My perfect time to journal

Hello 🙂

today I was thinking about how I find my journal time or what I do when I take time for journaling.

To be honest, I don’t have time for journaling every day although I would like to have. I work 40 hours per week and the flat cleaning doesn’t do it on itself. 😉 And I have to admit that I have a few other hobbies too. 😉

At some days, I just check the things which I have to do for the next days and I write only my moods and fill in my trackers. Maybe I write just a few notes or a plan for the next day but it takes only 10-20 minutes a day.

On the other side, there are days when I have spare time and I can be as creative as I would like to be. At this time, I draw new weekly or monthly spreads, try to doodle, or write some lines, maybe a short story. When I am doing that, I listen to a radio play or to relaxing music. I enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea and sit at my desk. Next to me is my little pug girl Maya who is usually sleeping (it is really relaxing to hear her snoring 🙂 ) Ok, sometimes her big brown eyes look at me and she can sit on my lap. She loves to cuddle, you know.

In the spring and summer time I like to sit on our balcony and enjoy journaling outside. We have a nice view over the houses up to a forest. You can see a lot of trees and it is calling for inspiration. I can do this for 2-4 hours.

These moments are great and very special for me. I can relax and enjoy this time.

My wisdom for today: When you start journaling, take some time, sit at cosy place and have your stationery tools near you. Don’t stress yourself, if you don’t have much time every day.

So, what is your perfect moment for journaling? What is relaxing for you when you are journaling? I would be happy if you shared your experiences in the comments.

Love to you all,


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