Hello 2020

Hello lovelys, 🙂

Happy New Year!

I hope you celebrated New Year. I didn’t do it because of my little pug girl. As you may know I have a pug called Maya and she is really a sweetheart. I know a lot of people with cats or dogs and the animals are afraid of the fireworks. But my little girl isn’t afraid, she is brave and would like to attack the fireworks because it is too loud and they disturb her silence. 😂

So we were at home, sat on our bed and watched the fireworks over the city because from our flat we have a good view for that. Maya, after she saw that there was a connection between light and sound, was bored by it and so she slept on me. đŸ„° That is my little girl.

My journal isn’t prepared, my goals for this years aren’t completely think through and my stationery isn’t completely perfect. Why do I this? A few years ago I was prepared and everything was ready but I felt stressed and I wasn’t me.

I was thinking about posting here or on Instagram right on New Year’s Day. But I wasn’t sure, because everybody did it. So many people were posting what the first page in their journal was or how pretty everything was or what their word for the new year would be. It is really impressive how people can be so prepared. I have a more relaxed approach.

Actually I love the journey through a year. You have so many adventures which are out there waiting for you. Instead of goals I have a frame within I go on my adventure tour through the year.

What is in my frame:

  • enjoying my life
  • celebrating with family and friends
  • learning new skills
  • laugh and love

Wisdom of the day: Don’t plan your life, live it. You have just one life.

Love to you all,


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