My favourite stationery online shop

Hello, 🙂

long time no read. Ok, I am sorry, that I have not written a new post for such a long time. We were on holiday to Barcelona with some very dear friends of ours and after that I was on the road for work a lot.

However, today I thought, that it would be nice to give you some information about one of my favourite stationery shops. To be honest, there are a lot of stationery online shops and websites like Etsy or Wish which make it easy for stationery addicts (like me) to buy some wonderful things.

But my absolute favourite and I think my first stationery shop was London Gifties. You know, you will never forget your first love. 😉

The shop owner is Kristine. She offers a lovely variety of stickers, washi tape, water colour sets or paper journals and many more. She does a great job with her small business. The products change from time to time. That is great, so you can check every two months or so and find new things every time.

Why I am telling you that about little shop?

First, I love to support little shops and I think it is important to be supportive in our journaling/stationery community.

Second, in little shops you can aleays find stuff which is unique and the quality is high.

Third, the package is incredibly beautiful. Each of them is decorated individually and differently, and the name is done in beautiful hand lettering style.

Today I got a new package from London Gifties. It was a so-called treasure box. So it was a surprise for me to see what is inside. I was so excited and I was just happy to open my box. 🙂

Which stationery things were inside? There were eight different rolls of washi tape, a paper bundle, tea, chocolate, and a mix of classicy goods from Japan.

my treasure box

My wisdom of the day: If you want to shop for stationery, try a little shop and you will definitely find a little treasure yourself.

Love to you all,


PS: In the future, I will blog about more shops or artists I love. 🙂

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