package anymore. It was made of cardboard and on the website I found my set in a lovely tin box now for which you pay 14 Euros.

The pencils are shaped hexagonally and they don’t break easily. So don’t be afraid to give them to children. You can get up to 60 different colours.

It is a lovely colour variety and you can create a little master piece with them. The opacity is quite high for a coloured pencil.
You can mix the colours up to a certain point and after that, however, you can see the layering.

Faber-Castell Colour Grip

I bought them a long time ago as a carboard package of 12. The package doesn’t exist anymore. 😦 But I found them online in a lovely tin box as well. The price is 9,50 Euros. I bought my other 4 grip pencils separately and the price was something like 1,10 Euro per pencil.

The coloured pencils have a triangular shape and have a zone for secure grip. The pencils are water-soluble which is quite amazing and they don’t break easily as well. I personally like the shape because it is really comfortable for me as a lefty to use the pencils but I don’t like the grip zone. The little dots are quite firm and when I hold them too hard in my hand I have marks from the dots on my fingers.

The colour variety is nice but if you want the colour to be really bright, you will need to use a certain amount of pressure. Mixing the colours isn’t quite good; maybe you have to work with water but I haven’t tried that yet.

Faber-Castell Erasable

Back in my days as a student at university, I used to colour up my notes with coloured pencils. All my friends used highlighters but I didn’t. I found the erasable ones in a little shop and wanted to give them a try. Actually, I rebought them because I used up the frist ones completely. 😀

In one cardboard package you get 12 pencils. The shape is hexagonal, like the Classic Colour, and each pencil has an eraser on top of it. They are break resistent as well and the colours are available in a nice range too. There even is some space on the pencil where you can write your name in it. 😀 The price was 4,73 Euros for the set when I bought it.

Unfortunately, there is the same problem as with the Colour Grip Pencils: I don’t really like the difficulty with mixing the colours. It is really hard to blend them, but if you just use the colours one by one then they are very lovely.

Personal Thoughts

If I had to score them from 1 to 10 (1 means „Oh my God don’t buy them“ and 10 means „Great, you really have to buy them“), I would give each pencil set a different score.

My least favourite ones are the Colour Grip with a score of 5. They are good pencils but the dots on the pencils aren’t my thing. I like the shape and the colour variety though.

The second place goes to the Erasable ones. I give them a 6.5 out of 10. The colours are the same like the Colour Grip but a huge plus,in comparison to the Colour Grip, is that you can erase them.

The best ones, in my opinion, are the Classic Colours. The opacity is the best of the three packages and the colour variety is great. So I give them an 8. I really enjoyed colouring with them and I think if your budget isn’t really high, you will get great quality for your money.

Wisdom of the Day: Coloured pencils release your creativity as much as markers.

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

One Day On Top Of A Mountain

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

It’s Sunday and my mind was wondering about my first trip to Japan. I miss travelling. I know that we all miss our lives before COVID-19 changed them drastically. So I decided, let’s have a chat about one of my favourite adventures in Japan. 😀

First Time in Japan

My husband and I were so excited to go to Japan in 2018 and we wanted to see as much as possible in the three weeks we would be there. I knew that it would be like a dream come true for me, so we planned our trip as filled as the time would allow us. Every day a different place or city or just another adventure.

We had watched the British motorcycle show „Top Gear“ at some point and they had a special which took place in Japan. Two of them (James May and Richard Hammond) went by train and the third one (Jeremy Clarkson) drove a car from the west coast of Japan to the east. They wanted to check which way of transport would be faster. I don’t want to be a spoiler if you would like to watch this race for yourself; I can assure you, it’s really fun to watch. 😉 On part I can tell you, they had the destination called Mount Nokogiriyama. The pictures were absolutely fabulous. So we did some research and we decided to go there for one day as well.

Let’s have a little backround check before I tell you more about our day 😉

Mount Nokogiri

The mountain can be found in Chiba Prefecture (next to Tokyo) and it is 329.5m (1,081 ft) high. You can visit the largest pre-modern, stone-carved Daibutsu (Buddha) there and there is a huge amount of sculputures along the way. Since it isn’t far away from Tokyo, so you can go for a day trip to the mountain quite easily. It is a really popular tourist spot (very mostly for Japanese tourists) too.

If you would like to visit the mountain then you can take a train from Shinjuku Station and enjoy a lovely ride or you can go by ferry through Tokyo Bay. We decided to go by train because we wanted to see more of the countryside.

Our Start In The Adventure

It was May 5th 2018. We left out hotel in Shinjuku quite early and walked to Shinjuku Station. The train we took wasn’t a Shinkansen, it was a limited express train of JR (Japan Railway) East. Every seat was taken and we were lucky to find two unreserved seats. The train got really packed with more people with every station on the way and we were wondering where they would like to go. At Shinjuku Station, I had bought a little sandwich box for us as breakfast. There were three different sandwiches inside: egg salad, ham with cheese and salad, and potato salad. The potato salad was really a surprise (because it looked like egg sandwich at first glance) and very yummy. 🙂

Well, we realised a little bit later that we travelled during Japans most important holiday season: „The Golden Week“. A lot of Japanese people are on vacation at that time because there are a several bank holidays after another which is a perfect combination for taking a break.

After about 90 minutes we arrived at a lovely little train station called Hamakanaya Station. It was so adorable. There are just two tracks and a little office building. My husband fell in love with this little station because it had an amazing atmosphere.
I would say that 90 percent of the people on the train were leaving with us.

From the station you walk through the village along the main street up to the cable car.

You can walk to the top of the mountain but it is said that you need really good understanding of the Japanese language because there are signs on the way but everything is only in Japanese.

That was a little bit too risky for us, so we took the cable car; and to be honest, my sense of direction isn’t quite the best. 😀

So we walked along the road and there were so many cars in a long queue. We were wondering if there was some accident or road works but there wasn’t anything like that. Some of them were waiting to get a parking slot on the space next to the cable car.

Waiting In A Queue

Well, we just saw the cable car station and a queue in front of it. A long queue. A really long queue and we had to wait there as well. But it moved, not fast but it was in a modest speed and very steadily. Then there was a lovely elderly lady who tried to explain to us that we needed some tickets first. This queue was for those people who had tickets and wanted to go up by cable car. So, wrong queue! We saw another queue right next to us.

So my husband went straight to the other queue . Oh gosh it was quite risky because my queue moved faster than his queue. I nearly reached the steps to go to the cable car when my husband came with our tickets. That was quite a close call! 😀

In total, we waited for one hour to get in one of the cable cars. The view, however, from it was incredible. I have to say that we had lovely weather that day. It was sunny and warm, simply a wonderful day.

The Station On Top Of The Mountain

It was just WOW! It was a breathtaking view. We saw Hamakanaya and the street which we walked along. Even though there were so many people, it was peaceful and we enjoyed our first view.

So we thought „We are on top of the mountain, how hard can it be to discover the Daibutsu from Top Gear!“. Oh a mountain can prove you wrong. 😀

We aren’t hikers, maybe I would describe us as walkers. It is important to know, so keep it in mind. 😉

From the top cable car station, we went to the entrance and we „met“ the first stairs. These stairs were just wood and stones. There was just one handrail which wasn’t the strongest. There was just a little checkout area where you get your tickets and a map and then you can start your adventure.

Stairway To Daibutsu

On the map it looked like paths but unfortunately it was all stairs… just stairs without handrails. The steps had different heights, so you had to be careful.

At first we were motivated and thought that it won’t be just stairs. There were some paths as well but not many. You could walk up- or downstairs most of the time. We were also joking around because we were so exhausted after two hours. 😀

The landscape, however, was absolutely incredible. The view of the Daibutsu was wonderful and there was our first stop for a little rest. I sat down next to this huge stone-craved statue and felt relaxed and a part of the exhaustion was gone. I watched the people around me. Lots of families were there and enjoyed the trip. The fresh wind which blew from the nearby Pacific Ocean that day helped to recover as well.

It was fascinating to see that everybody else had the same troubles. It was irrelevant if you were skinny, curvy, young or elderly; we all had trouble to breath and were looking for a place for a rest.

We finally went to the top of the mountain where you can go to a cliff and look down what is called „View into Hell“. There was such a large queue that we decided not to wait for a photo. The view from where we were was so beautiful nonetheless.

Interestingly, I have never found a place like Japan where I can be so relaxed even with hundreds of people around me.

From the top we went a bit down to the second statue which is carved into a stone wall. It was really impressive – and this was the „Top Gear Buddha“ we were looking for 🙂

Eventually, after six hours of climbing up- and downstairs we decided to take the train back to the hotel.

We had Japanese curry for dinner and a long bath after it. I know that we couldn’t sleep quite long because at the next day we started our trip to Osaka – our first journey with the world famous Shinkansen.

Wisdom of the Day: Adventures can be hard and exhausting but when you will have arrived at your destination, your efforts will have been worth it.

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

Cozy Chat – January 2021

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

It is the last day of January and a Sunday as well. I hope you have (or had) a lovely weekend and enjoy(ed) your time.

Originally, I planned to write about my experiences in Japan. But I spontaneously decided to push this blogpost to another time and instead I would like to have just a chat between us friends. 😉 So make it cozy for yourself and have your favourite drink next to you. Don’t be sad, the Japan experience will come. 🙂

Be My Guest

Normally, when friends come around, I would be prepared. I love baking cake, cupcakes, cookies or some sweet things.

We would sit on our couch with a drink you like. We have different types of tea (herbal, fruit, black or green tea) or coffee (in different styles) or even a chocolate drink. Every guest can drink whatever they like. 🙂

We would just enjoy sitting together, talking, laughing and having some goodies to eat. These are the moments which give me so much energy and are so relaxing at the same time, that it is quite magical. Normally, my little pug girl would be sitting next to you or maybe on top of your lap just for getting a cuddle. After a little while, you would hear her snoring and she would sleep at your side. My husband would be sitting in his arm chair and he would chat a little bit with us or he would be reading a book.

The sunlight floods into the living room and you could enjoy the view outside into our garden. For me, it is important that my family and friends, who come to visit us, feel a little bit like home, so that they can enjoy the time as much as I do. 🙂

Now you know the place and the setting; let’s get to the first topic.

Finding A New Kitchen

We moved to a house where the kitchen hasn’t any furniture inside. Because of that, we knew that we needed furniture. We decided to take some pieces of our old kitchen with us like refrigerator, sink, dishwasher and the stove. That it would be interesting in the beginning, we were totally aware of. So we bought a huge kitchen island where you can sit at one side and at the other side you can store things. It is amazing. Then, because of COVID-19, a lot of stores had to close (and are still closed; nobody knows for how long) and we couldn’t go to stores like IKEA and buy a new kitchen.

A fortnight ago I was cleaning and I was frustrated because the kitchen was a mess. So we sat down and were looking for a kitchen which we both liked. That wasn’t easy because my husband and I have different understandings of pretty, functional, and easy to clean. 😀 But we both were totally surprised that we found a style we both liked quite fast.

Then, my personal horror started. We had to to measure the kitchen. I don’t know how often we talked about the measurements and seizes of the furniture. There were moments I forgot the numbers immediately or mixed them up.

After all this madness I made a suggestion that we could calculate the measurements for a new refrigerator into our master plan. Well, we just looked for the measurements on Amazon and found an incredible offer for a side-by-side fridge which we couldn’t resist. So, we now have a new refrigerator. 😀

I think we changed the order three times before we finally checked out. The next part was the order for the worktops, I found some which matched the kitchen island and I am so happy about it.

So, wish us luck because tomorrow we will pick up the worktops and on February 10th our kitchen will be delivered.

Curious Neighbourhood

We live in house which is at a corner of two roads in a really peaceful residential area. I think that the most exciting part which happens here is when someone moves out and someone new moves in 😉 So nearly everybody who walks by is looks inside the house or looks into the garden and if we are outside to have a little chat with them. It is interesting to find out what they see or look for in our the garden or in the house. Sometimes the questions are really curious like „I couldn’t see your television. Where do you watch telly?“ or „Why didn’t you rake the leaves“. Well, my answers are like „We haven’t been watching television since 2009.“ or „It was snowing, the surface is still frozen, so I can’t rake the leaves“.

But yesterday I „closed“ three spots where we’ve been watched through the windows. I am so excited. 😀 Next weekend I will „close“ the next spots. Wish me luck that everything will work the way I would like to have it. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, the people in our neighbourhood are really nice people but a little bit too curious about our furniture and other belongings or what we do 😉

Walking To Mount Fuji

One of my closest friends (whom I actually consider as my ‚sister I wished I had’) likes to run or do some other sports. I enjoy my walks with Maya a lot and so she sent me the link to a website (The Conqueror) where you can walk virtual tours. I decided to join it for the Mount Fuji tour. In the end, you get a medal for the challenge. You can walk the tour in your own time and don’t need to stress yourself.

It is great fun because every night before I go to bed I post my distances of the day and I love to see how many kilometers I went that day. If you hit a milestone you get a postcard of that location or they are planting a tree for you. That is so awesome. 🙂

And no, I’m not getting any money or other compensation for recommending it to you. It is just my experience and my personal opinion.

Blown Away On Netflix

Normally I watch movies or television series on Netflix just for entertainment. The other day, Netflix recommended the TV series „Blown Away“ to me. I thought that it would be same competion like these millions of competition TV series. But it proved me wrong. There aren’t any strange challenges or any arguments between the people. No, they show their talent in glass blowing in a workshop. It is incredible what they can do with glass or rather what they can make out of it. They are so focused and pursue their target. You can see how hard they work and what amazing talents they have to create a piece of art in just a few hours. So the title was right; I was totally blown away.

There are ten artists who get a theme and they have to create a piece of art in a certain time. The judges evaluate the technique, the bravery and the realisation.

I personally love the way how it is filmed. They catched really great moments in the process of making art. Honestly, I would never have thought that glass blowing can be such an interesting topic.

I have just started the second season and I hope it will be as amazing as the first one.

Celebration Time

Last, bust absolutely certainly not least, I would like to say: THANK YOU! Since last month I can see a change. My blogposts are read more and I have over 40 followers on wordpress which is amazing for me. I love my little blog and I am really thankful that you stay with me and discover the world in maybe a different way.

Believe it or not but I am getting so excited when I see that people visit my blog and maybe like some of posts. 😀 It shows me that I reach you, entertain you a little bit and maybe me articles about stationery or other things might even help you a bit 😉 In any case, it is simply and honestly great.

I think I will continue to write such a little summary of a few personal things at the end of each month. If you would like to tell me what you think about that, just leave a comment below. I’d love to read your opinion.

Wisdom of the Day: Sit down on our virtual couch and enjoy some cookies 😉

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

My Last Happie Scrappie Box

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

I was a little bit surprised because I totally forgot to talk with you about my last Happie Scrappie Subscription box. So I would like to catch up on that and share my experiences with you.

As you may know, I love a good subscription box because I get every month a little surprise and they have a special theme so everything matches together. Happie Scrappie had such a box. However, the creator decided to end the subscription boxes but you can still buy them individually at her shop. You can also buy digital printables, charms & pins, sticker albums, and lots more.

The Subscription

Well, the box cost 29,99 Euros per month which was a really good price. Normally you got 8 – 12 items like:

  • patterned papers / vellums
  • inserts
  • date cover stickers
  • Happie Scrappie exclusive stickers
  • planner charm / fabric patch
  • foiled stickers / washi tape
  • pen / highlighter
  • paper clips / magnetic bookmarks
  • die cuts
  • digital downloads

It was really a lot and I was excited in the beginning. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to experience the boxes for a long time because I subscripted in February 2020; in May and June 2020 there wasn’t a box, and the last as well as final box was in July 2020. Well, bad luck for me, I thought. But my streak of bad luck starts at the beginning. I waited for all of my boxes at least two to three months after I got the tracking number. I was crazy. I think that everything happened during COVID-19 had such impacts too.

My Box Arrived

I waited till 29th of September 2020 to get my final box. I knew the theme would be Foodie’s Delight and the collaboration was with an artist called Molly who draws and paints in a very, very cute style.

I was so excited when took it out of the mailbox, went up the stairs into our flat and opened it up. Oh boy, there hit me a smell which wasn’t nice at all. I had never had a box before which was stinky. I am sorry to say but it really was stinky. It smelled like plastic, glue and a little bit burnt. My excitement dropped a bit and I put it on the balcony so it could get some air.

Then I started again. I was a little bit disappointed that the box didn’t represent the theme on the outside. Those boxes before had matched together everything. There had always been a sticker to seal the box which you could remove easily. This time the sticker wasn’t easy to remove, so it teared off the paper. After that the box fell apart. The box wasn’t really glued together. That wasn’t the quality I expected.

Inside the Box

At first, let me give you a list of all the items which were inside this final box:

  • glitter pink date stickers
  • plastic die cuts
  • plastic rainbow heart stickers
  • rainbow date stickers
  • plastic rainbox tabs
  • two sheets of rainbow box stickers
  • cute little food stickers
  • a sheet of star stickers – looked like for to do lists
  • a sheet of the week days in rainbow colours
  • a sheet of plastic boarders / dividers
  • 4 rainbow with food on it pockets in different sizes
  • transperent notepad with ice cream on it
  • a pen plus a refill
  • rainbow dots on a roll
  • a little charm with cotton candy on it
  • four washi cards with different food on it
  • little rainbow sticky notes
  • a notebook TN seize
  • colourful paper and vellum with silver print on it

That was A LOT! A huge amount and I still really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have to say BUT because it wasn’t the quality I was used to get. In Germany we say if some products aren’t good quality or it gets broken really fast, you got yourself a „Montagsauto“ (a car which was produced on Monday). Everything which is built on a Monday isn’t the quality what you get if it was made on another day (well, at least according to modern legend). It is just a common term but it seemed to fit for the box too.

First things first, I like the colours. They were cheerful and bright. It wasn’t everything in pink and the little food designs were amazing.

The notebook, for example, had pink, yellow, and blue at the background of the cover and at the center you see a cute cotton candy stand. When you open the notebook, the colour gradient was from pink to velvet to blue with leave prints and a hot dog truck. The paper is dotted with square boxes on it. I love the idea of having colour gradient but I didn’t understand why it had to be two different ones.

The two vellums were printed with silver motives. One is with hearts and stars and the other one with leaves. So the paper sheets had different designs on each side. You have leaves in silver with bubbles with different colour gradients on it. The other side had the food stands and truck with little stars on it and the background is pink to blue. The second paper sheet has silver hearts and stars on it while the background is an intense pink to light blue. The other side has the same colour gradient as the notebook cover but the prints are ice cream, hot dogs, popcorn and flowers. There are white hearts as well.
There was a lot going on on the paper. All the different colours and prints, it seemed to me a little uneasy; maybe a little too much for the eye.

The ballpoint pen is pink and has some apples on it. It writes really well as it was usual with the pens from those subscription boxes. It is really light and the ink flow is great.

The pockets had different seizes and different motives on it. One is with a little octopus, the second with ice cream, the third has a hot dog truck on it, and the fourth one has the cotton candy stand on it. Even for the pockets the colour gradients are different but still the same as the notebook and the paper had. The drawings are amazing, but I didn’t understand why there have to be so many different backgrounds.

The washi cards have different motives and different colour gradients but all colours matched the other products backgrounds. My favourite washi card is the flower stand. It is so amazing, so cute and there isn’t any colour in the background. The other three cards had a cute hot dog, the octopus or the ice cream on it. All three are really cute designs too.

The dots on the roll are rainbow colours which fitted well into the overall colour scheme. The paper is like washi, you can remove it without any adhesive residues. I like the seize because they weren’t too tiny.

The charm is the little cotton candy stand which is really cute.

The notepad and the sticky notes … well, I am disappointed because it didn’t stick to the back which was made for it.
The paper is like vellum or a sort of transparent paper. The top, where the glue is supposed to fix the sheets, it was deformed to a wave due to which it can’t stick to the back anymore. As a design there is an ice cream on it which is really cute. Unfortunately, I couldn’t write on it with the pen from the box or any other ballpoint pen. But when I use the pen on any other paper, the ink flow is great.
Even the colour gradients on the sticky notes were too much. For such a small piece of paper there was a lot of, maybe even too much, colour. And unfortunately not every sticky note stick to the paper.

The die cuts were the designs of Molly and I appreciated that they don’t have a colour gradient at the background. They are adorable. There is the flower stand, an ice cream shop, the cotton candy stand, the hot dog truck, and the takoyaki (Japanese fried octopus in a batter) stand. I was in love. A little bit later I realized that background wasn’t just transparent; no it was a kind of glitter all over it. You could see it best when you had a light source next to you.

The stickers I would like to divide into three groups.
The plastic ones are really hard and if you used use them on thin paper you would know exactly where the sticker would be. The dividers have the glittery background as well and all of them have the rainbow colour gradient. For such small stickers the colour code is really intense, maybe too intense for me.

The date dot and monthly stickers were pink and really glittery. I am not a huge of pink… I know, not really girly-like, but I am not a typical woman 😉 So I am not sure if I will ever use them.

The last sticker group is printed on a plastic background. Honestly, I don’t understand why they did this because the weekly stickers are wavy which looks really bad. All the designs of Molly are on the stickers and everything is rainbow coloured.

My Final Thoughts

I loved my Happie Scrappie boxes beside all the trouble I had with them. The themes were great, everything matched together and it was really cute.

But while this nicely matched material gave me a laughing eye, the last box gave me a crying one – a little bit. It was too much, too much of everything. Too much colour, too many patterns, too much bad transparent sticky notes. On the other hand, the designs by Molly were absolutely amazing and very cute. I would wish that they would be more in focus, so that they could shine in their whole beauty.

Wisdom of the Day: Sometimes less is more.

Love to you all,

The Evil Journalista

Fountain Pen Collection

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

it’s Sunday and it’s snowing. I am huge enthusiast of snow. Although I was born in summer, I have always adored the winter time. It isn’t because of Christmas; no, I simply love to see the landscape covered in snow. The white beauty gives the whole land such a wonderful shine. The snow falls so softly and silently, I can hardly resist to look outside and enjoy the scenery. But now, I do have to resist. 😀

As I promised you, I will write about and introduce you to my fountain pen collection. Not long ago, I presented my Mountblanc Meisterstück to you and from now we will have a look at one pen in the rest of my collection. Every month I will write about one of them and my collection contains really affordable fountain pens up to some which I would call luxurious items. There are some pens which were gifts from my husband, so I will check the price as well but I can’t tell you if it was that price which he had paid.

As you know, fountain pens have a special place in my heart but I think that there is a huge variety out there and not everybody can afford a pen which is expensive. But I do also think that a pen doesn’t need to be expensive. There are some great fountain pens which are affordable and maybe I can show you some great variety over the next time. Maybe, you will even buy one for yourself or for a stationery addict/friend/family member.

Sailor Pro Gear Classic Angel’s Delight

Today I would like to show you to one of my limited editions: my Sailor fountain pen.

As we were on vacation in Japan three years ago, we visited the stationery shop „Itoya“ in Tokyo (Ginza) and we went through one of the floors where there was a huge department just for fountain pens. I was in heaven but the fountain pens were really pricy and I was quite astonished about that. I saw some Sailor fountain pens and I wrote down the name of the brand, so that I could check them later. If you have the opportunity to go for shopping to Ginza then have a look into this shop. There are eight floors of stationery goodies and trust me, it really is like heaven for people who love stationery.

By chance one of my favourite Japanese sellers on Etsy offered a Sailor fountain pen, I showed it to my husband and I forgot about it because I was too busy looking for Christmas presents for our families.

So my husband bought the Sailor fountain pen for me in secret as a Christmas surprise and I was totally blown away.

Before we check out the product, let’s have look at the company.

Sailor Pen

The company was founded in 1911 as ‚Sakata-Manufactory‘ by Mr Sakata and his brother in Hiroshima. The name was later changed to Sailor Pen and now they have produced writing nibs and pens for over 100 years; their products are still known for the soft feel and smooth writing.

As I started to read a little more about the company, I discovered some interesting facts. For example, did you know that in 1948 ballpoint pens were really popular in Japan? I was surprised how early ballpoint pens were used there.

Sailor was Japan’s first company which produced the first ink cartridges. They still use the same original nib technology they used back in 1911. That is incredible, I think.

I can highly recommend the brand book on their website for more information. I was really enjoyed reading it.

The company logo is an anchor. and they offer a great variety of fountain pens as well as other pens. However, be aware that they can be very pricy.

The Pen

The fountain pen was packed into a classic dark blue box where the company’s name Sailor is printed in golden letters. Next to the name is a golden anchor. When you open the box, there is a light grey colour inside. You can see the company’s name with the anchor again. The fountain pen itself lays on a velvet underground. Then pen is secured with an elastic band. Underneath the little bed were a warranty card and the cartridge.

The name of my pen is Sailor Pro Gear Classic Angel’s Delight limited edition. Well, quite a long name for such a goodie. I will call him Angel. 😉 It is part of Sailor’s Cocktail Series.

It is coloured in white and a purple which is a little bit transperent. The cap is white and on top of it you can see the brand’s logo. The clip is silver or it is maybe a specific gold tone but I am not really sure of the material. The colour combination looks elegant and timeless which I appreciate for a pen.

The fountain pen is 12,7 cm long and it weights 24,5 g, which is quite light. The body is purple.

To open the pen you unscrew the cap and then you will see a beautiful 21k solid gold two-tone rhodium plated nib. On top of the nib 1911 is engraved and beneath it you can see the anchor once more. The nib looks really wonderful. The nib I have is an F because I like it when my writing is fine.

The pen comes with a cartridge, which is great, so you can use the ink you like and you can change it fast.

I looked up the price on a website called and the price was 272 Dollars. You can’t order the pen there because it is out of stock.

The Writing With Angel

I use my self-mixed ink from Kakimori with my pen. What really lovely is that the nib reacts fast to the amount of pressure you use. The ink flow during light or hard pressure is always easy and it doesn’t get lumpy or scratchy.

The pen fits perfectly in the hand and the writing is so gentle. The nib slides over the paper and when you find your right amount of pressure your handwriting will be beautiful and soft. You can really watch how the nib is changing / is flexible during pressure and without pressure.

As a lefty I am often worried that the nib could be scratchy because I hold the nib in a different angle than a right handed person would surely do, but I haven’t got any problems with this pen.

My Final Thoughts

I adore my Sailor. I love to write with it because is so easy. I really love the elegant design and especially the nib. This little beauty is so flexible and great to use that you can’t do anything wrong.

You may ask if the Montblanc writes better than the Sailor or vice versa. Well, I can tell you that one isn’t better than the other because both are so very different. For me, the nib is high quality at its best and I just love to look at it.

Wisdom of the Day: There are a lot of fountain pens in the world but every pen has its own character and that’s the beauty in every single one of them.

Love to you all and stay healthy,

The Evil Journalista

Journal Journey: Hobonichi Techo Avec

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

it is the middle of the week and as we would say in German: „Bergfest“ 😉 It means that it is time for a little party because there are only two days till weekend. 😀

Last year I started a road trip with you. We were on the road to explore different journals and their paper quality. So I thought today would be great to have a closer look at Hobonichi Techo. They produce planners with and without dates.

Hobonichi – Who?

Hobonichi Techo is a Japanese stationery brand which offers planners, pouches, pens and lots more of accessories. The famous Hobonichi Techo was born in 2001 and it is a planner which is loved by many people around the world. The history is really incredible how the notebook/journal developed to the one it is today and this year they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

For the brand it isn’t just a planner for your appointments, it is for your life events. To be honest, life events sounds great, like fun and excitement, just as life should be.

You can get it different variations and size. In my case we will have a look at the Hobonichi Techo Cusin Avec 2021.

Hobonichi Techo Cusin Avec

I have the A5 size at home because for me and my notes it is the best size to use. The Avec is one planner split into a two-book set. The first one is from January to June and the second half is from July to December. Both notebooks have a different coloured front cover so you can easily tell them apart. The first one is yellow and the second one is blue. Both look really minimalistic, because the magic happens inside. 😉

When you open the notebook it will lay flat and it doesn’t matter how far you are into the year. It is really comfortable to write in it. And for those of you who likes to paste and work a lot with glue it can get quite bulky without loosing the cuteness. 😉

Inside the Avec

When you open up the planner you will see a year at the glance and the last and the next year. After that you can see the year with three months on one page. For each day of the month is a line and beneath the months is some space for notes. The paper is squared.

After that you will find a monthly overview over two pages. The days are in squares. The week starts with Monday.
Then the weekly overviews are starting for the first/last six months of the year. The days are broken down by hours from five a.m to four a.m.

The cover page for the month is minimalistic. There is only the month written down in Japanese as well as in Roman in letters. There is a quote in Japanese as well. (If you want to find out what it means, it’s a lot of fun to use google translate if you can’t read Japanese. Getting the meaning can be a bit challenging though – but quite some fun too.)

Finally the month starts with one day per page.
In the top left corner is the number and the date name. There is the Japanese sign for the week day and a little moon as well, showing the moon phase for that day. Next to it are five check marks.

Below this the center of the page has the hours written down and a thin vertical line separates it from free space. Beneath the hours you have more free space.

Next to the quotes, mentioned further above, is a little monthly calendar where the day is marked.

After the six months there are some further pages for notes. Then you have a page with a time table, favourites, my 100 and a few more pages in Japanese. They look really interesting and I will need some time to figure it out what it all means 🙂

If you ask yourself where you can write down your personal information, well the space for this is at the last page of the planner. Pretty awesome is that the little mascot says thank you at the last page. And every Hobonichi has its product number printed inside as well.

The Paper

It is graph paper and each square side is 3.7mm which Hobonichi said would be optimal for writing comfort. The lines are so thin that you can use them or when you would like to be creative they will melt into the background. The thickness of the paper reminds me of Tomoe River paper with 52 gsm. I would guess that this paper of Hobonichi isn’t thicker than 65gsm. It is shiny and ghosting and bleeding can happen.

The surface of the paper is really sleek which makes it easy to write or draw on it. I personally like to write on it with fountain pen, ballpoint pen or a Muji pen. Even watercolouring is possible which I tried. 😉 The paper wrinkles a little bit but it is totally fine.

You can use highlighters and markers without any problem. In my very first Hobonichi Techo I used Mildliners and they worked great.

Washi tape, stemps and stickers stick perfectly to the paper.

My Thoughts

I really adore Hobonichi Techo Cusin Avec in A5. It isn’t really heavy and the paper is very robust. I am using it for my blogging, so I can write down some ideas or thought about a new blogpost every day. This is maybe the only ready-made planner system which I really prefer.

One of the greatest things is that you have the opportunity to buy accessories. I have a black cover and one which is clear on top. The black cover has a pen loop and two book marks.

If you have a shop in your country where you can buy it, that is great. It isn’t so easy to buy in a shop in Germany so I usually order it on the website or buy it when I’m in Japan. If you order online, a great part is that they show you the taxes in advance so you can decide if you really want to order it or shop it somewhere else.

I know that a lot of people are afraid of the paper weight because it is so thin but check out the website for their examples what you can do with a Hobonichi. The paper is stronger than you might think at first glance.

The Hobonichi Techo has a huge variety and it is amazing what you can do with it.

Wisdom of the Day: Don’t get scared by thin paper, it can surprise you. 😉

Love to you all and stay healthy,

The Evil Journalista

Four Years Of Journaling

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

How are you? Everything fine? Today is a good day because I would like to celebrate four years of journaling with you. Actually, I wanted to celebrate that with you in October 2020, but as you know my life has been really busy since September last year. So, today I am sitting in my little chaotic creative place with a cup of coffee and a raspberry smelling candle. For how long have you been journaling? Are you happy with it or are you looking for a new way?

I journaled as a little girl with my diaries and stickers. As a teen I didn’t journal, I wrote short stories instead. Then I went to study at university and my days were full with to dos but I just had a huge calendar where I marked all the deadlines and appointments.

In my first job I started doodling during my shifts and I had a pocket calendar with me at all times. I was always complaining about it. It was too small or I didn’t like the system (daily, weekly, monthly spreads) or the free space was too small. The list was very long 😀 and at one point I tried to use my smartphone for my organisation. Well, it worked but it looked so neutral and it didn’t look as if it would belong to me.

Then my husband and I had a conversation because I was bored and I was looking for a new hobby. During our little chat about finding a new hobby we came across the calendar matter. By that we had a starting point, so we looked for journaling on Youtube. … I know it is so typical to look for something like that there. 😀
I watched a Youtuber called Boho Berry how she set up her journal. So, I bought myself some pens, a notebook and some washi tape for starting a totally new amazing adventure.

How I Started

In the beginning, I had the following things:

  • a dark blue Leuchtturm1917 in A5
  • 6 rolls of washi tape coloured black and white
  • a set of Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens
  • a pencil
  • an eraser
  • pens which I found at home

Normally most people are afraid of a white/empty pages but I wasn’t afraid at all and haven’t been since then. I’m not scared to mess it up, sometimes I’m a little bit mad with myself when I changed something because it was nicer in the beginning but that’s pretty much it.

My very first page was a book list of one of my favourite authors: Terry Pratchett. I wrote down all of his books and marked which we owned. I wrote down the English and the German versions of the titles for that. A few pages later I wrote my first entry. It was October 21st 2016. At that time I wrote in German which I changed during my first year because I wanted to practice my English a little bit more.

I noted the weather, my mood, my to dos and it was quite colourful. I had a quote there as well. All the things which I still like today. I realize that I wrote with a fountain pen. 🙂

I am still using every single item on this short list or rather I rebuy items like the Faber-Castell pens because of the good quality and they are long-running, they don’t dry out fast.

What I Have Today

Well, after 1549 days or 37176 hours with journaling as my passion the following things changed:

  • 17 journals/planners have been used
  • over 500 rolls of washi tape are in my collection at the moment (and getting more)
  • approx. 40 subscription boxes from different shops
  • „perceived“ 1 Mio. pens (alocohol based markers, pencils, colour pencils, Artists pens, highlighters, text markers etc.)
  • lots of leather covers for journals
  • a huge amount of stamps
  • 15 fountain pens plus different inks (including my own handmade ink from Japan)
  • „perceived“ 1 Mio. Stickers, Sticker sheets
  • and other stationery goodies which I forgot to mention.

Maybe you ask yourself, whether I really need all that stuff. Well, honstely: No, I don’t.

What I’m Using Today

I’m still using journals but I just buy them when I really need them. My husband likes to take his notes in journals as well, so I order more journals than I did four years ago.

I’ve got a ton of pens I use for different occasions. When I am drawing a picture, I like to test the same picture with different pens like alcohol based markers vs. normal markers or even colour pencils. So you can get a different vibe of the drawing.

Every year I choose a set of pens for my journals. Let’s say it is my colour code for my moods, the weather, my sleep and little doodles. But for my spreads it can be any pens of my collection.

I noticed that I didn’t buy washi tape or stickers very much last year because of two reasons: a) my collections are huge and b) I have what I need. Ok, if I find a cute sticker sheet or some washi tape then I will think about it. 😀 But I am not at the hunt like 3 years ago.

The only collection which will be growing are my fountain pens but I won’t buy one pen every month. I think about it and evaluate if I would buy it just now at this moment or if this feeling stays longer than 5 minutes. 🙂

What I Have Learnt

You don’t need so many things to be a happy journaling addict. But sometimes it’s great to have the opportunity to choose from so many things. 😀 If some of you are interested in a stationery swap then send me a mail or send me a dm on Instagram (eviljournalista).

I’m really in love with washi tape but I learnt that not everything is washi tape, only because you call it washi tape. There can be a huge difference. And I am still not a huge fan of bows on washi tape. 😉

I’m not in love with handlettering. I practiced a lot and I tried different pens to learn it but it’s always wonky and therefore not really eye pleasing. 😀 And I like my own handwriting even when I’m writing fast or it is really note taking because I am listening to somebody. Anyway, I like my scribble.

I like my journals to get messy. I know a lot of people want a clean, adorable, cute, artistic and beautiful journal. I adore such journals too but my reality is messy, sometime with coffee or tea spots (because I use it a lot and don’t just look at it) there are wonky lines and my monthly and weekly spreads haven’t got a theme which matches together. I journal straight from my heart and mood the weeks and months. My inspirations come from colours, pictures or just an item around me.

I won’t do watercolouring too often. It is beautiful but it needs too much time for me because I’m not used to do it regularly.

You should always have some correction tape at hand. It can save your spread sometimes, trust me 😀

Let your home be your inspiration for your spreads. We have a lot of plants in our home, so I like doodling some plants into my journals from time to time.

Don’t stress yourself and don’t be afraid of doing something wrong. There is no right or wrong. And even when you leave one page white it isn’t the end of the world because it can happen that you use this page later for something like a list, a tracker or just to doodle.

I like lots of colour. When I say colour, I don’t mean just pastell or light colours. I mean rich, deep and bright colours as well because they can give a whole different dynamic or depth to the spread.

Don’t let someone tell you that your spreads or ideas aren’t good enough. That is not true. It is your journal, your ideas, your mind and your rules. 😉 So just „make it you“!

Learn from your mistakes. If you have something in your journal which doesn’t work out, then think about it why it doesn’t work for you. Maybe it was the spread, the colours or the theme. After that you can give it a second try and check if it is working then. 🙂

Chaos on the paper provides clarity in your head.

Everyday we are surrounded by information, opionions and so many things that the best way to get a clear head is to write everything down. It helps you to stay focussed and then you can think about the things or persons in your life which are really important.

My last point is: Stay true to yourself. You’re unique and so is your journal.

Wisdom of the Day: Journaling is a journey, have fun on the way.

Love to you all,

The Evil Journalista

Why I Quitted Journaling… For two Months

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

I hope you’re safe and sound. Do you have specific goals for this year? Are they related to journaling? And how many journals do you use at the same time?

For this year I really questioned myself and my journaling chaos: How many journals do I really need. So, one way to answer this question, is by analysing last year. Well, there were some dark journaling times. They were so dark, it was nearly pitch black. It was the first time that I was thinking about quitting journaling all together. Spoiler: I continued journaling again – obviously 😉

What Happened?

At the beginning of 2021 I sat down and put all my planners/journals together which I used in 2020. To be honest I was quite shocked and so many months after my journaling break, I can see why I had stopped, why I had lost my passion. It was the huge amount of journals and planners. I had so many journals and planners, each of which I tried to fill in on a daily base. I was just journaling about my journaling.

What Planners/Journals Did I Use For What?

UsageLove it? Y/n
Erin CondrenDaily stuffNo
Happy PlannerDaily stuffYes sometimes
Travelers NotebooksScrapbookingYes
5 year journalSome lines a dayYes
Hobonichi Avec in A6ReviewsYes sometimes
Hobonichi Cusin in A6Blog ideasYes sometimes
Hobonichi MegaDaily stuff on the goYes sometimes
NuunaBullet JournalingNot so much
Leuchtturm1917 in A5ListsYes

What Have I Learnt?

Well, what can I see? It was a lot. Erin Condren and Happy Planner were planners which I compared and after all the testing my favourite is the Happy Planner. After over one year my Erin Condren is still smelly and it doesn’t smell nice at all. I used a lot of sticker kits or stickers which belonged to the planners.

Travelers Notebook had three inserts: a blank one, the monthly and the weekly one. I liked the blank one because there was this freedom to be creative, messy and have fun with it. The monthly one had a sticker for each day which showed what I did that day. The weekly was scrapbooking. Ok, I tried to scrapbook 😀 A real scrapbook pro would say it was scrapbookish 😀 But that is totally fine for me.

My 5 year journal is the only one which I have used since 2019 and I am really happy about it.

Both Hobonichi in A6 are great but I realised that I like one Hobonichi for my blogging notes, ideas, preparation system.

The Hobonichi Mega was cute and I adore it but my handwriting is too big and the days are too small. I bought a lot of cute sticker kits for the Hobonichi Mega. And yes it was cute but I had the feeling that it was pasted up. It was bulky and it was bulky in a weird way.

My Bullet Journal was always in a Leuchtturm A5 but I wanted to try a different notebook. Well, the Nuuna wasn’t a great choice for me because the dots are 3,5mm. Such a square is tiny and the journal was too heavy, so I didn’t take it with me like my Leuchtturm in the years before.

My Leuchtturm1917 is just a book with all my important lists like my favourite authors and their books, all the series which I would like to watch or journaling spreads I tried and worked for me. I think I used this one once or twice a year.

In total, it was too much on a daily base. It was overwhelming and I didn’t have any fun. Journaling can help you, can guide you, can give you structure in your life, can bring you joy, can help reflecting and I could continue this list even further. But it wasn’t doing all that for me anymore. Even the cute and wonderful stickers which I had didn’t help me at all.

What Have I Changed?

I knew that I had to change something if I wanted to keep going with my journaling. So I checked every journal and planner, and I made a quick pro and con list why I should keep it or why I should leave it.

Yes, I know it sounds like a major expense but my mind wandered through the pages and my decisions came quite easily.

I bought a Hobonichi Avec in A5. A6 was just too small but the Avec was perfect. It is for my blogging. I put my notes and ideas in it, and the review preparations too. I can prepare the post so much better This way because I have enough space for it. I colour the weekly overviews, my tasks and blogging time, so that I have my business in one spot.

I use a Travelers notebook with three inserts. One is a Everyday Journal by GalenLeather. I love the thin paper. It is my monthly calendar. Then there is a dotted one as my weekly planner and for smaller list, trackers and doodles. The third one is my writing journal. I like to write scenes or very short stories. Normally, I had them in my bullet journal everywhere where I had a little bit of space left. 🙂 But this year I would liket to give them more space, so I can evolve them and maybe I will write my first cozy mystery. My husband would love to see it. 😀

My 5 year journal is there and I will do it until it is full. 😀

That’s it. The best part of it is that I can take the journals and my pencil case and take them all with me. At the moment, when I would like to journal in bed, I take all my stuff and go there. It is so amazing. I reduced even my colour codes and fountain pens down to really that minimum which I really need. If I am going to decorate my journal I go to my studio aka my messy lovely cozy place and switch the colours or put some washi on it.

I am really glad that I questioned myself and my method of journaling. If I wanted to try out something crazy, I could use a different journal but it wouldn’t be a daily journal anymore.

Wisdom of the Day: Sometimes it helps to check what you are doing and whether it brings you fun/enjoy. Decluttering can be helpful. 🙂

Love to you all and stay healthy,

The Evil Journalista

Montblanc – the Top of Fountain Pen

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

Have you ever started to write a letter, a thesis, or an e-mail over and over again because you thought it wasn’t good enough? Well, here we are. Last year I bought the most expensive fountain pen in my life. I am really thrilled to have it and I am so proud to own it. Sometimes it’s like a dream or a fairytale for me. But when I started to write this review about the Montblanc at first, my head was full of ideas, thoughts and other stuff. The post, however, didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be – no matter what I tried.

So, because of that I decided to share one of my earliest und most precious memories of my childhood. Well, let us dive in. 🙂

Do you remember the first item in your childhood which you were totally fascinated by?
Well I can, it was a fountain pen my grandfather Erich used. I watched him when he wrote a short note for my grandmother. The fountain pen was just black with a golden clip. The pen was slidding smoothly over the paper. I was so excited. After he wrote the note, he asked me if I would like to hold the pen for a moment. I agreed and I was so very careful with it, as if it was made of glass. At that time, I was just five years old and this was one of our special moments. He has a very special place in my heart because of the connection we had. My grandfather Erich wasn’t a really easy person. My mother had a lot of trouble with him as her dad. But for me, he was my best friend for so many years and I am still thinking of him. A lot of my passions I discovered because of him.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents supported my creativity, my love for books and my musical training.

My grandpa supported me and shared his passions with me. When I had to read books for school, he read some of them with me and then we talked about them. When I visited my grandparents during school holidays he asked me which books we would read together or which coins, of which he had a big collection, we would like to check. At my grandparent’s house was huge selection of books, fictional as well as non-fictional. So every time after I said hello to everybody and I cuddled the dog and went straight to the living room – called library – took a book from one of the many shelves and sat on the windowsill which were so wide that an adult could sit there without any problems.
Erich sat in his armchair next to me with a book as well.

He was the one who explained to me how important it is to write with a fountain pen and how important it is to own a good one. My grandfather said: „A fountain pen should slide so perfectly over paper that you just think about the words and the pen will know what you want to write. A ballpoint pen won’t be easy, it will have breaks in your handwriting and it will look as if you won’t know how to write the words. Just use a fountain pen. It is sophisticated.“

Then I came to primary school and as a present I got my very first fountain pen. 🙂 It was a pen for beginners calles Pelikano and my passion for fountain pens and writing started to evolve even further. During my entire school and study years I wrote with fountain pens. I still have my first fountain pen and it still writes. Even when I signed my first employment contract I had a fountain pen with me and my superior called me „old-fashioned“. I took it as a compliment and he was surprised because he wanted to make a joke. I explained him why I used a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint pen and a few weeks later he had a fountain pen as well and could understand the difference. 🙂

Last year my husband asked me where I got my passion for fountain pens from and I told him the story with my grandfather. During my years of experimenting and learning more and more about pens I discovered that the pen which my grandfather so adored was a Montblanc fountain pen. I had thought about it for years and about whether I should buy one. To be honest, Montblanc is a luxurious brand and their designs are as elegant as they are amazing. So my husband encouraged me to get me one.

When it comes to things which are really expensive and they should be only for me then I struggle to buy these things. In a second I can buy expensive things for my husband or Maya or friends, but for me? I struggle 😀 But for moments like these, I have my husband who is then, literally, standing behind me and saying: „And now you click on the payment, it won’t hurt“ 😀 He’s great and he knows how to make me laugh.

Montblanc – Who?

For those who may have never heard of Montblanc, here are some facts about the company. It was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, where their headquarters can still be found, and it is very well known for it luxury goods like fountain pens, watches, leather goods and lots more.

The writing implements are producted in Hamburg. Their leather products are made in Florence and their watches are from Switzerland. Alone from that you know that you buy only the best quality.

Montblanc is famous for their craft. The nibs of the fountains pens are all handmade. On their website they write about their understanding for craft with modern technology, their philosophy and their tradition.

If you scroll through their products you will recognise the elegance in every single item. Their pieces are timeless, not old-fashioned. The items will never need to be hyped because they are always in fashion.


Their website is stylish in black and white and you have several options which product line you could choose. The writing section has some subpages where you can decide which kind of pen you would like to look at.

The whole process of buying is really easy to follow and after you will have checked you shopping bag four times, like I did, then you click on „order“ and wait until you hear the lovely sound of your doorbell and your post (wo)man will give you this lovely little package.

What I Ordered

I bought a Meisterstück Rose Gold-Coated Classique Foutain Pen and an Ink Bottle, Mystery Black. In total I paid 529,50 Euros. It is a huge amount of money for me. But to be honest my second choice wouldn’t have been a cheaper one 😀

The package of the fountain pen is a creamy white on which just „Montblanc“ is written with the little star. No other decorations. When you open it up, there will be the box with the fountain pen inside as well as a service guide booklet. You will get a warranty card as well. The fountain pen box is black with the little star at the right side of it. Inside of it lays the pen covered in a creamy white soft material. On the top of the inside you will see the name „Montblanc“ with the star again. No decorations or squiggles/flourishes at all which I really like about it.

The fountain pen is made out of black precious resin with a rose gold-coated clip. On the cap is the Montblanc emblem. The nib is handcrafted Au 585 / 14 K rose gold with rhodium-coated inlay. The seize is F (fine). The fountain pen itself is 140 x 13,7 mm and weights 20,95 g.

The ink bottle is a little bit different from what one would expect from a normal ink bottle. The package is bright white and black. It says „Mystery Black“ on the two larger sides where you can read the name of brand as well. One short side is black with a little tab to pull out the bottle. The opposite side shows the word ink in different languages and how many mililitres are in there – 60 ml in This case. The bottle is well protected with a sponge. The cap is black with just the white star on top of it. There is a label on it which shows the ink name and the brand.

My First Impressions

Oh boy! In German I would say: „Zum Geier nochmal, der ist der Hammer!“ In English I won’t use slang. 😉 The fountain pen is so beautiful. The nib is so wonderful and there are so many details on it. Unbelieveable. The pen is shiny and if I had just one word to explain it, it would be: elegance.

It is really light weighted and it rests comfortably in the hand. Inside of the pen is an ink converter which you can fill quite easily.

After filling the ink converter the pen slides over the paper so smoothly. The nib doesn‘t scratch or hurt the paper in any way. So the black ink comes out gently and constantly. Even for me as a lefty, it is a really great writing experience. I didn‘t have any trouble with inkblots because there weren‘t any. 🙂

It was one of greatest writing experiences in my life. Now I understand why Harry Potter got excited when he got his wand. 😀 (Sorry, but it is the best movie scene to discribe me and the pen)

It was this wow-factor and I still have it every day I use it. I honestly love using my Montblanc and I use it at least once a day.

When we moved house, my husband asked me several times if I knew where my fountain pens were. Of cause I knew it. It was this one little bag which I packed, which only I was allowed to touch and carry around. And no-one else touched or moved it in one or another way. 🙂 Eventually, only I unpacked them as well.

Now – 6 Months Later

I am still writing with it every day. I am still in love with it and the Montblanc is still beautiful and shiny. The ink is beautiful on paper.

But the most wonderful thing about it is that it brings my grandfather a little bit closer to me. Now there are more moments when I journal or write with it and think about the lovely memories of my childhood.

I would like to point out that Montblanc didn’t give me a discount or sent it to me for free. I bought the products by myself and paid for them.

Wisdom of the Day: Let a fountain pen be the wand you need to get a little bit magic into your life. 😉

Love to you all and stay healthy,

The Evil Journalista

Welcome to Evil Journalista

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

there we are, our first huge adventure or as an adult would call it: Change. 😉

My blog name changes form Stationery-Nerd to Evil Journalista.

Don’t panic! I will explain it to you.

Why the Name Changing?

That it is really complicated and a long story. Sorry, just kidding.

There are three main reasons for it. The first and quickest one is: I want a unique name and brand.

The second reason is that over the years a lot of my friends called me nerd and I am really proud of it, but a lot of people call themselves a nerd, a geek or they have this nickname – and I want to be different; individual.

The third and last reason is that I want to show more explicitly how different I am. So I decided a new name is a great idea.

Why Evil Journalista?

As you may know, I had a very bad relationship with my journal last year. It was this toxic relationship where you don’t want to pick up your pen to fill the pages and you get really frustrated just by looking at it.

At that time, I was in a chat where members are really artistic and pastell coloured. I like to get inspired by such beautiful spreads.


There was a young girl who posted her spread and it didn’t fit in the style which had already been posted there. She got a lot of backlash for it and I was shocked by that. No support, no positive feedback. I spoke up and gave her some positive feedback because she was finding her way and I thought that we should encourage, support and respect every spread someone creates. It is someone’s work and as a community we should be there for each other.

I got feedback as well and I can tell you it was anything but positive.

This situation frustrated me a lot and due to it I started to talk about it with my husband. He said one really interesting thing about me and my way of journaling: „I have known you for a long time and you haven’t been somebody who swims with the masses. You are a different and you show it to the world.“

Well, wise words of a man who has stayed with me for 13 years. 😀

I started a spread with all the things I don’t like, don’t hype or don’t understand why they are hyped. I was journaling for quite a while and my husband said: „Well, you are an enfant terrible“

My comment was simple: „Did you just call me an evil journalista?“ 😀

It was the second time I heard the word „evil“ in context with me because in the aforementioned chat someone asked me how evil I could be to support something like that young girl’s spread.

This was the birth moment of Evil Journalista.

Yes, I like to different, to be a little rebel and yes sometimes it seems to be wicked, but that is just who I am.

What Changes for You?

Nothing except the name.

Ok and the design of the blog, too. 😉

I am still the nerdy one who will write about everything around stationery. I will review products and I will give you some glimpses of my life and my adventures.

Wisdom of the day: Trust the rebel inside you!

Love to you all,

The Evil Journalista

Getting Exited for 2021

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great time even when the time isn’t the easiest one.


I have a lot of stationery on my shelves, in my cupboards and boxes which we haven’t talked about yet. I have many products which I would like to discuss with you and test them together with you.

In the next months I will open up my cupboard and we will check out my fountain pen collections, colouring pencils and pens, and the wonderful travelling moments across Japan.

After the lockdown, I will do some daily trips and I will write about those too.


Changes is a huge word and I know that changes can be scary. Don’t worry! I will continue writing about everything around stationery, writing and travelling. The blog won’t get trashy or gossipy 😀 That isn’t my style.

This year I will start some adventures and I think adventure is a better word than change because I would like to take you on a journey with me. We will explore new worlds and… oh wait that sounds a little bit like Star Trek 😀 (Oh gosh did I reveal myself as a Star Trek fan? … in case I did, than yes I am one 🙂 )

Nevertheless, the point is that as a child we all love to go on an exciting journey and our creativity wandering though our brains. We created stories, settings and it felt real.

As we grow up, the word „change“ has something negative about it. I know a lot of adults/grown ups who are struggling with changes in their personal or working life. They can’t raise the energy for such adjustments and some people give up even before they started.

I would like share my spirit/motivation, or whatever you would like to call it, with you. I think that we grown ups have still our inner child with us and we just forget to listen to this little creative voice in ourselves. If you think you couldn’t be brave/fit/energetic or even you wouldn’t have the time for some changes, I think we can do it. I think we can face changes. My inner child loves a good adventure. My adult me is sceptical about changes but I do them.

There was one moment in my life where I had to cope with a change which hit me really hard. I sat down with my cup of tea and I asked myself what the 5 year old girl would do. I thought about it a very long time and I asked myself what could happen? Is it the end of the world? Can I change it in a specific way so that it is positive for me? Yes, I did it. I accepted the change and then I went out on my adventure.

So after all these words, I will take you on this adventure and I can tell you, I will have a lot of highlights and there will be moments where I will make mistakes. The question will be if I learn from them.

Even something like a new design of my blog can be an adventure. 🙂


We are still on vacation this week. I am still enjoying my free time. I take Maya out for long walks and I am thinking about the books which I would like to read. I love the time outside even if it is stormy, rainy or both together.

My journal for this year is finally ready. It took me quite a while to get it completed. Normally, I have a Leuchtturm1917 in A5 seize but this year I decided to take a Travelers Notebook. We will see how it works for me. I will give you an update. 🙂

Wisdom of the day: Let’s go out for some adventures! Have fun in 2021!

Love to you all and stay healthy,