What kind of journalista are you?

Hello to you 🙂

I hope you had a good start in this new week.

I stood on our balcony and thought about the different ways you could journal. With every single way you want to express your feelings or thoughts. Which way do you prefer?

Here is a short list of styles:

  • Bullet Journal Method
  • Junk Journaling
  • Scrapbooking
  • Art Journal
  • using a planer like Erin Condren or Happy Planner
  • using a Hobonichi Cousin/Weeks/Avec
  • 5 year calendar
  • classic dairy
  • Traveler’s Journal

I know it is a short list, but these are the styles which came into my mind. 😉 Let me know which styles I forgot and what makes them special.

Bullet Journal Method

The system was created by Ryder Carroll. He wrote a book about the system and I loved to read it. It was informative, inspiring and you learn to change your perspective. A Bullet Journal can help you manage your tasks and appointments in a simple way which you can create. You decide in which way you use the space in your journal. You can choose the symbols and design your very own special journal.

Junk Journaling

This is a very creative way to work with paper with different motives, glue, stickers and straps. It is so cute to see how you can create your own book. You can design from the cover to the end the whole book. For that, you can use different styles of paper and materials. Sometimes the junk journals look a little bit old and it is interesting to see how these journalists create that. It is a wonderful process. To me it has an old fashioned boho chic style which I adore. ❤️


It is a wonderful way to collect your memories. It is a little bit like the Junk Journaling to me. Scrapbooking has a modern touch and it is a fantastic way to use decorations or other handicraft utensils. A lot of journalists take a photo album and work with different pens, photos and ornaments. You can use tape, strapes, colours and a lot of things more which you like.

Art Journal

Art Journaling is for very creative people who like to draw sketches, use water colours or work with coloured pencils. It is a great way to draw during a journey and so you can collect special moments. You can draw whatever you like. Unfortunataly, I am not such an artist but I love seeing people create a wonderful picture.

Erin Condren and Happy Planner

I know it is not the same and there is a huge difference between both systems but the style is a little similar to each other. Both planners give you a structure and a lot of goodies to use for your special planner. It is really interesting to see the amount of tools which you can use for this. Both planners can be personalised by yourself.

Erin Condren has a collection of planner systems for that what you need. On the website you can buy tapes, stickers and a lot of things more.

Happy Planner is really cute and the designs are eye catching. You can change the pages in the planner as you like and need it which I think it is really great. They have a huge variety of sticker books which fit perfectly into the planner.


The wonderful calendar system from Japan has it fans around the world. It is a calendar which is released twice a year, so that you can decide when you want to start your journaling year (April or November). The Hobonichi comes in different sizes. There is the Cousin (A5 and A6), the Weeks, or the Avec. The variety of designs and covers which you can use for it is great. The Hobonichi has a really wonderful paper. It is thin and very light. ❤️

5 year calendar

This is a special calendar which you use for 5 years. One day is at one page and you have a small space where you can write a few lines a day. You can write about every thing you like, like your day, a special thought or anything else.

Classic dairy

It is one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to write about all the things which matters to you. A lot of young people started a dairy out of different reasons. Most of the time it is about your feelings and thoughts. It helps to clear up your mind. It is really a liberating feeling.

Traveler’s Journal

This is a great system for people who are on a journey anywhere and want to write down what they experience right when it happens. You have a leather cover and you can put inserts in there, depending on the elastic bands which you have in it. Mostly the pages of the inserts are blank and you can design them as you like it. I love the idea to have a journal where I have the freedom to be creative in all the ways and I can do what ever I like.

If you would like to know more about one or two of the systems or styles, then stay curious because I will write a deeper insight. 😉

So, what do you think I use? Well, I love my Leuchtturm1917 as a Bullet Journal, my Hobonichi Cousin (A5) as my productivity journal and my 5 year calendar (Some lines a day by Leuchtturm). And for journeys I use my Traveler’s notebook. I love all of them and I think I will try other styles as well. 😉

Wisdom of the day: Don’t be afraid to experiment for finding your own style.

Love to you all,


2 Comments on “What kind of journalista are you?

  1. Thank you for your blogpost, same question here, which one should I use and stick with?
    This year I’m using the Passion Planner and the Bullet Journal, which I used back in 2019; while I transformed the Bullet Journal into a War-Binder after January 2020 🙂 Can’t stick to one planner right now – there are too many beautiful and helpful planners out there!


    • Hello Sarah,
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂
      2020 will be the year with the most planners I ever used. Don‘t worry about using two. If you love to use both then do so! I have a Hobonichi Weeks which is every where I go. Everything is in there like ideas, blogging ideas, things to do or lovely moments. It is chaotic and messy. At home is my bullet journal which I use for memory keeping and appointments. In this Journal my style is clean and simple. So I have a Good overview.
      Do what you love and when your heart belongs to two journals then find your way to make it work 🙂

      BTW: I checked out the Passion Planner and it looks awesome. I can totally understand you. 🙂


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