Preview: Compare the planner – Erin Condren vs The Happy Planner

Hello lovelies, 🙂

Sunday is my day full of relaxation and I am doing only things I love. Sometimes I chill on the sofa and watch Netflix… no just kidding 😆 I surf through YouTube. I really like doing this. It is relaxing to watch the newest YouTube Videos of my favorite channels. ( I watch a lot of Netflix, I don’t need a special day for it 😁)

As you might know, I don’t like one particular style of planner or notebook. I‘m amazed what journaling addicts can do and how every single one gives his/her journal a personal touch. I think that you can’t do anything wrong when you are journaling because it is everyones own understanding. It is your style and you‘re doing a lovely journaling work.

I watched a video where a young girl was really passionate about her Happy Planner. Then I was thinking about my Erin Condren. Then I saw this Happy Planner. My brain started working, what if I would compare them. Did somebody do this before? I don’t know. I hope I’m not going to be doomed or something like that. 😂

So, I went shopping for a Happy Planner.

I will compare both planners within the next fortnight and give you an update regarding my experiences.

Wisdom of day: Compare what you want as long you do it love!

Love to you all,


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