Shopping rush at a birthday sale

Hello to you, 🙂

it is a Wednesday evening and I think about my evening yesterday. I am not a huge shopping fan. I don’t go crazy when there is a sale or anything like that. But yesterday it happened, I had my girly fan freaky moment.

It began quite simple. I wrote about TheCoffeeMonsterzCo a few week ago. I love the shop and I love supporting people who live their dreams. The shop owner, Helen, has done a birthday bash ever since she had her little company. For me it was the first time that I was looking forward to this event. Every week she came up with new information around her sale. At one point she got me. I thought „yes, you should shop when there is the sale“. She published a Birthday Bundle. Every week there were sneaks, what will be inside and one week the sneak was a little rose gold bunny. Normally I am not a huge fan of gold but the little charm was so adorable. I knew I had to get one of these bundles.

Yesterday was the magic moment, the shop sale started 9 a.m. PDT on 6th of August. Helen had a hole page on her website with all the information which you needed for the sale. There were strict guidelines what you have to buy separately from the rest and what you could combine.

For me, it was 6 p.m. in Germany. Perfect! I was home, back from work and my little pug girl was next to me. BTW: I told my colleagues all about it and I think they see me as a stationery nerd now even more than they did before. But who cares. 😀

So, the magic sale moment. I was prepared. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. Some of the sticker sheets you could add into your cart before the sale started. I was looking for some limited like watercolouring prints and the little bunny charm (in case I wouldn’t get the bundle), the Birthday Bundle, different sticker sheets and washi tape. You see, I had a plan and as RuPaul would say „don’t f*ck it up“.

I was so nervous (maybe I had a blood rush) when I pushed for a refresh of the website. A lot of the limited items were sold out. The clock said that it was two minutes after 9 a.m. PDT. Two minutes not 20! I ordered my Bundle and then I placed my second order with the sticker sheets. I had a few limited things in my cart and I told myself „YES! Great!“ I checked out my cart and I got the message that a few items of my list are sold out. Ok, it was a try and so I paid my cart with the things I got.

Yes, I didn’t get all of the things which I loved but I got more than I expected. It was a great experience to take part in such an event. There is one thing I can tell you deeply from my heart: Helen and her family have my respect for this hard and passionate work! I cannot tell you often enough: THANK YOU! Great job!

So my wisdom of the day: Go wild and always stay nerdy, no matter what you like!

Love to you all,


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