A silky Journal

Hello to you 🙂

I hope you enjoy your week so far. As you know, I love to test stuff around stationery and I did it again.

A few weeks ago I got a mail via my blog and I was invited to have a look at a little shop called SilkStation at Etsy. So I was curious and I saw this lovely journal which I ordered straight away.😍

I love to support small businesses and so I can recommend this little shop. Jake and Connie started it this year and I think it is a great idea with really unique products especially when you are looking for something different.

The journal which I ordered is covered with silk and I can tell you that the feeling of the journal is fantastic. Normally, the journals have a smooth surface but this journal is so soft and sleek. I just love touching it (I know it sounds strange but I love the feeling 😁)

I am a fan of bright colours and I can tell you that the colours look the same as they were in the pictures which were on Etsy. I am really fascinated by the pattern and it reminds me of something but I can’t remember of what. 🧐

The cover is well made and I like the edges of the cover because they aren’t just straight, they are in a zigzag design.

The journal has lined paper and it is a pure white.

Sorry for the bad lighting in the last picture. There were too many clouds in the sky to day. 🤔

I think that this journal is made to be special and I think I have finally found a journal where I can collect my favourite quotes. 😊 If you are looking for a journaling person who needs something unique in their stationery funds then it will definitely be a lovely present.

At this point I want to say thank you to Jake and Connie to be bold and so creative to start their business and I will be excited to get more of their products. 😊 I am in love with my journal. So thank you very much for contacting me.

As a little note: No, I was not paid for this review and I ordered like every other person would do too. I simply love supporting stationery businesses and testing new things.

Wisdom of the day: Everybody needs something silky and unique in their life. 😉

Love to you all,


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