If you want to be a stationery doctor, you need a Writer‘s Medic Bag

Hello lovelies, 🙂

this time my review is different to the other ones. This a really very special one for me.

As you might know I ordered the zippered Folio by Galen Leather for my Hobonichi in the colour Crazy Horse Forest Green. I am totally in love with it and so I decided to write about it. As usual I posted it on Instagram. It was late at night and I got a message via Instagram from Yunus from Galen Leather. My heart dropped and I was so nervous. My husband looked at me and asked what happened. Well, Yunus offered me the item which was second on my list, after the Folio: the Writer‘s Medic Bag. I was speechless and I am still impressed by so much generosity. ❤️🙏 I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Because of that I have to say that this is an advertisement. (It is my first time)

I was so excited and every time I got an e-mail from Galen Leather my heart started jumping. I wanted to tell it the whole world. (Yes, I can be very enthusiastic :-D)

The days passed by and I received an e-mail with a tracking number. The delivery would be with UPS. I know they are really fast. And yes, it was very fast till it landed in Germany (just from one afternoon to the next morning) and then it was the hour of German customs. They needed some more information. So I send UPS all the details which they needed and the days passed by. I didn‘t get any response from customs. My personal luck was that the UPS staff sent me updates after I had asked for the current status. It was nerve wrecking for me. I wanted this bag so much. And finally, after a couple of days, I got an automatic update that it would arrive soon.

It was Friday noon that day. There it was. As you might know, I work from home, so I called my colleagues that I would do my lunch break. I had 30 minutes for the Writer‘s Medic Bag.

The package is brillant. I love the fact that it is made of cardboard and the vintage look is amazing. The Medic Bag itself was yet again in a lovely brown cotton bag for protection. I can‘t say it often enough: I love the green colour! It is so intense, bright and it is a deep and rich colour. The stitches are so perfectly crafted and the surface of the leather is really smooth, so soft. The bag matches perfectly with my Folio.

The measurements are 29 x 20 x 8 cm. The weight is just under 1 kg (0,9kg). A bullet journal like a Leuchtturm1917 in A5 size fits very well. Even my current journal (Nuuna) fits into the bag. Without any problems I can put my travelers journal and my Hobonichi Weeks for my daily stuff into it. At the back of the bag are two metal loops and one leather loop for the shoulder strap.

When you want to open the Writer‘s Medic Bag you flip open the cover and on each side are three magnets to hold them. If you undo them, you can fold the front forward. Great idea! So simple but yet great. The magnets are quite strong, so it can‘t open too easily.

The Medic Bag has two compartments: The big one is for your journal and the second one is with little pockets and loops for your pens. The six loops are great for pens. Next to them are three loops which are wider. You could use them for cables, chargers, little boxes. At the box on the front side are little pockets. A larger one which is zippered (perfect for sticker sheets), above it is a large pocket and further above it are three more but this time little pockets. The material is very good worked up. You can see how precise every stitch was placed.

Inside the bag were a few lovely things, Galen Leathers had put there. There was a card „blue voyage“, a little bag with coffee and earl grey tea, an „evil eye“ with explanation, a card with Zeynep (the talented woman who created this amazing bag), and a history and a card with details to the product itself (like date, who made it, colour and important information to the leather and its care). On the website it says that it is the last piece Zeynep created and it makes me sad to read that but yet I am happy at the same time to appreciate her master piece.

I am a huge fan of such small details. I know a lot people who are not interested in the information but I very much appreciate it. By that, the product gets a final touch and you get the feeling to order more than just the bag.

If you have time, go to their website and take a look at the history of the company. They share their incredible story with the customers and you get the feeling to be a little bit connected to them.

I can’t say it often enough, it is more important to support family or small businesses than buying your supplies from a huge store. Yes, it can be pricier than in the big store next to it, but when you shop there often, the shop owner will recognise you and you will start chatting, you will start to form a very nice personal connection. I like these little chats and I enjoy going into such small businesses. Small/family businesses have a special place in my heart. 💕

To cut a long story short, I love my Writer‘s Medic Bag and I can’t wait to go outside, sit in a café and start journaling (of course after the Corona virus). 😍

Special thank you to Galen Leather for sending me this incredible piece of work. I am really overwhelmed and I am in love with the bag and its colour. Thank you, Yunus for the offer and my card said the bag was made by Nurgül, thank you so much for your work as well. It will not be my last ordered product, you can be sure of that 🙏🙂

Wisdom of the day: Buying from small businesses is the best appreciation you can give to them.

Love to you all (from a very happy little stationery addict),


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