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Journal Journey: Hobonichi Techo Avec

Hello my Lovelies, 🙂 it is the middle of the week and as we would say in German: „Bergfest“ 😉 It means that it is time for a little party because there are only two days till weekend. 😀 Last year I started a… Continue Reading „Journal Journey: Hobonichi Techo Avec“

Preview: Compare the planner – Erin Condren vs The Happy Planner

Hello lovelies, 🙂 Sunday is my day full of relaxation and I am doing only things I love. Sometimes I chill on the sofa and watch Netflix… no just kidding 😆 I surf through YouTube. I really like doing this. It is relaxing to… Continue Reading „Preview: Compare the planner – Erin Condren vs The Happy Planner“