Testing Erin Condren’s LifePlanner

Hello to you all 🙂

I hope your last week was full of lovely memories. ❤️

A few months ago I discovered Erin Condren’s Planner but I didn’t buy one because of the the costs. I know that you can get a lot for your money, however, I don’t know why I was a little bit sceptical. After a few sneaks to the website and a few talks with my hubby I was ready to buy one, and I was overwhelmed by the huge range of planners, products, accessoires and lots more. My first thought was „Was zum Geier soll ich nehmen?“. I try to translate it as „What the heck should I buy?“. 😳

The good point is that on the website is a little quiz to help you find the perfect planner for you and your planner needs. So I tried it and the quiz said that I should try the Lifeplanner Deluxe monthly. Well, I checked it and started customizing the planner. It is really brilliant that you can choose:

  • your cover
  • the coil colour
  • what should be on the cover (like your name)
  • the colour palette inside
  • when should it start (the months)
  • extra pages

And after you chose all your planner details, you can order it. As a little washi addict, I ordered the washi rolls with the Kaleidoscope motive on it too.

To be honest, the shipping and customs costs are quite pricy for me (living in Germany), but ok, it is an invest. 😉

The shipping was quite fast. In total I just had to wait 3 weeks. That is really fast for going around half the world.

I was really excited when the parcel arrived. After I had opened the package, the smell brought me back to reality. It was really smelly in a chemical and unpleasant way. Unfortunately, the smell stayed in my living room for three weeks, no matter how often or how long I opened the windows.

The cover of the planner looks exactly the same as the online picture suggested. The planner is 23×18,5cm without the binding. It is for 12 months, starting on September. It is really great you can start at that month you order it. The paper is soft and thick, so you don’t have to worry about bleeding or ghosting.

For every month you have a page with a slogan and after that you have a page where you can write birthdays, goals and other things down. Then you find a monthly overview and according to that the weekly pages follow.

I was scrolling through the pages and my husband was wondering because I was so quiet. Normally, I can’t stop talking about new planners, but this time it was different. Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed and I didn’t know why. Then I checked my washi rolls and I am used to that you can peel the washi easily off the roll but in my case the washi was pulling over. That happened every time I tried it. 😕

I found thousands of stickers or sticker sets for the planner and I decorated it. The variety is huge and you can buy so much stuff. That is really an advantage. It is really fun to decorate it in your personal style.

But every time I use it, I haven’t got the same vibe as when using my Hobonichi or my Bullet Journal. Maybe I have difficulties because of the structure of the weeks and the monthly page with the goals (I didn’t have any goals each month) or I am not used to have a binding. I really don’t know. 🤔

I really love the customizing of the whole planner, the stickers and the huge amount of supplies you can buy for it. But I am not sure if this system is the best for me. Experimenting is one of my loves in life but the arrow of planner love hasn’t hit me so far.🤷🏼‍♀️

Wisdom of the day: If you don’t try, you will never know if it is your style.

Love to you all,

Chrissi 🤓

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