Archer and Olive Notebook

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

today it is a rainy Sunday. I love rainy days. For me it is calming down and relaxing. I like the sound of the rain drops against our windows. 💝

In a lot of Youtube videos or Instagram pictures/stories I saw people using Archer&Olive Notebooks. I got curious about it. So, I decided to buy one for myself.

They have a huge and beautiful variety of notebooks, sketchbooks, planners and accessories. The only thing which I knew, was that I would like to have a notebook where the pages were black. After a few seconds, I fell in love with the ‚BLACKOUT book – A5 Deep Green Dot grid notebook with BLACK pages‘ for 38 Dollars. I loved this green colour. So, I ordered it and waited for it to arrive.

It was interesting to monitor the hole shipping process. One day after I placed my order, I got an e-mail that my notebook would be on the way to me. That was surprisingly fast. After the service provider got the order it took a while. I understand that the notebook had to go half way around the world but do you know this moment when you are really excited and can’t wait to get it? That was me.🙈My excitement was slowed down by the postal service. Actually, I can’t remember the exact number of days the shipping took.

This was the package of the notebook

The package is unbelievably beautiful when I had it in my hands after it had been delivered. The leaves are in deep green shades and the sign in the middle is golden. The colours match very well.

There it is and it isn’t a beauty?

The green colour is even better in real than it was in the photo on their website. The leaves are golden foiled. The paper of the pages is gold foiled as well which looks really amazing.

You have two bookmarks and they match perfectly with the green shade and the black pages.

The dot grid on the pages can be seen very well which is really good for me because I like to draw my lines without a ruler. I like the wonky style 😄 The Archer&Olive notebook is the notebook with the thickest pages so far.

I was so happy to get the notebook that I forgot one important thing: I didn’t have any gel pens in neon, metallic or glitter which I could use in there. 😂That is typical me. Now I am waiting for my Sakura gel pens to arrive.

Wisdom of the day: If you want to start a project, be prepared and don’t get unpatient. Waiting is a good thing. 😉

Love to you all,


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