Welcome to Evil Journalista

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂

there we are, our first huge adventure or as an adult would call it: Change. 😉

My blog name changes form Stationery-Nerd to Evil Journalista.

Don’t panic! I will explain it to you.

Why the Name Changing?

That it is really complicated and a long story. Sorry, just kidding.

There are three main reasons for it. The first and quickest one is: I want a unique name and brand.

The second reason is that over the years a lot of my friends called me nerd and I am really proud of it, but a lot of people call themselves a nerd, a geek or they have this nickname – and I want to be different; individual.

The third and last reason is that I want to show more explicitly how different I am. So I decided a new name is a great idea.

Why Evil Journalista?

As you may know, I had a very bad relationship with my journal last year. It was this toxic relationship where you don’t want to pick up your pen to fill the pages and you get really frustrated just by looking at it.

At that time, I was in a chat where members are really artistic and pastell coloured. I like to get inspired by such beautiful spreads.


There was a young girl who posted her spread and it didn’t fit in the style which had already been posted there. She got a lot of backlash for it and I was shocked by that. No support, no positive feedback. I spoke up and gave her some positive feedback because she was finding her way and I thought that we should encourage, support and respect every spread someone creates. It is someone’s work and as a community we should be there for each other.

I got feedback as well and I can tell you it was anything but positive.

This situation frustrated me a lot and due to it I started to talk about it with my husband. He said one really interesting thing about me and my way of journaling: „I have known you for a long time and you haven’t been somebody who swims with the masses. You are a different and you show it to the world.“

Well, wise words of a man who has stayed with me for 13 years. 😀

I started a spread with all the things I don’t like, don’t hype or don’t understand why they are hyped. I was journaling for quite a while and my husband said: „Well, you are an enfant terrible“

My comment was simple: „Did you just call me an evil journalista?“ 😀

It was the second time I heard the word „evil“ in context with me because in the aforementioned chat someone asked me how evil I could be to support something like that young girl’s spread.

This was the birth moment of Evil Journalista.

Yes, I like to different, to be a little rebel and yes sometimes it seems to be wicked, but that is just who I am.

What Changes for You?

Nothing except the name.

Ok and the design of the blog, too. 😉

I am still the nerdy one who will write about everything around stationery. I will review products and I will give you some glimpses of my life and my adventures.

Wisdom of the day: Trust the rebel inside you!

Love to you all,

The Evil Journalista

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