Journaling in the time of social distance

Hello my lovelies 🙂

We are all in the same boat. We have to practice social distance to take care of our beloved families and friends. I try so too, but well it is really hard for me. Normally I meet friends for some coffee or tea once a week, sometimes we go out for dinner or we go out for a walk. I love my family and my friends and because of that it is quite hard not to phone them and say: „Let us go out!“

Yesterday (Sunday, one of my favourite days of the week) I sat on my bed and flipped through my journal. I realised that I hadn’t met some friends in three weeks. Well, we phone regularly but it’s not the same. I was sad because nobody can say right now for how long it will stay this way. Because of that, I thought about all the things I love to do as well. My journal shouldn’t look empty 😉

I started a page called „my favourite things during Corona virus“. Of course my little sheep buddy is there as well. You will see it at the end of the page. And I wrote down a few things. I was really surprised how many things I like doing and what I can do in this time.

Ok, here are my favourite things:

  1. Tea or coffee time on the balcony
  2. decluttering (I really love to do this :-))
  3. cuddling my little pug girl
  4. journaling / creating new spreads
  5. reading a book
  6. Tidying up
  7. drawing Eggbert
  8. learning something new
  9. writing a letter
  10. playing with Nintendo Switch
  11. playing a board game
  12. go out for a walk with Maya and my husband
  13. taking care of our plants
  14. dancing
  15. doing sports (Yoga in my case)
  16. playing my instrument
  17. phoning family and friends
    1. Facetime
    2. Skype
  18. Listening to my favourite music
  19. singing loud and wrong to my favourite songs (:-))
  20. trying new recipes

I think I will find a few more things to do. 🙂

What are your favourite things you like doing in this time? Did your journaling style change? Do you have such a page as well?

I am not in quarantine but I work from home. It is quite new to me and I am honest with you, I don’t like it. I want my office back.

My personal, unfortunately unsung, heroes are the people who work in the medical field, the people in the retail trade, the people who work for the police and the fire departments, moms and dads at home, all the small businesses which find their way to keep the business up and help their community, the lorry drivers who transport and deliver the goods for us. I am so thankful and glad that such great people keep our lives going. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Eggbert stays at home

Normally I would write my wisdom of the day, but today I have a wish: Do it the sheeptastic way, stay at home, keep safe, stay healthy.

Love to you all,


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