Sticker Haul: Halloween at TheCoffeeMonsterzCo

Hello to you, 🙂

As you know (ok you know now) that I live in Germany. We don’t really celebrate Halloween but it’s getting more and more popular. For me personally, I love Halloween and all the stuff around it. I love cute zombies, mummies, vampires or an adorable witch. So why shouldn’t I have something like that for my sticker collection as well. 😉

I knew that I would be right at Helen’s website and her releases on Saturday, 31st of August, were in a really cute Halloween style.

my sticker haul

What I ordered:

  • two art prints
  • die cuts: one mummy and a set of die cuts (a pumpkin head, a witch, a ghost and the cat)
  • two Hobonichi week kits
  • two Erin Condren sets
  • and 12 sheets of stickers

What I got:

  • two art prints
  • two die cuts mummy and a set of die cuts (a pumpkin head, a witch, a ghost and the cat)
  • two Hobonichi week kits
  • two Erin Condren sets
  • and 12 sheets of stickers
  • a little freebie sheet
  • a lovely card with greetings from Mama Tater
  • a mummy as a die cut

The main reason why I ordered, were the art prints. I saw them on Instagram and Youtube and I fell in love immediately. I was not disappointed at all. They are so adorable. You can see that Helen put so much work in it and it is made with love and passion. And that is the reason why I love to order in a small shop. You can see the work and the passion for their dream.

The art prints are printed on photo paper and the measurements are 15,1 x 10,3 cm. It is a good size. It is not too big and not too small. The print is of high quality.

To my Halloweeny sticker sheets:

I love a good mummy, so I bought myself a sheet full of them. At the Halloween Working Sheet you have five different emotis which work at their laptop. There is a witch, a zombie, a pumpkin head, a mummy and a minnie mouse. I love them. Everybody needs a countdown and now I have one for Halloween. I bought two Halloween Samplers Sheets which have different emotis on it. There are for example, a little vampire, Tinkerbell, a cat, Scooby Doo or a Ghostbuster. They are just cute and I am so happy that I ordered them. One sheet was all about Alice in Wonderland and I absolutely adore them. There are Alice, the white rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Cat and Hatter. Too Cute to use. 😁 My last sheet was about Hocus Pocus. I am in love with this movie. It was my first Halloween movie I watched as a child. I would love to be witch like Winnie, Mary and Sarah. 😍

To my other sticker sheets:

I bought a sheet with emotis which eat cookies. Hey, everybody loves cookies. ❤️= 🍪 Another sheet is full of emotis which read a book. I love to read and I think they are cute to mark such a moment in my journal. It is pumpkin time and so my third sheet is full of emotis with a pumpkin. My fourth sticker sheet is with lovely onesies. There is a hedgehog, a fox, a bear, a racoon and a deer. Really cute. The last one is about things you hope will never happen. There is something like a hurricane or insurance emergency.

All in all, it is a great haul and I really love the quality of every single piece.

Wisdom of the day: Cute and spooky work perfectly together.

Love to you all,

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