Day 3 & 4 of Barcelona

Hello to you, 🙂

today I write about the last two days in Barcelona.

Day 3

We got up early because we went to the Barcelona WalkingTours. I can highly recommend it. So my hint for you is to book it (well) in advance, because there is just one person who offers the tour in English.

We were 40 minutes too early, so we decided to drink a coffee. We were lucky, found a Costa Coffee shop and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. Personally, I like a good cup of coffee from time to time but I love tea. So, I took a „risk“ and drunk a Café Bombón. This is a Spanish coffee specialty which consists of an espresso slowly poured over sweetened condensed milk and the propotion is 50/50. The trick is that they must not mix in the cup. It was really sweet but tasty.

Our tour started at 9 o’clock in the morning and our guide was a lovely lady called Alba. She was awesome. She lead us through the Gothic Quarter, the oldest part of the city, which has really narrow streets. But at the same time there are so many bars, cafés and unique shops. We saw a lot of wonderful historic places and Alba explained it really vividly. During the walk she gave us a lot of hints where we could get the best Churros or where we could have a nice time, which museum we could visit, etc. The tour took 1 1/2 hours.

After the walk we followed Alba’s instructions and had the best Churros in town. They were very tasty. Then we went to a café called Caelum. It was a small shop at the corner of a tiny square with an old school flair. The chairs and tables were not the identical, but it matched all very well together. We had a cup of coffee there and I ate a strawberry chocolate tartlet. I was in food heaven, it was perfect. It was not to sweet, it was fruity and you could taste the chocolate as well.

Our next stop for the day was La Rambla, one, if not the, major tourist and shopping streets of Barcelona. So, we went for a quick walk from the Gothic Quarters to La Rambla. On this long street a lot was going on. Everywhere were dealers with a blanket and they tried to give you a good price. To be honest, I do not think that it is a legal business what they were doing there. I did not buy anything there. Of course there were booths with food, which looked more official.

We went to the famous market place – Mercat de la Boqueria. There you can find only food. The main incredients you can get there are: vegetables and fruit, meat and fish. I loved the place, because the atmosphere was great. I saw booth owners chatting with their regular customers or people who met by coincidence and talked for some time. It was really great. We tried a piece of Iberico and Serrano ham each. It was so yammy! You can taste a difference but I cannot say which I would prefer. I‘d take both.

Back on La Rambla we walked all the way down heading to the port. We had some time left, so we decided to visit Museu Marítim de Barcelona. I can recommend this museum because it is a little bit different from other museums. You get there a audio guide for free and you do not need to enter any numbers because it starts the information while you are walking and approach an exhibition item. An other interesting point were the little cinema rooms where you can sit down and watch a short movie about certain topics like everyday life on a galley.

a whole ship in the museum

Our last stop for the day was the cruise with a boat through the port and along the coast side. We took the tour with Las Golondrinas and the it took 1 1/2 hours. It was quite windy at that day and the sea was rough enough to make some passengers sick. Unfortunately, there were no announcements in any language of what could be seen. Pity.

After such a long day, we went to our apartment and we fell asleep.

Day 4

That day, we just wanted to take a ride through the city and when ever we would like to hop off the bus, we would do it and so we did. 😉 Another good thing about the Barcelona city pass was, we did not have to pay for the Bus tours because the price was included. Otherwise the price would have be 30 Euros per Person for one day.

We decided to hop off at Montjuic, the Jewish mountain (named after the still existing Jewish cemetery), so that we could go to the top by cableway. It was a lovely ride and on top of Montjuic we had a relaxing walk there as well as some great views over the city, the port and the Mediterranean Sea.

At the end we went to the beach and put our feet into the cold water. A little refreshed we took the metro back to our apartment for packing. In the evening we ate at other great local restaurant. Again, we had lots of tapas. Each and everyone of them was fantastic, for example patatas mixtas, chorizo in a fantastic sauce, meat balls, cheese plate, and so on, and so on. Did I mention it was fantastic? 😉

It was a wonderful last day in Barcelona and we decided to go back there 2027 when La Sagrada Familia will be completed.

My review: I am really proud of myself that the planning worked out for those days. Yes, we skipped the Picasso museum and the Magic Fountain but that was fine for me. We had just a wonderful time with our friends and we had a little bit time for shopping.

My wisdom of the day: Do not overplan and overthink plans, enjoy the moments und have fun. 🙂 Something great comes out.

Love to you all,


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