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Hello my Lovelies 🙂

Today is the first day that I can sit outside in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. I am so happy about it. I hope you enjoy your Sunday as well.

Three years ago my husband started supporting the podcast ‚Stay forever‘ via Patreon. Gunnar Lott und Christian Schmidt are two guys who love computer games. Both talk about elderly games and for each episode they play the game again and review it. Sometimes they have a music episode where they talk about music in video games.
I just listen them from time to time. Both are quite funny and I know some of those games as well because I played them when I was younger or I know them because of my husband. Unfortunately they just speak German.
From time to time my husband receives some ‚thank-you-for-supporting-us‘-goodies. And end of last year they blow me away because they sent us a calendar for 2021.

So I starting thinking if I could support one of my favourite Youtubers/ artists or bloggers as well. And well, I found Rainbowholic. 🙂

So let‘s have a quick check what Patreon is and who Rainbowholic is. 🙂

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform for artists and creators where supporters can pay them. It is a membership system. You can decide how much you would like to spend because most of the artists and creators have different level with different amounts. So you can check what you get for the level of support.

The great thing about Patreon is that there are so many different artists and creators. It is an amazing amount of people you can support and you can get really amazing things.

So if you know that your favourite artists/creator is there, then you go to Patreon and check out the level the artist have. So I searched for rainbowholic and decided for one level of support. You can cancel it every time. I know some people who likes to support different creators for just one or two months and then they switch to another artist.


I know Rainbowholic from her YouTube channel. Her name is Kaila and she lives in Japan. She journals in the kawaii style which is super cute and funny. Kaila doesn’t talk in her videos. She journals or goes shopping for stationery. I like watching her because it is so relaxing and cute at the same time and on the other hand it brings back some memories of Japan.

Because of the huge supporters on Patreon she was able to quite her job and do her shop and Patreon for her living. She has a partner named Aki. Both share the love to stationery.

Their company is growing and the team has now five members. The YouTube channel is doing pretty good as well with over 110000 followers.

Rainbowholic offers 11 different levels and you can decide in which way you would like to support.
I support her with Level ‚Kawaii Character‘ for 39 Euros per month.
For this level I receive everything what the lower levels getting and I get a special kawaii character monthly theme package and a tracking via FedEx.
I got an early access to her videos, they share little videos just for Patreon and they do some update for the packages.

My packages

I received two packages so far and it was totally surprised how fast they arrived. I think I waited just up to two weeks. That is for packages from Japan really fast because when I am waiting for packages from USA I waited for six to eight weeks at least.

My first package had the theme Sakura which I really like. I love cherry blossoms. For the first box and second package I had a different level which was a double rainbow (60 Euros).

I got some really lovely surprising goodies.

  • Sakura crips
  • sweet Sakura tea
  • Royal Apple Tea
  • Sakura Sumomo Tea
  • a little fish shaped sweet with strawberry flavour
  • a little bag with cherry blossoms
  • three washi tape rolls
  • peach candy
  • 12 sheets of paper with different motives
  • three sheets of sticker
  • a package of sticker flacks
  • two lovely photos
  • a few lovely small paper sheets
  • a thank you card
  • a postcard shaped in a post box

My second package was different but cute as well:

  • blendy stick
  • chocolate
  • Milk Caramel Tea
  • Grape candy
  • another candy
  • two washi tapes rolls
  • Shiba Inu sticker flacks
  • 16 sheets of paper in different sizes and themes
  • four sheets of stickers
  • two cute photos
  • a postcard

My Thoughts

I got a lot. I was really surprised. 🙂 All the goodies are really cute and some themes I know from shopping tour. 😉

Is the amount of stationery and tea the costs worthy? No, BUT you support someone and the dream behind it and that is what makes it worthy. The goodies which you receive are a thank you for the support. I love the idea that I can help someone to acheive his or her dream or to live the dream.

The stationery goodies are very gorgeous and some of them are a complete package and other parts are samples. I love the idea and it is a lovely surprise which you get each month.

Would I recommend it? Yes, because if you have the oppportunity to support your favourite artists or creators. The money which you choose to invest goes directly to the artist and that is really great.

Would I switch to another artist? Yes of course just to see how different artists say thank you to their supporters. 🙂 At the moment I am very happy with my goodies of Rainbowholic and I think I will stay for a while. 🙂

Wisdom of the day: Support someone’s dream can bring you joy in your life too.

Love to you all,
(Your) Evil Journalista

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