15 days till Tokyo

Hello to you, 🙂

well, I have been counting backwards since the day we booked the flight to Japan because I am so very excited. 😁

My to do list for the journey is still long but I can cross out a few things.💪So, today I want to share with you the things I still have to do before we go there:

  • going to the bank and exchanging Euros into Yen
  • packing our clothes and the things for Maya
  • going with Maya to the vet
  • bringing Maya to our friends Nadine, Mario and Yanni
  • I: going to the hairdresser; my husband: going to the barber
  • printing out the park ticket
  • booking the flight seats

As you see my to do list is shorter than it was a month ago. 🥳

Do I have a plan? Yes.

So, the day, we land, it will be 3 o’clock pm. We will pick up our luggage and buy tickets for the Narita Express. Then we will be at Shinjuku station at 7 o’clock pm. We haven’t decided yet whether will take the Metro or we walk to the hotel (it’s 700 m from the station). After the check-in, we will go out, buy some food and walk through Shinjuku.

First day

We will have breakfast and we will set out to the temple Sensoji in Asakusa where we will visit Nakamise (a shopping street). In the afternoon I am going to make my own ink at Kakimori Ink Stand. In the evening, we will going to Loft at Tokyo Skytree.

Second day

After breakfast, we are going to Tokyo Station for Character Street and Ramen Street. I will shop and for lunch we will looking for some ramen (my husband is really looking forward to Ramen Street because he loves those soups). In the afternoon, we are going to Akihabara because we want to hunt for Gachapon (capsule toys). For the evening we have no plans yet.

Third day

We will take the train to Kamakura where we want to visit the Great Buddha, going to Enoshima with its lovely beach, visiting the Hase Dera temple, shopping at the Studio Ghibli shop and have a great coffee near Kamakura Station.

Fourth day

We want to start the day at the Meji Shrine and walk through Yoyogi Park. After that, we are going to Harajuku for the Takeshita street. In this area there is a stationery cafe which I would like to visit. In the afternoon, we will take the Metro to Shibuya. There are a few stores which I would like to check out, for example: Disney Store, Wrapple, Daiso. In the evening we could take a snack at the Royal Tea Garden cafe, where we met tv host Peter Barakan for tea last year.

Fifth day

It is the last full day in Tokyo and we will go for a walk through Shinjuku and Ginza. After that we will pack our suitcases and enjoy our last day.

I didn’t plan too much for each day because we don’t want to have the pressure like last time. We can decide spontaneously if we want to change something or to do something completely different.

I plan to write a few lines for you every day and I will post photos on Instagram too. ☺️

Wisdom of the day: In every planning, leave a little time slot for spontaneity.

Love to you all,


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