Perfection in Your Journal

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

How has your week been so far? Have you enjoyed it or do you need help? If you need a lovely comment or just some kind words, please let me know. 🙂

Sometimes I scroll through YouTube and check out some new journaling videos. There so many YouTubers who have a really beautiful journal. Some of them are artistic, others minimalistic, yet again others are full of washi tapes and stickers. However, in each you can really see they put so much time, patience, talent, and work into it. These journals look amazing.
You can see that every sticker has its perfectly placed spot.

In the end, the month is harmonious in their colours, stickers, washi tape, highlighters etc. It simply looks like art.

There is no room for mistakes, no spot for chaos, no scribble or smudges. Nothing. It‘s just perfect.

Nearly every year there are some new trends which all the YouTubers do and hype and love and are so happy about. But they don‘t keep it when the hype is over.

When I started journaling in the way I do, the spreads were simple and functional. Over the years the spreads got more complex and you need to look out for the elegance of handlettering. Today the spreads should be not too simple, not too complex, there shouldn’t be too many colours but more than one colour. Your handlettering should be inspiring and elegant. Don‘t smudge and don‘t make any mistakes because then you can stop right away.

As you may notice, I am being over the top and I exaggerating it. But there is one point which all the YouTubers, Influencers and creative people show us: Achieve perfection in your journal! And they show us that their understanding of beauty can be a standard beauty in your journal.

Well, think about it. I know for some of you it may sound idiotic or crazy and some of you may think that it’s ok to have someone who tells you what is beautiful and what isn’t respectively. And that is great and I can appreciate your opinions. 🙂 Because that is the way we can learn from each other and be open minded.

Some years ago, I watched AmandaRachLee or other journaling queens and I thought „I want to journal in such a beautiful way as they do“. I watched a lot of different journaling gurus or queens and after quite some time I recognised that the spreads and the themes were nearly the same. Some of them had the theme a month earlier or later or the concept was nearly identical. The same lettering, nearly the same colours, same motives, or the same technique.

And every YouTuber did one video with their mistakes and how you could avoid them. And nearly all of them show you the same „mistakes“ and nearly the same solution to fix them. REALLY?!

I felt lost. I didn‘t want a journal what looks like everybody else’s. I didn’t want a topic for my month. Wtf?! I can‘t draw a single straight line. I am not artistic and yes, I have some smudges or „mistakes“ in my journal. Because I allow myself to be myself.

There was a time when I really tried so hard to have perfect spreads with beautiful colours and even with handlettering. But it was so exhausting for me. I needed so much time to get my journal ready. That wasn‘t me.
I lost the joy and it wasn’t fun any longer.
And I had the feeling that it didn’t matter how hard I tried to be creative and draw something; it simply didn’t get any better.

Well I thought about giving up. But then I thought ‚Why I shouldn’t I try my own way?‘. So everything I knew and didn’t work for me, I threw over board and started my own way.

So this is my way:

  • No topic for the month
  • No limits regarding the use of colours
  • Grab the first materials and use them for the spread
  • If you would like to draw, don’t draw a flower, look for something different (animal, cup of tea, weather)
  • Have fun

That‘s all!

Sometimes I sit there at my desk and would like to do something really simple. So I just use one marker and some stamps. I draw some lines and then I stamp the day over it. Finished! Or I create a little comic scene. Everything in own month. Do I do handlettering? No. I am looking for different fonts and try to use them instead.

To be honest: I have seen too much handlettering by now. I am getting a little bit bored to see just this style.

I know some planner and journaling addicts who get a nervous breakdown when they see my journal and they give me some ideas and inspiration to develop my journal to make it more beautiful. Being open-minded, I listen to them and some ideas are indeed great and I try them out. But if it doesn’t match with my way or looks creepy 😀 I don’t use it again.

I don’t call a line or a spot which isn’t at the right place a mistake anymore. I try to make the best out of it; sometimes I create something out of it or I write something over it, or do just a cute doodle from it. Everything is possible as long as you allow yourself to broaden your mind.

What I wish for us all to see is that the world of perfection doesn’t need to live in a journal. Our journals are our little secret places and sometimes we share it with the world. Let’s celebrate ever spread because in ever spread there is beauty to be found. Your journal doesn’t have to fit in the standard definition of beauty or perfection because we all have a different understanding of these words and the concepts behind them.

When I get old, I mean really old, like 90 years old, I would like to take one of my journals, flip through it and see the highlights, the fun, and the joy.

My aim for my journal isn‘t perfection; it is about collecting memories and stay true to my heart.

Wisdom of the Day: Don’t let the chase for perfection ruin your beautiful journal.

Love to you all,
(Your) Evil Journalista

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