What Goes and What Comes – a Look Back and a Look Ahead

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

2020 is nearly over and what a year it was! Well, it had some highlights and some lowlights as well. Possibly more low moments than we would like it to have had.

I thought a bit about 2020 and which high expectations we all had for the year in early January. We all had goals which we wanted to acheive and it should have been our Glorious 20s.

COVID in Out Lives

Well, I think we learnt fast that we could cancel a few goals for this year. Disappointments, frustration and shocking moments were emotions which we felt more often than in the years before. Ironically, we learnt to face an enemy which is invisible. It’s also so sneaky that we didn’t know how to handle the situation. It was hard and we wouldn’t get it under control in the next 24 hours like we thought we could.

But we learnt as well that we can help each other in different ways. We found new ways to work and live together; we learnt that we are strong when we fight as a community and follow the rules. We learnt that we can smile and be kind to each other even when we are wearing a mask and keep distance. We learnt to take care for each other in a new way and during Christmas time we recognised how precious our families and friends are.

I am so thankful for all the hard work of medicial staff, people who work in the retail trade and in systemically relevant jobs. THANK YOU! Because of you and your work our countries could function during these difficult times. I can’t tell you how thankful I am and I appreciate your/their engagement. All these people are our heroes of 2020.

Low Points

If I put COVID aside, this year was a challenging one for me. Three of my beloved ones needed an operation and had a lot of troubles with their operations or during the healing process. I am thankful and happy that everything turned out positive in the end.

We also got the diagnosis that our little pug girl Maya is going to be blind one day. Now she is our brave pug girl and she gets eye ointment every day so we can slow down the blinding.

Also, our workload was much higher than last year. We worked more and a quick pause at the coffee machine wasn’t possible because when working from home, many people made appointments right after the next. In the office, you could go and spend a penny while walking from one room to the next. With all meeting being virtual, you had to plan that in your schedule.

Christmas wasn’t the same either. We didn’t celebrate with the whole family and my grandparents stayed at home alone because they were too afraid of COVID.


But we had some highlights this year as well.

We moved from our flat in the city to a house in the countryside. Due to that, I can now go for a long walk with Maya, every day for 1 1/2 up to 2 hours. It is so relaxing and we are in great company with our friend Andrea and her dog.

We had some great road trips like the one to Quedlinburg. I hope that we will do more road trips next year (as far as it will be possible).

I played Animal Crossing and loved it (and still love it) 😀

I learnt that even a virtual cup of coffee with friends can be fun.

I learnt that 6-8 journals/planners for one year were too many even just to compare them. 🙂

Expectations for 2021

Well, after 2020 my expactations for next year are quiet low. I hope that the vaccinations are helping and we will get COVID under control.

I hope that no one of my friends or family will get seriously ill and can live his/her life happily.

I hope that we all as a community will grow more together and enjoy our friendships more.

Goals for 2021

If you know me or read a little bit about me, I am not the woman who has goals for a year. A goal is a moment and when you achieve it what will be after it? Do you set yourself a new goal? No, not my style 😀

I’d like to walk a new path together with you. Let’s explore new things, different ways of journaling and stay true to ourselves. Life is a process where we all learn from failure and success, and we shouldn’t stop doing something because we fail or someone told us to do so.

No, we decide what we want to do, what we want to explore and what we define as success in our lives. I won’t have any goals but I can promise you that my journey will be interesting and exciting without any goals. 😀

My Way in the Next Year

What I want to promise you, is that I will blog more about stationery, travels and my personal little chaotic world. There will be some changes and big adventures ahead. Don’t be afraid or worried, it will be fun 😀 or at last I make you smile.

So stay tuned, tell your friends about the blog and let’s all enjoy it together. Get in touch with me through the blog or my social media, like Instagram.

Wisdom of the Day: Enjoy your life and appreciate the people around you!

Stay healthy!

Love to you all and a happy New Year,


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