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Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

it’s Sunday and it’s snowing. I am huge enthusiast of snow. Although I was born in summer, I have always adored the winter time. It isn’t because of Christmas; no, I simply love to see the landscape covered in snow. The white beauty gives the whole land such a wonderful shine. The snow falls so softly and silently, I can hardly resist to look outside and enjoy the scenery. But now, I do have to resist. 😀

As I promised you, I will write about and introduce you to my fountain pen collection. Not long ago, I presented my Mountblanc Meisterstück to you and from now we will have a look at one pen in the rest of my collection. Every month I will write about one of them and my collection contains really affordable fountain pens up to some which I would call luxurious items. There are some pens which were gifts from my husband, so I will check the price as well but I can’t tell you if it was that price which he had paid.

As you know, fountain pens have a special place in my heart but I think that there is a huge variety out there and not everybody can afford a pen which is expensive. But I do also think that a pen doesn’t need to be expensive. There are some great fountain pens which are affordable and maybe I can show you some great variety over the next time. Maybe, you will even buy one for yourself or for a stationery addict/friend/family member.

Sailor Pro Gear Classic Angel’s Delight

Today I would like to show you to one of my limited editions: my Sailor fountain pen.

As we were on vacation in Japan three years ago, we visited the stationery shop „Itoya“ in Tokyo (Ginza) and we went through one of the floors where there was a huge department just for fountain pens. I was in heaven but the fountain pens were really pricy and I was quite astonished about that. I saw some Sailor fountain pens and I wrote down the name of the brand, so that I could check them later. If you have the opportunity to go for shopping to Ginza then have a look into this shop. There are eight floors of stationery goodies and trust me, it really is like heaven for people who love stationery.

By chance one of my favourite Japanese sellers on Etsy offered a Sailor fountain pen, I showed it to my husband and I forgot about it because I was too busy looking for Christmas presents for our families.

So my husband bought the Sailor fountain pen for me in secret as a Christmas surprise and I was totally blown away.

Before we check out the product, let’s have look at the company.

Sailor Pen

The company was founded in 1911 as ‚Sakata-Manufactory‘ by Mr Sakata and his brother in Hiroshima. The name was later changed to Sailor Pen and now they have produced writing nibs and pens for over 100 years; their products are still known for the soft feel and smooth writing.

As I started to read a little more about the company, I discovered some interesting facts. For example, did you know that in 1948 ballpoint pens were really popular in Japan? I was surprised how early ballpoint pens were used there.

Sailor was Japan’s first company which produced the first ink cartridges. They still use the same original nib technology they used back in 1911. That is incredible, I think.

I can highly recommend the brand book on their website for more information. I was really enjoyed reading it.

The company logo is an anchor. and they offer a great variety of fountain pens as well as other pens. However, be aware that they can be very pricy.

The Pen

The fountain pen was packed into a classic dark blue box where the company’s name Sailor is printed in golden letters. Next to the name is a golden anchor. When you open the box, there is a light grey colour inside. You can see the company’s name with the anchor again. The fountain pen itself lays on a velvet underground. Then pen is secured with an elastic band. Underneath the little bed were a warranty card and the cartridge.

The name of my pen is Sailor Pro Gear Classic Angel’s Delight limited edition. Well, quite a long name for such a goodie. I will call him Angel. 😉 It is part of Sailor’s Cocktail Series.

It is coloured in white and a purple which is a little bit transperent. The cap is white and on top of it you can see the brand’s logo. The clip is silver or it is maybe a specific gold tone but I am not really sure of the material. The colour combination looks elegant and timeless which I appreciate for a pen.

The fountain pen is 12,7 cm long and it weights 24,5 g, which is quite light. The body is purple.

To open the pen you unscrew the cap and then you will see a beautiful 21k solid gold two-tone rhodium plated nib. On top of the nib 1911 is engraved and beneath it you can see the anchor once more. The nib looks really wonderful. The nib I have is an F because I like it when my writing is fine.

The pen comes with a cartridge, which is great, so you can use the ink you like and you can change it fast.

I looked up the price on a website called and the price was 272 Dollars. You can’t order the pen there because it is out of stock.

The Writing With Angel

I use my self-mixed ink from Kakimori with my pen. What really lovely is that the nib reacts fast to the amount of pressure you use. The ink flow during light or hard pressure is always easy and it doesn’t get lumpy or scratchy.

The pen fits perfectly in the hand and the writing is so gentle. The nib slides over the paper and when you find your right amount of pressure your handwriting will be beautiful and soft. You can really watch how the nib is changing / is flexible during pressure and without pressure.

As a lefty I am often worried that the nib could be scratchy because I hold the nib in a different angle than a right handed person would surely do, but I haven’t got any problems with this pen.

My Final Thoughts

I adore my Sailor. I love to write with it because is so easy. I really love the elegant design and especially the nib. This little beauty is so flexible and great to use that you can’t do anything wrong.

You may ask if the Montblanc writes better than the Sailor or vice versa. Well, I can tell you that one isn’t better than the other because both are so very different. For me, the nib is high quality at its best and I just love to look at it.

Wisdom of the Day: There are a lot of fountain pens in the world but every pen has its own character and that’s the beauty in every single one of them.

Love to you all and stay healthy,

The Evil Journalista

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