Review: Galen Leather Portfolio

Hello lovelies, 🙂

three months ago I was wandering through Instagram and there was an advertisement which caught my eye. Do you know that moment, when the products, the font of the company and the setting of the products look interesting to you but you are not sure if you should give it a try? Well, that was my moment. The days went by and I tried to remember the name of the brand. I forgot it and was a little bit disappointed about myself for that. But I spotted the products again, this time it was a photo posted by a person whom I follow.

The brand is Galen Leather. It is a Turkish company and they make journaling accessories, bags, wallets and office articles. Everything is made of leather and wood. The best part is that every single piece is made by hand.

To be honest, I loved the writer’s medic bag and a5 zip folio. The price is high but I think that it is totally fine because of the material and the craft work that goes into it. I decided to look up the leather zippered a5 folios. And Armor of the Journaling Gods sent an arrow right into my heart. 💘

I decided to order one of these folios in green. I know everybody thinks about a lovely brown colour but this green seemed so intense and deep. And I simply adore green shades. 💚

It was really interesting to see that I received, a few days after the order, a mail concerning the time which it needs to make such a piece and if I would have any questions, I could ask any time. Another few days later, I got another mail with the history of the company. I was blown away. I had never got such a mail before and my heart was melting. My heart belongs to family businesses because both of my grandparents were craftsmen and had their own businesses. I grew up at their work places and still today I love supporting small businesses or family businesses. You can see the hard work which is put into their products and the passion is tangible.

Then, I got the mail that it is shipped via FedEx. I was so curious. When it arrived I was at work and my hubby was at home. I waited for some pictures. I couldn’t really concentrate on work 🤣

I loved it from the first picture on. The green was the exact shade as on their website. When I got home, I had to feel it. It is a very smooth leather surface. I like the smell. I bought the folio where a Hobonichi Cusin fits in. There is place for pens/pencils, credit cards, or washi cards in my case, you can store keys or charger for your phone. It is beautiful and perfect for me.

I put in there my favorite pens, a pencil, a ruler, a pair of scissors, some washi cards and, of course, a journal. Normally, I have my Hobonichi in there but in the picture I put my Traveler’s notebook in it. (It was the first journal which I picked.)

If you want to buy a piece of leather with high quality then I can recommend this company without any hesitation.

(I didn’t get any money or other kind of compensation for writing about it and it wasn’t a present of the company.)

Wisdom of the day: If you find a shop interesting, then give it a try especially when you could support family/small businesses.

Love to you all,


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