My Vacation Mess

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

last Sunday I was really open to you and talked about my future upcoming job loss. I hope that it wasn’t to depressing for you. 😉

I thought about losing my job and which possibilities I have in life. Sometimes I think that I’m not using my full potential and then there are moments when I ask myself if I am worthy enough. I’m glad that I ask myself the second question not too often.

Reflectly As A Positive Motivator?

The interesting part is that I use an app called Reflectly. You can track your mood, how you feel, and also in regard of the Part part of your life like friends/family, work, or health. The app sends some positive and inspirational quotes to you every day.
Normally I read them and think that it is a nice idea to get some positive vibes. But this time it helped me. It helped me to stay focused on the important parts in life and to understand even more what really matters.
Funny was that sometimes the quotes matched the things my husband and I talked about that day. Or there were some quotes which were nearly identical to the words of my husband. 😀
(I don’t get any money or refund to write about the app, it is just my opinion.)

I Am More Than A Working Person

For a very long time I had loved my job and I was proud of what I was doing. Of cause there were ups and downs but I was always on the „bright side of my work“. I really identified with it.
More for more I was thinking about it, I asked myself why I reduced myself just down to the working part. My Lovelies, I don’t know the answer. And I am quite mad about myself because I did something like that.
I always encourage people around me to see more in themselves than just a busy bee at work. For example, I have a very good and dear friend, and she is a hardworking woman on one side. The other side is that she is a great mother of two lovely boys. She is such a strong and inspirational woman with so many skills and talents. She is a good listener, has a wonderful sense of humour, is creative, bakes so delicious food, and her sense of helping others is simply adorable. I know she is reading this, so yes I mean you, Claudi, my Love!
So, as you see I see more than just a mother or a busy bee in a human. But why the eff am I reducing myself?

Maybe I will never ever find an answer to this question but I will find out more about myself and find a way to see more than a busy bee. 😉 Perhaps I have some hidden talents too. 😀

What do you see yourself? What do you see in your family and what may your friends think about you?

Vacation Fun

So, during the last week I had this mess in my head and I tried to distract me a little bit. Therefore we met some friends and had a really good time. 🙂 We had some visitors and we were visitors. We talked about so many different things and enjoyed each other’s company. These moments gave so much to me. 🙂

Then I played some Animal Crossing or Just Dance. It was great to release the stress that way.

We tried to cut out one of my little characters. I have a Cricut but I hadn’t used it a lot; maybe it will change in the next months. 🙂 I will show you the results.

We watched the movie „Raya and the last Dragon“. It is a Disney movie and I loved it. I know everybody loves Frozen. Yes, it is a great movie, but it‘s not my favourite. My favourite is Moana and I think Raya and Moana have to share the first place. 😀 And interestingly, did anybody of you also realise that the singing was missing? I realised it just after the movie had ended. I was really surprised. I don’t want to spoiler anything, I just want to say, have a look.:-)


Unfortunately, we had another low point this Friday again. Our little pug girl needed to go to the vet. She seemed ill to us because she wasn’t behaving in the cute, bubbly way as she normally did. Because of that, we decided to go to the vet and it was the right decision. Maya has a inflammation of the uterus and she needs to have an operation.
I tried to be brave and not to cry, which I managed until we had left the vet. Back in the car I cried.
I’m not a mother of child and won’t be because I can’t have children but this is a different topic. But my little pug is my family, Maya is like my little baby. I know a lot of you will think „it is just a dog“ or „it is just an operation“, but I don’t care about such sentences. I care about my pug a lot. So I can get really emotional. The good part is my husband because he knows how to calm me down. THANK YOU, HUBBY! 🙂
So, next Saturday Maya will have her operation and we hope that everything will be good after it.

One Package After Another Package

I have been waiting for a long time to get some orders about which I would like to talk. And this week I didn’t expect any parcels to arrive but surprisingly I got one letter and three parcels. I was totally surprised.

What did I receive?

I got my letter from Japan which I wrote to myself in November 2019 when I coincidentally found the amazing little shop called Jiyucho. I am so happy about it.

Then I got my first Patreon parcel from rainbowholic.

My subscritipion box of Truphae arrived as well. The funny part is that I got my second box first and I am still waiting for my first order to arrive.

Last but not least I got my order of a Sakura themed box by Notebook Therapy.

As you see there is so much more to review for the next weeks. 🙂 I am really exicted and it will be great fun to test the products for you as well as to give you my opinion on them.

So my last words for this post: Next time we will talk about stationery again. 🙂

The words for my Wisdom of the Day is from Steven Maraboli:
„We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.“

Love to you all and stay healthy,
Evil Journalista

PS: We had some weather surprises too 🙂

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