Shop review: squarelimedesigns

Hello to you, 🙂

I hope you had a good start in this new week. I am sorry for being late with this post. Unfortunately, I was ill last week and I was not able to concentrate to anything. So I stayed in bed and cuddled my little pug girl Maya who was adorable and happy that I was at home. 😉

Today I would like to support one of my favourite Etsy shops. The shop is called squarelimedesigns and the owner is called Christina. I love her designs. They are cute, funny and functional. The stickers are hand drawn and you can see that she does it with love and passion. Her products are for any planner and I love the style very much.

So, if you are looking for a kit for your Hobonichi or little stickers which look like sticky notes, you should visit her store. 😄 And you get a little freebie with every order which is always a lovely surprise.

How did I discover the shop?

Uh, that was quite an adventure. I was browsing through Youtube and watched one of her videos by pure chance. I loved the cute design of her drawings and watched two more videos. After a few weeks I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest and there was the cute little design again. It was in a photo on Instagram and there was a comment from her as squarelimedesigns. Because of that, my way to the Etsy shop was just a click away. 😉

I personally adore the stickers for the daily usage, the Hobonichi weekly kits and the sticker sheet „cute coouples„. I am absolutely in love with the pancakes and the syrup or the milk bottle with the little cookie. I love the colours which Christina uses because it is not everything pastel or in a light colour. I am a fan of bright and intense colours and from time to time every journal needs something like that. 😄

The stickers have a really good quality and I like the texture of the paper. It is soft and you can remove the stickers easily from the transfer sheet.

To be honest with you, I hope that Christina will launch a lot of new products for a very long time, then I will be a happy, loyal customer. 😍

I would like to mention it precautionary. No, I didn’t get anything free or with a discount. It is my personal opinion and I think that we, planner babes and guys, should support each other.

So my wisdom of the day: Don’t be shy and brightened up your journal with stickers from squarelimedesigns.

Love to you all,


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