Cozy Chat – January 2021

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

It is the last day of January and a Sunday as well. I hope you have (or had) a lovely weekend and enjoy(ed) your time.

Originally, I planned to write about my experiences in Japan. But I spontaneously decided to push this blogpost to another time and instead I would like to have just a chat between us friends. 😉 So make it cozy for yourself and have your favourite drink next to you. Don’t be sad, the Japan experience will come. 🙂

Be My Guest

Normally, when friends come around, I would be prepared. I love baking cake, cupcakes, cookies or some sweet things.

We would sit on our couch with a drink you like. We have different types of tea (herbal, fruit, black or green tea) or coffee (in different styles) or even a chocolate drink. Every guest can drink whatever they like. 🙂

We would just enjoy sitting together, talking, laughing and having some goodies to eat. These are the moments which give me so much energy and are so relaxing at the same time, that it is quite magical. Normally, my little pug girl would be sitting next to you or maybe on top of your lap just for getting a cuddle. After a little while, you would hear her snoring and she would sleep at your side. My husband would be sitting in his arm chair and he would chat a little bit with us or he would be reading a book.

The sunlight floods into the living room and you could enjoy the view outside into our garden. For me, it is important that my family and friends, who come to visit us, feel a little bit like home, so that they can enjoy the time as much as I do. 🙂

Now you know the place and the setting; let’s get to the first topic.

Finding A New Kitchen

We moved to a house where the kitchen hasn’t any furniture inside. Because of that, we knew that we needed furniture. We decided to take some pieces of our old kitchen with us like refrigerator, sink, dishwasher and the stove. That it would be interesting in the beginning, we were totally aware of. So we bought a huge kitchen island where you can sit at one side and at the other side you can store things. It is amazing. Then, because of COVID-19, a lot of stores had to close (and are still closed; nobody knows for how long) and we couldn’t go to stores like IKEA and buy a new kitchen.

A fortnight ago I was cleaning and I was frustrated because the kitchen was a mess. So we sat down and were looking for a kitchen which we both liked. That wasn’t easy because my husband and I have different understandings of pretty, functional, and easy to clean. 😀 But we both were totally surprised that we found a style we both liked quite fast.

Then, my personal horror started. We had to to measure the kitchen. I don’t know how often we talked about the measurements and seizes of the furniture. There were moments I forgot the numbers immediately or mixed them up.

After all this madness I made a suggestion that we could calculate the measurements for a new refrigerator into our master plan. Well, we just looked for the measurements on Amazon and found an incredible offer for a side-by-side fridge which we couldn’t resist. So, we now have a new refrigerator. 😀

I think we changed the order three times before we finally checked out. The next part was the order for the worktops, I found some which matched the kitchen island and I am so happy about it.

So, wish us luck because tomorrow we will pick up the worktops and on February 10th our kitchen will be delivered.

Curious Neighbourhood

We live in house which is at a corner of two roads in a really peaceful residential area. I think that the most exciting part which happens here is when someone moves out and someone new moves in 😉 So nearly everybody who walks by is looks inside the house or looks into the garden and if we are outside to have a little chat with them. It is interesting to find out what they see or look for in our the garden or in the house. Sometimes the questions are really curious like „I couldn’t see your television. Where do you watch telly?“ or „Why didn’t you rake the leaves“. Well, my answers are like „We haven’t been watching television since 2009.“ or „It was snowing, the surface is still frozen, so I can’t rake the leaves“.

But yesterday I „closed“ three spots where we’ve been watched through the windows. I am so excited. 😀 Next weekend I will „close“ the next spots. Wish me luck that everything will work the way I would like to have it. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, the people in our neighbourhood are really nice people but a little bit too curious about our furniture and other belongings or what we do 😉

Walking To Mount Fuji

One of my closest friends (whom I actually consider as my ‚sister I wished I had’) likes to run or do some other sports. I enjoy my walks with Maya a lot and so she sent me the link to a website (The Conqueror) where you can walk virtual tours. I decided to join it for the Mount Fuji tour. In the end, you get a medal for the challenge. You can walk the tour in your own time and don’t need to stress yourself.

It is great fun because every night before I go to bed I post my distances of the day and I love to see how many kilometers I went that day. If you hit a milestone you get a postcard of that location or they are planting a tree for you. That is so awesome. 🙂

And no, I’m not getting any money or other compensation for recommending it to you. It is just my experience and my personal opinion.

Blown Away On Netflix

Normally I watch movies or television series on Netflix just for entertainment. The other day, Netflix recommended the TV series „Blown Away“ to me. I thought that it would be same competion like these millions of competition TV series. But it proved me wrong. There aren’t any strange challenges or any arguments between the people. No, they show their talent in glass blowing in a workshop. It is incredible what they can do with glass or rather what they can make out of it. They are so focused and pursue their target. You can see how hard they work and what amazing talents they have to create a piece of art in just a few hours. So the title was right; I was totally blown away.

There are ten artists who get a theme and they have to create a piece of art in a certain time. The judges evaluate the technique, the bravery and the realisation.

I personally love the way how it is filmed. They catched really great moments in the process of making art. Honestly, I would never have thought that glass blowing can be such an interesting topic.

I have just started the second season and I hope it will be as amazing as the first one.

Celebration Time

Last, bust absolutely certainly not least, I would like to say: THANK YOU! Since last month I can see a change. My blogposts are read more and I have over 40 followers on wordpress which is amazing for me. I love my little blog and I am really thankful that you stay with me and discover the world in maybe a different way.

Believe it or not but I am getting so excited when I see that people visit my blog and maybe like some of posts. 😀 It shows me that I reach you, entertain you a little bit and maybe me articles about stationery or other things might even help you a bit 😉 In any case, it is simply and honestly great.

I think I will continue to write such a little summary of a few personal things at the end of each month. If you would like to tell me what you think about that, just leave a comment below. I’d love to read your opinion.

Wisdom of the Day: Sit down on our virtual couch and enjoy some cookies 😉

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

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