Zenpop Stationery Box

Hello to you, 🙂

today I want to talk about a stationery box I tested. I was looking for a stationery subscription box, so I googled and I found a huge variety of different boxes. There were boxes for paper, for inks, pens or stickers. Some of the boxes were a great mix and the prices could differentiate. So finally, you need decide how much money you want to spend for a box.

My personal budget is 30 Euros (33,93 US Dollar). I love especially Japanese stationery. Because of that, I decided to buy zenpop.jp box There are ten items in a box which can be sticky notes or notepads, pens, erasers, washi tape, stickers and other tools. It is a monthly box and it has been delivered punctually every time so far. The costs are 27 US Dollar per month.

Inside the stationery box

This is my July box. Inside were two washi tape rolls, sumo sticky notes, lovely cards, a pencil with a sumo wrestler, a pen with black ink and two different pen tips, paper plus envelopes and a few sticker sheets.

It is my third box and I like the little suprises every month. I will continue testing it for a while and maybe I will change the box. 😉 This box had one lovely surprise for me though. Last year in Japan we visited a sumo tournament and I love this sport. So the sticky notes with the sumo wrestlers on it called my memories. 😍

My wisdom of the day: If you love surprises then try it and you will find a box which suits your taste and budget.

Love to you,


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