Making new friends and receiving happy mails

Hello lovelies 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend and you enjoyed the time with your friends and family.

I got a happy mail on Friday and, as the name suggests, I was so happy about it. One of my newest friends, Angeline, sent it to me. There were so many goodies in it and I felt thankful for meeting new people, making new friendships and I can give or receive something. Basically, we are swapping stationery. 😀

I am in a Facebook group for kawaii journaling and last year there was a post about a happy mail train. One person starts and nominates another person. Then the second person is looking for someone as well and the train is moving. My friend Clare from Australia had this brilliant idea and nominated me. I, however, nominated my friend Prarng from Thailand. I didn’t know the girls at that moment. We started a conversation via Messenger.

I was so excited to get a package with lots of stationery and I was happy to share my stationery with somebody as well. We wrote a lot and it has been so much fun till today. I hope these new friendships will stay.

At the beginning, we talked about stationery, the journals we use and things we like. After a few days we talked more and more about our lives. Clare and Prarng don’t live in the same country as I do, but it doesn’t matter because we have plenty of stuff to talk about.

It was one of my best decisions to take part in the happy mail train. To be honest with you, I am in a few Facebook groups and I adore these perfect and beautiful looking spreads. But I think that my spreads aren’t that cute or beautiful. But through my conversations with Clare and Prarng I realised that it could be possible that other people might like my spreads. And so it is. It gives me a little boost for my self-confidence . This year I will be a little braver and post more things about me and my wonky style spreads. 🙂

This is my happy mail from Clare
My happy mail from Angeline

I totally love both happy mails. There were stickers, sticky notes, a journal and lots of cute paper.

That was the part of receiving lovely goodies. Now I tell you something about the other side: the sending.

I chose Prarng. I asked her about her favourite colours, animals, which journal she uses and what stationery she likes. I thought over and over about the goodies and then I packed together washi tapes, sticker flacks, sticky notes and different paper. I wrote a lovely letter and brought it to the post office. I was so curious about whether she would like it.

It had taken such a long time till it arrived. But when I got Prarng’s message that she liked everything, I was so happy and a little relieved, too. It was such a joy taking part.

Wisdom of the day: If you have the chance to take part in a happy mail train or a stationery swap, just do it. You will surely find new friends, get lovely stuff and bring happiness to others, too.

Love to you all,


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