Explaining your passion to other people

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

It‘s Wednesday and I have the time to write again. I‘m so happy about it. The last weeks were full with other things and appointments which are finished now. 🙂

Let‘s talk about our passions. Everybody has something in life we do and sometimes we don’t have anybody with the same passion around us. That’s what it was like for me for a very long time. Most of my friends asked me a few questions about my stationary passion and after a short chat they said something like „That isn‘t anything for me.“. Well, that makes it difficult to get into a creative exchange.

I‘m glad that today we can communicate worldwide but I like the personal chat as well. Sometimes I think of finding a group of journaling addicts who live in my area and we could meet once a month or the like. That would be great but unfortunately in my area aren’t many journaling addicts.

But I would like to share a moment with you that happens some years ago during a train ride which really influenced my life.
I was sitting on the ICE (the high speed trains in Germany) from Frankfurt to Berlin. The train was overcrowded and I found a place in the dining car. I ordered a dessert as a snack and some coffee. Around me sat a lot of people just staring at their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. I shared my table with three men with laptops as well. The lovely waitress brought me my order and said: „Oh someone without technical thingies.“ I smiled because I was the only one in the whole car. That moment showed me how much our life depends on these maschines. I pulled out my journal with my fountain pen and laid everything around me. Next to me sat a young man who was quite stressed while I enjoyed my dessert with coffee. I looked out of the window and enjoyed the ride. I love train rides. 🙂

My dessert was nearly finished and the young man looked at me and my journal. He asked me where my laptop or tablet is and I started laughing because I didn’t have any with me. Just me and my journal.

He looked at me in a confused way and went back to work again. The next man, opposite me, listened our short conversation. I think he was wondering too. Well their orders arrived and for the first time at my table, these three men put their laptops and tablets aside and ate. I started journaling and one of the man (I can‘t remember who it was) asked: „What are you doing?“

Such a simple question which I hadn’t heard in years, I just asked back how much time he had because this could be take some time. 😀
So, there we were, four strangers talking about my passion and why it is great to take a break from the digital world.

It was a really interesting chat. We spoke about different way of organising appointments and deadlines. It was a creative exchange and we all realised that it doesn’t matter what our profession is, but how important it is to have a clear mind and to be focused on your tasks.

I explained how I structured my journal and what everything inside was. In all these years I didn’t journal with stickers, had some washi tape and I used some highlighters too. Sometimes I doodled a little bit on some pages or I wrote some really short stories. I tracked my mood, the weather and some habits. I used to track my reading and listening to radio plays.

So I can truely say that my journal wasn‘t artistic or beautiful. I like my journal simple but messy. 😉
I think that it helped the three men at my table to understand the system a little bit better and my journal also showed them that it was in use and not for decoration.
In my understanding, my journal is pretty but a lot of people would disagree which, to be honest, doesn’t matter to me because it is my journal.

That was really a point of our discussion because there are thousand of journalistas and planner babes outside who create beautiful spreads. Don‘t get me wrong, I think we should cherish every single page of each one of us because we (and everything we create) are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

It was interesting to see three men talking about system and beauty on a page. 🙂 The young man was pulling out a journal which he got from his company. He looked quite stressed and asked us for help because he had problems with deadlines, tasks and other things.

It was fascinating because three strangers started helping one young professional to build a system. We did some brainstorming what he had to deal with. We created symbols for different points. I can tell you three hours can fly by like nothing. In the end, the young man had a journal with a key and first to dos. It was really minimalistic and very simpel. We sat there and had a really good time.

I learnt a lot about project planning and different ways to manage projects. I adapted the Kanban system to my blogging because of that day. It helps me to prepare multiple posts in advance and I can decide which blogpost I will work on.

My destination came up and I left the train, then I realised that I didn’t know any names. A really strange but an interesting and also memorable train ride.

Two weeks later I sat on the ICE from Frankfurt to Berlin again. I found a place in the dining car. The train wasn’t overcrowded this time but I liked to have a coffee. After a short time a voice asked where my journal would be. It was the young man again and next to him was another one of our little group.
We talked about his experience with the journaling and interestingly both men stayed in touch because both travelled the same distance the same day. We sat together for the ride and started a creative exchange.
It was lovely and one of the best train rides I ever had.

Wisdom of the Day: Journaling can bring strangers together and help to learn from one another.

Love to you all,
The Evil Journalista

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