The world of washi tape

hello, 🙂

today I want to talk about washi tape. If you are interested into journaling then you will find the colourful masking tapes.

a few different styles

What is washi?

It is an invention of the Japanese. Washi literally means „Japanese paper“ (from „wa“ = Japan/Japanese and „shi“ = paper). It is sometimes also called masking tape alternatively.

It is a colourful tape which can removed from the paper without any remains and you can tape to another place, again and again (if it is of good quality). It is amazing and it helps to personalise your journal, card or whatever you would like to decorate with it. Washi tape comes in huge varieties. The shape, the size, and the colours can be very different. You can find tape with a golden touch, with dogs, cats, otters (as you can see in the picture), houses, planets, stars, mountains, and many things more. You won’t believe it, you can even find it in plain colours 😉

I am a little washi messy. Honestly, I love it. The sheer variety of motives and styles of a tapes can be so different and every tape is pretty. As of today, I have got 260 different tapes. I know it is a huge collection but I am in love with these little rolls. 🙂 For example, I have tapes which have a single colour or tapes with prints like flowers, cactus, animals or landscapes. And I am sure, there will be many more to come.

Drawer number 1

How do I use my washi tape?

Most of the time I use it for my bullet journal. I like to tape it on birthday cards or seasonal greetings. Sometimes I use it for presents. It is a lovely and personal touch. 🙂

One example: The houses are from one roll of washi, one sticker and the rest is just quickly drawn.

Wisdom of the day: Try it and you will love it. 🙂

Love to you all,


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