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Hello my Lovelies 🙂

I’m sorry that I haven’t written for quite some time but I couldn’t concentrate on writing a blog post. As you might know there is a lot going on in my personal life and to be fair with you, I don’t want to rewrite it over and over again.

Therefore my update will be quite short and then we are checking out the fun part. 😉


My lovely little girl had a hard time the last two weeks. The operation was really necessary and our vet explained that it couldn’t have been any later because she could have died otherwise. For nearly five days, we were really worried because she didn’t eat, so we had to force feed her which we didn’t like at all and Maya wasn’t really a fan of it either. Now she is much better and she is really back to the usual crazy lovely little pug she used to be – for which we are incredibly grateful.

Finding Something New

I sent out some job applications and now I am waiting if I will get any chance for an interview. But I will still look for a different jobs just because I can’t just sit there and wait.
My friends asked why I don’t start with Youtube, Twitch or something like that. Well, good question. Actually, I don’t know. What do you think? Would you like to watch a video where I am testing some products?

Now let’s have a look at the main set I would love to talk about with you. So, I hope you sit comfy and have a nice cup of your favourite drink next to you. NO? Why not?! Get up, make it and come back 😀 Just kidding.

NotebookTherapy – what?

It is a website where you can buy Japanese and Korean stationery products. Their product range is really lovely. You can buy:

  • notebooks
  • tote bags
  • pens
  • pencils
  • stickers
  • backpacks
  • diffusers
  • desk accessories
  • washi tape
  • pin
  • stamps
  • sticky notes
  • tsuki collection
  • accessories

As you can see the range is great. The prices are quite resonable and fair. When they host some discounts you can get a pretty good deal which is something I am looking for. And then, of course, I’ll buy lots of things. 😉

What I find really interesting is that the company don’t tell you anything like their vision or mission. No, they want to convey you a scene about the beauty of stationery and how important it is to have one website with cute stationery. Just read those few lines in the section „about us“ and you understand that they know their cutomers and they want to sell the best products to the customers (so, you), so you can sit down and journal with great stationery in your personal way. It’s an interesting approach because most company write about their tradition, their history or what their vision is.
Actually, I am now quite curious and I would like to know that as well. 😀 But it is ok, that they keep it a secret.

What I ordered

It was early March this year when I got a newletter by NotebookTherapy where they offered a Sakura Collection. It is called Tsuki ‚Sakura Edition‘ Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • Tsuki ‚Sakura Edition‘ Washi Tape Set
  • Tsuki ‚Sakura Edition‘ Pop-Up Pencil Case in Blush Pink or Petal Pink
  • Tsuki ‚Sakura‘ Limited Edition Bullet Journal in Blush Pink or Petal Pink

All together I paid 68,74 US Dollars.
Well, I was really thinking about this bundle for a long time. I wasn’t really sure whether I should buy it. I love Sakura, but I’m not a fan of pink. My husband said what I thought: „Something in pink isn’t really your style“. But how can I write about being open minded and at the same time discriminating the colour pink? Well, it doesn’t fit together. So, I ordered it and I tried to find a shade of pink on the website which looked fine to. Therefore, I ordered the journal and the pencil case in blush pink.

Order Arrived

I ordered it on March 5th 2021 and interestingly the package arrived really fast. It took just 10 days. Really impressive! And everything was save and sound.

I was quite excited to open it but I was a little bit scared because I was afraid of the pinky colour and what I should I do if I wouldn’t like it. Sell it? Give it away?

Well let’s check out every single product. 🙂

Pencil Case in Blush Pink

First things first, the colour isn’t too pinky for me. I actually quite like it because it isn’t such a bright pink. I bought ä one of these pop-up pencil cases before and I like them.

There are two different materials which they used. The bottom part is a soft cord and feels really lovely. The upper part is vegan leather with a Sakura floral design on it. The background colour is a very light pink; the cherry blossoms are white and two darker shades of pink. It matches really well together. The stitches are well made and there is no string which comes off. The vegan leather has a great smooth surface.

The zipper on top of the pencil case opens and closes easily. When the pencil case stands upright, it is 19 cm high which fits a Tombow Dual Brush Marker.
One cute thing I realised quite lately is that inside of the pencil case are three little pockets. How cute is that?! Amanzing idea!

Washi Tape Set

The box looks awesome. On top of the box the word Sakura is written in golden letters. You can also see some cherry blossom petals, golden dots, and golden Sakuras.

I opened the box and was surprised to find ä five sticker sheets in there. One sheet is with Sakuras and the other four sheets have different japanese motives on it. Really cute.

Then I discovered the washi tapes themselves. As you might know, I’m a washi tape collector. However, I’m not a hoarder because I use my washi. I was surprised because all rolls are in shades of pink but pleasing to my eye. There are eight washi tape rolls, one roll full of dots and one roll with sakura petals. And last but not least a rubber/an eraser.

There isn’t one washi tape which looks quite the same next to the other one. I like a good variety especially when it comes all together for one theme.

The rubber/eraser is wrapped in paper with sakura on top of it. But the fun part is that the rubber/eraser has a cherry blossom on it. How awesome!

The only thing which I don’t like it, that inside of the box it is a little bit smelly. It smells quite chemical and I hope that it will vanish one day.

Bullet Journal

As you can imagine, I ordered the journal in blush pink as well, and I was surprised that it came in such a lovely white box. The cover of the box has stars and the moon on it, both in a golden colour. It is a simple and elegant design. When you open the box, the journal is wrapped in very thin paper and after unwrapping it, you can enjoy the beauty of the notebook.

The colour is darker than I expected. I love it because it is a really nice blush pink. On the cover is a little design which shows the cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji and the moon. The details are golden which gives the journal an elegant touch.

There is an elastic band and two ribbons which you can use as book marks. In the back of the journal is a pocket as well. Surprisingly, I found a pink paper clip shaped like a cherry blossom inside of the pocket.

I bought the journal in size B5 because I like different sizes and trying them out. The paper has a weight of 160 gsm which is really thick so you don’t need to be worried if you like to journal with highlighters, markers, and different pens.
When you open the journal, there is some space to write your name and after that you can start journaling right away on pages which aren’t numbered. I really appreciate that the dots on the paper aren’t too visible so your writing/journaling won’t get lost on the paper.

At the spine of the notebook are the word sakura written in japanese and a cherry blossom is on top of it. Really cute. The journal isn’t a flat lay notebook but it lays really well so that you can enjoy your journaling.

The corners of the pages are rounded which I personally prefer. Interestingly, it is my first journal with golden colour on the paper. So when the journal is closed it is really shiny. At the moment, I like it but I’m not sure how it will change when I using it. Maybe the gold will get dirty or get off. We will see.

There is just one little part I am not really a fan of and that is the pinky pink colour of the ribbon. Don’t get me wrong, this is critism on a very, very high level. But I don’t understand why these two ribbons have this bright pink colour because everything else has a decent or at least a different shade of pink.

My Final Thoughts

Was it worth buying it? Yes.

Do I like it? Yes.

How bad was the colour pink for me? Not bad at all.

In total, it was a very good deal. To be honest, if it wouldn’t have been a bundled collection, I hadn’t bought it. I thought it would be nice to have such a set where everything matches together and it didn’t disappointed me at all. I will definitively try out the notebook. The pencil case is in use already 😀 and for the washi tape, the right time to use it will come. 🙂

I really adore the design and the motives. I will give you an update after using everything.

Wisdom of the Day: Even your least favourite colour can surprise you. 🙂

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

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