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Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

today I was really brave and told my colleagues about my mental and physical condition since the pressure is on for finding a new job. I was totally surprised by how many of them told me about how brave and strong they thought the words I spoke were. They appreciated my honesty and told me that they would support me. Amazing!
Even my husband was suprised that I found the courage to speak out loud about what had happened to me. Normally in a meeting, I’m a quiet person and I speak only when it is important.

But today I don’t want to speak about my worries; no, I would like to speak with you about support. Support can be done in different ways. Sometimes you can talk to someone and that helps, and sometimes a person needs financial help to achieve their dream.

Therefore I discovered a great project platform. 😀 It‘s called Kickstarter.

What Is Kickstarter?

It is a platform where people can share their projects and you can support the project if you like. There are different topics like:

  • Art
  • Comics and illustrations
  • Design and technology
  • Movie
  • Games
  • Music
  • And many more

The projects have timeframes so not everything can be supported every time. The projects which I supported and are closed now send updates about the development and when the final shipping will be.

Important fun fact: You will only be charged your supported sum, if the project reaches its financial goal.

Every project has its own tier or level system. So some projects can be supported by spending just 5 Euros and you will get a goodie and some pledges are really expensive. But it is your choice how much money you would like to spend.

Before I decide which tier to take, I read the discription over and over again and then I decide it because the more you support , the more you can get.

When a project hits the amount which it would like to receive, some creators put more goodies on top. These are so called Stretch Goals which either updates components or they are simply extras.

Did I get money of Kickstarter to write about it? No, because I’d like to write my first reviews of a brand/company/platform without getting any money or goodies. 🙂

How I Discovered This Place?

It is quite easy. My husband likes to support board games there. He has made great experiences and we got a lot of amazing games with lots of goodies. Most of the games were just produced for the supporters on Kickstarter and they will never hit retail.

One day he discovered a project called Bird Buddy and he sent me a link. To be honst, I love bird watching. I‘m not that type of person who knows exactly which bird is which. No, I just love watching the birds and I have some birdseeds around all time of the year. The sound of birds which are singing happily makes me feel great. 🙂

So I watched the video and I was blown away. An intelligent bird house! How cool is that?! It comes with a camera and an app, so if a bird will comes for some food you get a notification and you can take a picture of the bird. Awesome! Then the creative brains behind Bird Buddy sent an update that you can get your Buddy with a solar roof for self-sufficient energy supply.

Hello?! Come on, isn’t that awesome?? Well, the price is quite high: It’s about 200 Euros with shipping. I know I might be called insane to pay such an amount for a bird feeder. But I promise when Bird Buddy will arrive in September, I will give you an update (and I‘m sure Bird Buddy will be awesome) 🙂

But if you are more a stationery and journaling addict you can even find something interesting for that on Kickstarter. 🙂

Let me introduce you to The Hero’s Journal: Istoria Magic Academy„!

It‘s a journal which helps you to reach your goal by being an adventure. So you can be the hero of your own adventure. I was excited because that is the idea that I would like us adults would be thinking of our goals again. We go on our adventure and the journal is at our side.

The whole journal has cute illustrations in it and there is enough space so you can write down everything.

And I learnt this isn’t the first Hero’s Journal. It is like a sequel. I went a little bit crazy and I took the pledge for 110 Dollars. Well, I will get a lot for it but it is a lot of money for some journaling stuff. 🙂

This pledge includes:

  • 2 journals (one in blue and one in gray)
  • 2 digital journals (I‘ve already got them and they are absolutely amazing)
  • 2 soft cover companion journals
  • 6 enamel pins
  • 2 sticker sets
  • the academy & market map print

If you support just the journal you paid 40 Dollars.

Then the creators showed the stretch goals which came additional to the pledge:

  • hero habit tracker bookmarks
  • wax-sealed acceptance letters from Istoria Magic Academy
  • pens
  • ‚Kickstarter Wizard‘ enamel
  • postcards
  • pens included with every journal
  • plushie key chain

And than you could add more from the first campaign like:

  • the first Hero’s Journal (four different colours)
  • pin set
  • a fountain pen
  • sticker set
  • map of Istoria

Well, you might know me by now: I did of course order one of the first journals and a fountain pen as well. 😀

So the price went up to 210 Dollars. I told you I went crazy 😀

I supported some artists as well. They want to publish their first book and I am very excited for the outcome. By chance I found a new dog leash which has light in it and it will come with an app so you can track you steps. 😀 Not to mention Couch Console …

There are so many great projects and everytime I look on this website, I find something interesting, fascinating, or just cute.

We supported a lot of great projects which will be implemented and everytime some of them will arrive, I will review and let you know my thoughts about it.

I love the idea to know who gets your money and what you will get for it. The team behind the Hero’s Journal showed how excited and thankful they are in every update, just because a lot of people think that their campaign will be great.

Wisdom of the Day: Don’t be scared to support no matter in what way; one day you will be surprised when people support you!

Love to you all and stay healthy,
(Your Evil Journalista)

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