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Hello my Lovelies 🙂

How are you? I’m doing fine. You know what fine means, right? You don’t? Fine means F like freaked out, I for insecure, N for neurotic and E for emotional. 🙂
So some of my friends would say „nothing new“ and other friends would say „are you ok?“. Today my mood jumps from okay to not ok to fine and back to too many feelings at once, and it is okay to have such days.
At the moment, it’s helping me to look outside, seeing the rain falling down. It is so relaxing for me. Because of that I asked myself ‚Where are my favourite journaling places and can go there at the moment?‘.

On Instagram our favourite influencers, artists, shop owners, and friends are showing us their cute places from time to time, where they make the magic happen. The places can be a desk, a little table with lots of stationery goodies on it, or they sit outside in the garden, or somewhere completely different. So, I thought of my favourite places. Surprisingly, it isn’t just one place; no, I like different places.
Let’s check them out. 🙂

1. My Studio

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to go in my studio under the roof and journal there. I have a desk and all my stationery goodies are around me. There is my computer where I write my blogposts and I have some fun with the photos which I took in our holidays.

When I am sitting at my desk, like right now, I can look outside the window and I see some houses across the street and some tree. Normally the window is open and I can listen to the sound of the birds but today it is really rainy and cold so the window is closed. It helps me to calm down and find inspiration. Next to my desk is a cupboard and inside of it there are my pens, pencils, coloured pencils, my inks, my journals, goodies of friends, and a lot more.
I have a little trolley where there is other stuff like stickers, paper, more pens, highlighters, and so on. So literally I’m surrounded by stationery. 😀 Okay, the back is full of books for art, my studies, more journals and my secret hobby: collecting shells. 😀

My husband says that this is my little nerd cave. 😀 Nearly everything I need for my journaling is here. And my little pug girl has a place as well and if we both would like to cuddle, there is a blanket with a pillow.

2. Nørre Lynby

There is a little house which we like to call our favourite shed. The house is for holiday rental; it isn’t the newest but it is one with great charme and an impressive view outside. The house stands next to the cliffs in Northern Denmark. It is at the shores of the North Sea which you can observe all day long. And the house has a huge panorama window, so you can sit at the couch or the dining table and enjoy the view.

When we are there it is November, the weather isn’t bright. It’s usually cloudy, rainy and sometimes it’s so windy that you think the house would apart any minute. For me it is perfect. I love such November coast weather. 🙂
Because of Covid we didn’t go there last year but I hope that we are able to go on vacation maybe in November this year.

So because it is just vacation I have to compromise on my stationery because I’m not able to take everything with me. But I would, if I could. 😀
I normally sit there at the dining table and put all my stationery around me and then I am as creative and messy as I like to be. But for dinner I have to put all things together and give up some of „my space“ :-).

I have the feeling that my brain works better and I’m not so pent-up. It isn’t just because I’m on vacation. I think it’s because of the sea and the journaling which are both combined in one place and that brings me joy.

3. Tully’s Coffee in Shinjuku(Tokyo)

There are a lot of Tully’s Coffee shops in Tokyo and I went to quite a few of them but all of them have one thing in common: You can find a cute little spot to sit there and journal. Everytime I was in one of the coffee shops, there was at least one person who was journaling or studying, even people who had meetings there. Really interesting, from my perspective.

So this place is quite different to the other two because there is more movement, more activity. You can watch and observe so many (interesting) people; some are in a hurry, some are waiting for friends, some just sit there with a cup of coffee and are working. This kind of energy can help to find new inspiration and different ideas. I felt incredibly productive there.

I really had just a few things with me, like my journal and my pen. But it was enough. I could write a little bit more then usually.

Well, I hope that we have the time and the chance to go back there again, one day, and enjoy our vacation.

4. Sitting In The Garden

Well, as a child I loved sitting in the garden of my grandparents and write my stories or into my dairy. Since last week I will have the opportunity to do this in our garden – provided the weather will be nicer. 🙂

Last Sunday, I wrote my blogpost outside and enjoyed the sunshine too. The table we bought one day earlier is so huge that I can put a lot of stationery outside and get messy. 😀 The sound of birds and bees were so amazing. I hope that the weather will be nicer soon so I can go outside and do some journaling there as well. The fun part is that Maya would have her doggy bed next to my chair and so she can enjoy the sun as well while being next to me. She loves to sleep next to me while I am journaling.

5. Coffee Shop At The Main Train Station In Halle (Saale)

When you go to Halle (Saale) main train station, there is a coffee shop right in front of you when you enter the building through the main entrance. Two years ago my husband went to Frankfurt (Main) by train every week for one or two days for business trips. Because the train left so early and I brought him to the station it didn’t make any sense to drive back home because I would have had to leave again to go to our office ten minutes later. But since our office isn’t far away from the station, I decided to have a coffee and journal for an hour and then go to work from there.

You can sit there and watch how many people come inside the building and go straight to the platform, or how many people leave the building to go their ways. The early morning hours were so busy before COVID happened. Surprisingly, I was really productive too. Normally, I had my journal and pencil case with me wherever I went.

At the moment, there isn’t a place to go for journaling because in nearly every case guests are not allowed to sit down or but you just grab your coffee and go.

Well, these are my favourite journaling places. 🙂

Wisdom of the Day: Every place can give you a different kind of positive vibe to be productive and happy.

Love to you all and stay healthy,
(Your) Evil Journalista

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