An overview and the first two days in Barcelona

Hello to you, 🙂

I hope you enjoy your day and have a nice time.

In this post I will write about the actual trip and whether my time table worked out the way I had planned it. I will give you a quick overview about the place, what we visited and what we shopped there.

12th of May– visiting different
– Park Güell
– visiting the Casas (Milà, Batlló, de les Punxes)
– Park Güell
it was a lot of walking
13th– Camp Nou
– Museum of Picasso
– La Sagrada Familia +
Sant Pau
– Camp Nou
– La Sagrada Familia
we skipped the museum because we were tired
14th– walking tour
– Las Ramblas
– Mercat de la
– the port
– a cruise through the port
– maybe the nautical museum
– all the points in the plan including the nautical museumwell, we were busy
15th– bus tour
– Montjuic
– Magic fountain
– all three bus tours
– Montjuic
– a ride with the cableway
– visiting the beach
a little bit different but funny

First of all, I can recommend a trip to Barcelona and four days are enough – they were for us, at least. There were a lot of things to see or visit and we are glad we made it.

Now I will give you a closer look to the first two days in detail with some photos. 🙂

First Day (12th of May)

It was one of our best decisions to visit the Park Güell as it was our first highlight. We bought tickets online which included a free bus ride to the Park and back to the Metro. I can tell you one thing about this: DO IT! Do not to walk up there. The Park is on top of a mountain and the way up there was really hard even for the bus. You can a walk around the inner part of the Park which is incredibly beautiful.

After that, we took the bus back down again in order to go for a walk for the first Casa which was designed by Antonio Gaudí. It was a lovely walk along Passeig de Gràcia which is a luxurious shopping street. We shopped at the famous chocolate maker Antoni Amatller who owned one of the Gaudí houses. The chocolate was really worth the price and was not as expensive as we had expected. We continued walking to Casa Milà which is the most famous Gaudí house. You can visit the Casas if you want to. We did not because of the rather expensive entrance fees and the long waiting queues in front of each of the Casas.

Casa Milà

After that, we went back to our apartment and we were looking for some food. That was the end of the first day.

Day Two (13th of May)

We took the metro to Camp Nou, the football stadium. Especially our friends were excited we went there. I, on the other hand, am not interested in football at all, but it was really interesting to see what the club achieved in all these years and how they support the kids.

Mes de un club

To be honest, after 2 1/2 hours of walking through the stadium (changing room, press conference rom, the museum itself and the press gallery) we were so tired. We had a short chat and decided to give us a time out for a nap. And we had a great nap 😀

In the afternoon, we walked around La Sagrada Familia and stayed for an ice cream in a little park nearby. We saw a lot of influencers who tried to get a perfect shot/selfie with La Sagrada Familia in the backround. That was not easy because of the height of cathedral’s towers.

La Sagrada Familia

The inside of the basilica, as I should call it more accurately, is even more impressive than the outside. The display of light and colour was spectacular and the most beautiful displays which I had ever seen in a cathedral.

After a wonderful time in La Sagrada Familia, we went out for dinner in a local restaurant which was close to your apartment. We enjoyed some nice tapas and some sandwiches.

Shopping experience

As I have written above, we bought some chocolate which was really tasty.

But in addition to that I also bought some guide books about the Park Güell and Antonio Gaudí. At La Sagrada Familia I found even more interesting guides, post cards and notebooks.

While we were walking along one shopping streets, I saw a shop called MUJI. We have one of these shops in Germany as well but it is not close to where I live so I decided to sneak into it. 😉 Of course it was heaven for my little planner heart. I bought pens in different tip sizes, notebooks for my travellers‘ journal, some mini markers and portable scissors.

So, that were the first two days. 🙂 In my next post I will write about the other days.

My wisdom of the day: Not every plan can be realized and spontanious changes can make a plan even better. 🙂

Love to you all,


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