50 days till Tokyo

Hello to you all,🙂

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your week.

The weeks seemed to fly since we booked our flight to Japan. (Sometimes I wished it would be a one way ticket and I could live in the land of amazing stationery 😄) 50 days isn’t really a long time and at the weekend my thoughts wandered around.

Because my husband looked at me and said: „Sweetheart, have you done a detailed planning? Last time you were prepared at this time and you tried to pack the bags.“ Well, he was right. Last time I organized everything months earlier or maybe I was soooo excited. I don’t know. But he was right about another point: the detailed planning wasn’t ready. So I started it and I don’t know why I stopped or forgot to plan further. 😱

At the Last weekend it was a perfect late summers day where you can sit outside and enjoy planning.

my table on the balcony

What did I do?

It is quite easy. When you know the places, sightseeing spots, cafés, shopping streets and so on you want to visit, you can decide to record them in a journal and/or to mark them on google maps. Personally, I do both because I like to write things down and I will carry my phone with me all the time so when I will get lost then I let it guide me back to the right way. 😉

To get an overview how long distances are, I need to check a street map and mark all the spots there. In this case, I was a little bit shocked because the distances where longer than I had expected. But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find a system in this madness. 😂

I saw that we want to visit shops and sightseeing spots which are in the same district or the areas are next to each other or we can take the Tokyo Metro for a quick ride.

So on day one we are going to Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree. On the second day we are around Tokyo Station and Akihabara. The third day is our day outside Tokyo where we are going to Kamakura (again) which I can highly recommend. The fourth day is all about Yoyogi Park, Harajuku and Shibuya. The last day we will walk around Shinjuku and Ginza. As you see these combination are just the districts, not the exact spots.

Last time we had the list of areas with all the places we wanted to go the next day and every night before we went to bed we decided together which place or shop we want to visit first. I don’t plan time to eat because we want to be flexible and we decided spontaneously when and where we wanted to eat or sometimes we had an idea where we would like to have dinner.

This year, we will get up by 6 o’clock and we will leave the hotel by 7 o’clock am every day. It is a good time because when the ride with the Metro is a little bit longer (maybe 30 minutes or so) and after that you have to walk, you can be at the first sightseeing spot when it will open. Our day will possibly end at 9 o’clock pm.

Wisdom of the day: You can always find a system in the jungle of planning. 😁

Love to you all,


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