Cozy Chat February 2021

Hello my Lovelies 🙂

the second month of this year has come to an end, so we take a seat at our cozy couch and have little chat about the month and what happened beside the journaling. 🙂
Because of that, get yourself your favourite drink, treat yourself with a snack, and enjoy reading.

To Get A Kitchen Or Not To Get A Kitchen

What a roller coaster I can tell you. 😀 As you might remember, we ordered our kitchen online and we had our delivery date for 10th of February. We were so happy and excited but then the roller coaster started. This ride started with a tiny snow flake and we got 30 cm snow in just one night. There were a couple of days when snow fell and I shovelled snow up to three times a day.

On 9th of February we received a message that the kitchen wouldn’t be delivered because of the weather conditions which was quite understandable. They wrote that we would get a new apppointment.
The streets were full of snow and the winter service didn’t have time to clear up the smaller roads – they were too busy with the major roads and Autobahns. It was a crazy yet beautiful winter wonderland. On the other side, the temperatures dropped really low. At night we had temperatures as low as -20 degrees. It was bloody freezing. (Sorry for the swearing but I can’t say it in a nicer way ;-))

It was 12th of February im the evening when my husband was working while he received another message. New delivery date: 13th of February 6:45 to 9:45 am. I thought he was joking but no it was for real. Well, to be honest, I am a late riser at the weekend but for a kitchen I can get up at 5 o’clock. 😉

The next day the kitchen was delivered and we started building it up. The worktops will be sealed with wax, next weekend we will start bringing all together and find a place for everything. 🙂 I will be so happy when the kitchen is ready. Because my husband and I will start our next project in March.

Time To Read

While unpacking our moving boxes I found some books which I would like to re-read. We have a huge selection of non-fictional and fictional books. At this point, I am a little bit picky because I don’t buy every single book. If there is a new book which I would like to read I ask my friends if anybody has it, so I can borrow it. But this year, I would like to re-read my books and buy just a little amount. 😉

So, because of that I started with „Cross and Burn“ by Val McDermid a few weeks ago. I am not quite far with reading but it is about a guy who kills women who have similarities with Carol Jordan. Carol is one part of a duo together with Tony Hill. I love a thriller.

I like to read a lot of different book genres but the only section which I can’t really connect with is romance. Maybe it sounds tacky but I love a romance in reality. I married my best friend and he is all the romance I need. 🙂 Or when I see couples like family and friends who are together for long times and there is still this love in the air. It touches my heart more than a romance books could ever do. Well, that was really cheesy of me 😀

At the moment, a lot of things are going on at work, in the house, and with family and friends which makes it hard for me to find the time to read. I am thinking about a regular reading time for me. Maybe I can even create a new habit. I am still thinking about the best time and place for it. In general, I can read anytime and anywhere. 😀 I hope I will find an inspiration for the ways and means of this new habit in the next days.

In this context I started thinking about a reading journal. I know I won’t start a new journal 😀 But I was thinking about it. However, I was a little overwhelmed by the content on Youtube. Next month I will take this topic and make it to an article itself.

Being A Kid Again

I like watching a Youtube channel named „Held der Steine„. It is a guy in his 40s who owned a shop, built Lego, and other clip stones companies. He explains why a product is good or why he can’t recommend it. In one video he presented Lego Hogwarts moments. It is a classroom which looks like a cute little book. I was in love. So my husband bought for me my very first ever Lego. I know what you think: A grown up woman plays with Lego. No, I don’t play with it but I like to built it 😀 To be honest, I love trying out new things or new hobbies and to built things with Lego is so relaxing 🙂 I can forget the world around me.

I’m Walking

Maya and I walk between four and five kilometers every day and sometimes, at the weekends, it can be up to ten kilometers. I received our first walking medals. 🙂 I walk the Mt. Fuji trail on TheConquerors and on Pacer. I love both medals, and I am really proud of me and my little pug girl that we managed to walk 134 kilometers in one month. Many people might consider this nothing special because they walk farther, but for me and my arthrosis it is really good.

If I had to compare both companies, I liked the Conquerors a little bit more because I like the app and the structure more. But the two greatest features are the virtual postcards on the way and the tree planting at certain milestones. You will receive the postcards after you arrive at a certain check point and the tree will be planted after you hit a milestone (20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 percent milestone).

At the moment, Maya and I are walking the Inca Trail and maybe tomorrow we will walk across the finish line. The next challenge will be Hadrains Wall (148km). Wish me luck 😉

In addition, my husband wants to create a personal challenge for me. I should walk the distance of 3000 km. It is the length of Japan, and every time I am at a waypoint in a different bigger city or a specific region, he will cook something from that region for me. It is a lovely idea and as soon as I know more about it I will give you more information.

I hope you enjoyed your cup of your favourite drink and your snack. I will go for a walk with Maya and after that I will enjoy my book.

Wisdom of the Day: Just enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

Love to you all and stay healthy,
The Evil Journalista

P.S.: I didn’t receive any compensation or the like for mentioning the companies. This is totally my own opinion based on my own experiences for which I paid myself without any advantage.

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