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it is middle of the week and I am wondering how your week is. Do you do well? Do you need some positivity or some nice worde? Well, please let me know and I will send some good vibes to you. 🙂

I discovered my memory-travel-journal again a few days ago. So I thought I give you a quick overview over the cities we visited on our trips and so you can get a feeling for the moments I would like to share with you.

England – My First Love

Before I met my husband I didn’t travel a lot because I focused on my studies and my parents just drove to Denmark.
Then I met my husband who came back to Germany after he worked and studied one year aboard in Cambridge, England. After two months beeing together he said that he would fly back to his friends (we call them his second family) and I could come with him. It was quite shocking because my English wasn’t really the best. But I agreed. I relearn English and 26th of December 2008 we flought to England. It was my first flight ever and I was so nervous because I was afraid of heights at that point.

After landing we took a bus to Cambridge and there his friends picked us up. I was so afraid of saying something that I didn’t speak. But his friends Marian an Richard made me feel welcome and everybody was so lovely and nice, so that I try to speak. 🙂

We stayed with them and we had so many wonderful trips through the country. Every time we drove or flought to Marian and Richard it was like coming home.

I learnt so much during our stays and I fell in love after our first trip. For a long time we were thinking about moving there but Brexit changed a lot. Because of that we just enjoy the visits and I hope that we will be able to travel soon.

List Of Cities Which We Visited

  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Norwich
  • York
  • Southwold
  • Bluntisham
  • Bedford
  • St. Ives
  • Canterbury
  • Ely
  • Stamford

Places To Go

Every city has its own charme and personality. 🙂
So my advice in general if you are travelling for a longer time to one country please don’t visit just the capital city or one famous, take the opportunity and visit as much as you can. Because so you will get a really good impression of the country. 🙂

So most people who come to Germany visit Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Honestly, these are typical tourist places. Germany has more to offer. 😉 Go east for Halle (Saale) or Leipzig or Erfurt. Three old cities with interesting history and great for day trips. 🙂

We visited cities like Cambridge, London or St. Ives more than once because there is so much to see and there are places we like to revisit. We both are in love with the British Museum, so every time we are in London we go to the Museum. For example I visited it three times while my husband can’t really count how often he visited the Museum. He guessed between 30 and 40 times. Don’t worry we didn’t more than just going to one museum. 😀
My husband studied at a college in Cambridge and he worked at a school in St. Ives, so we are often there too.

Some other cities we just visited for a daily trip like Norwich, Stamford or York.

So, I share with you all the places we visited and maybe I reveal some little gems to you which you never thought of visiting. 😉 Of course I will write about the big typical tourist sightseeing places for you because we can discuss if they are the money and time worthy.

How We Travel

2008 we flought from Leipzig to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Stanford. Then we travelled by bus to Cambrigde. The next times we travelled by car. We drove from Halle (Saale) to Calais, where we took the ferry to Dover. From Dover we drove to our friends.

Flying is more relaxed than driving by car. But we like to shop books or some food and that it is really difficult to take back. And we take a few up to a lot of goodies for our friends with us. So a lugguage can be to small. 😀

When we drove my husband and I are changing at least after four hours and the other one is driving. So you take breaks, can walk a few steps and the fresh air helps to recover as well. An other thing we like to do is driving at night because there aren’t so many cars on the road. Unintentional we stopped at the same petrol stations on the way. So from Halle to Calais are 809 km and you need 8 h 43 min. And from Dover to Bluntisham, where our friends live are 215 km and you need 2 h 28min to drive.

The time on the ferry I take a nap because I drive the last part in England. Because of driving on the other side of the street I need a little sleep to be more focused. When we drive back home my husband drives first on the continent so I can reorient myself.

Some Impressions

Wisdom of the day: Explore the world! So many adventures are waiting for you!

Love to you all and stay healthy, 🙂
Evil Journalista

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