How I planned the Barcelona trip exactly?

Hello to you, 🙂

I am very sorry, I did not write this post earlier. To be honest with you, I had some health problems and now I am on my way back. 🙂 So let’s check this out:

At the beginning of every trip planning I am quite a chaotic person. I found on so many pages what you can do there or what you should not do. So I had a bunch of different notes and I tried to find a kind of system. Ok, this time it did not work. So, I started talking to my friends who came with us and I talked with my husband. With our friends, it was a short chat because they wanted to go to the football stadium of FC Barcelona und they wanted to visited La Sagrada Familia. After this talk I had a nice cup of coffee with my husband. To be honest, it was rather a monologue where I spoke most of the time. 😀 At one point he said, I should write it down and plan it that way… My brain just thought „WHAT“? while I was talking, I forgot all the points which I had explained.

Because of that I spread all my things out on our table. And it looked like this:

The table is quite big. I needed all the place. 😉

What do you see?

  • a city map
  • a map of the hop on hop off buses‘ routes
  • a information guide for the Barcelona Card
  • a list of all the places where we could get a discount
  • a city guide Barcelona by Dumont which I can really recommend
  • my journal for the first sketch of the tour
  • and my pot of coffee

I looks quite messy but there was a system in this madness. 😉

I started by marking all the places we wanted to visit. While I was doing this, I found out that a few places where really close to each other while other places were really far apart. I decided to check on google maps how long it would take to get there via metro or walking. Then I was thinking about which places would be a match and I tried to find a time plan which would allow us to be flexible and we would not be too long on our tour.

At that point I found the Barcelona WalkingTours. It would start at 9 o’clock in the morning and it was the only tour in English available. I wrote them and I got a date where we could take part in it. This was our second fixed appointment. (The first one was La Sagrada Familia.)

The first day would be the 12th of May when we would arrive and I planned visiting Park Güell and a few different Casas with were designed by Antonio Gaudí.

13th of May we could have a look to Camp Nou, Museu Picasso and La Sagrada Familia.

14th we would have our walking tour in the morning, then we could walk through Las Ramblas with a quick stop at Mercat de la Boqueria to the port. In the evening we would then take a cruise through the port and along the coast with a boat and maybe there would be some time left for the nautical museum.

15th – our last day – we would take it easy and take the hop on hop off bus through the city, going to Montjuic and the famous Magic Fountain.

16th we would fly back.

Because I did not like to take a journal with me during the day, I made a sheet with the details. (The paper is folded because of it was put into a trouser pocket. 🙂 )

time table

So wisdom of the day: In every mess, a system can be found – you just need to look for it.

Love to you all,


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