My journal full of memories

Hello to you all, 🙂

I hope you had a lovely day and have done your work/study or school for today. Make yourself a good cup of tea or coffee and have fun to read.

It is a little bit rainy here and while my little pug girl and I were outside for her walk, I got a little bit nostalgic. The rain always remembers me of our days in Japan. We did not have a lot of rain there but every time we had, the rain was really heavy. I don’t know why but in these few days I had the most beautiful moments of my life. I love everything about rain: the sound and the single rain drops which fall down. The world gets another touch and sometimes I think the world is a little quieter than normally. These moments, you cannot really collect in a journal but you can uphold the memory as best as you can. I tried. 😉

While we were in Japan last year, I took my notes in a travelers notebook. There were no pictures, no doodles, just my very messy hand writing. I love it. Sometimes I collected some information material. After some time, I decided to create a memories book for myself. So, let me introduce you to my book. 😄

Yes, my husband calls me Sweety ☺️

It is a purple coloured Leuchtturm1917. The paper is dotted. My Favorite 😍 One of the coolest things is that you can customise your journal with your name or something else. I love the colours and the paper of the Leuchtturm1917 journals.

So, these two are one of the first pages which I created in the journal. For me, it was important to have a map of Japan, so that I can mark all the huge cities which we would visit. My time line page was a draft of all the things and places which we visited. This draft I did on a sheet of paper and I thought that it would be great to have the whole planning in my journal. 🙂

As you know, I am not the greatest artist but I want it pretty as well. Because of that I decided to use my photos, some washi tape and the information material which I brought with me. I am very old school and love to write with a fountain pen and black ink. I personally love my hand writing. It was a lot of work but it was worth. All in all from the first page up to page 101 every page is stuffed full of memories and I enjoy every single bit of it.

When I got Fernweh (the translation is wanderlust, but I think this German word means so much more 😉) I took this memory journal and I am glad to have it.

Normally I would write my wisdom of the day. But today I would like to share with you my beloved picture of rain in Japan. It was the 7th of May 2018 in Kyoto. Enjoy it. (No Photoshop, just the beautiful nature)

Love to you all,


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