Planning our trip to Barcelona

Hello 🙂

I hope you had/have a good Friday. Today it is the last planning day for our trip to Barcelona. We are going to travel with some good friends.

To be honest with you, Barcelona isn’t the city of my dreams but I think it is a trip worth because of the wonderful culture and amazing architecture. So, I am a little bit excited. 😀

We will stay there for 3 whole days and one half day. The best thing is that our flight is going to take only 2 hours.

I planned intensely last weekend. I bought some guide books and I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful places which you should or could visited in Barcelona. So, I started putting a post it on my favourite spots. After that I realized that the book was marked on nearly every third page. Ok, that was way too much for 3 days. Because of that, I was looking for the most important highlights of Barcelona like Sagrada Familia, the port, Parc Güell or Montjüic.

The planning was quite exhausting because my husband and our friends gave me the freedom to plan the trip. Ok, I love planning but sometimes it is nice when you have some help with it.

During my planning I was a little bit shocked about the entrance fees of the highlights. After the shock was gone, I started my research for something like day passes to save money. You have the choice between Turbopass and Barcelona pass. Both passes have advantages and disadvantages. We decided for the Turbopass because the Sagrada Familia is free and we can use the hop on hop off bus for one day.

I planned our visits according to the locations. I tried to put all highlights of the same area at one day, so we can enjoy a walk through the different districts. I am excited to see if we can walk to those sights or whether we will have to use the metro and the bus system a lot.

I think I will show you whether plan and reality will have found each other after we will have returned back home next week. I’d like to do these kind of checks of reality. 😉

Love to you all,


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