Stationery Haul

Hello to you, 🙂

I hope you enjoyed your last weekend and had a good start in the new week.

Last Friday, I had an amazing day. My husband and I went out to Leipzig for a little shopping trip, but the best happened after we were back home. A few orders arrived. 🤩It was great because I had waited for some of the orders for quite a while.

So, let’s start with the orders!


The shop owner Helen had a birthday sale. (I discribed my experience with it in another post.) I ordered a very huge amount of stickers, a bundle and other smaller things. The smaller order arrived and I was so happy. In the picture, you can see Lilo and Stitch Die Cuts, a sheet of stress emotis, a sheet of baking emotis, a sample of a sticker kit with Lilo and Stitch, sheets of memory banners and last but not least a sheet with reading and tea stickers. The beautiful card and the mini sticker sheet are gifts and when you order some stickers, the card and the mini sticker sheet can change from time to time.

My TheCoffeeMonsterzCo order

I absolutely adore Helen’s sticker because they are beautiful and well made. The paper has a lovely soft quality and you can remove the stickers easily. Besides the cuteness, the stickers are very functional as well.


I had ordered a few sticker sheets from MarinaBoeyngDesigns via Etsy. I really loved the stickers sheets for quite some time and so I decided, it is time to order something again. In the picture, you can see two sheets of cacti. I ordered a few sticker kits of autumn (I love the leaves and the motives). I wanted to give the galaxy sheet and the sparkly boxes a try. The beach stickers were absolutely amazing. I love the washi samples as well. The card, two freebies and the little Die Cut were a gift. You can collect stars with every order and you can get a discount when you will have collected 15 stars.


It is really incredible how lovely the stickers were made. The colours are so bright and deep which I adore. I like pastel colours but from time to time the stickers can be really intensive. I think that won’t have been my last order there. 😉

simply gilded

I placed an order with simply gilded. To be honest, I saw a lot of posts on Facebook and Instagram where planner girls used the cute washi tape with bows on it. And I thought „Where can I get it?“ I couldn’t find it on Etsy… Ok, samples, yes, but not a complete role of washi. I was a little bit disappointed and in a Facebook post a planner girl showed her stationery haul and I saw the label. I thought „YES, finally!“ So, I ordered at their website. I bought two sheets of sticker bows and 5 washi tapes. The card with cats and the single bow were freebies.

The golden foil are so beautiful and well made. The quality of the washi tape is amazing. You can remove the washi from the role really easily and you can remove it from the pages of your journal as well. It was the right amount for my very first order and it won’t have been my last one. 😍

Wisdom of the day: stickers and washi make your journal bright and happy. 😉

Love to you all,


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