Journal journey: Leuchtturm1917

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

Let us start with our paper / notebook journey. It will be the first part of many more, hopefully.

We will begin with the journal which I use a lot since I have started to express my notes, appointments and lots more in a more creative. Is it my favourite one? I would say it is one of my favourite notebooks.

At first, we look at the material of the outside cover. It is a bright and happy blue hardcover which feels really smooth and that is nice. It looks a little bit shiny too. The seize of the Leuchtturm1917 is A5. I paid 17,50 Euros and ordered it through their website. The weight is about 254g which is a pleasant weight, especially when you would like to carry your journal with you every day. Around the notebook is an elastic band which matches the colour of the journal.

The thickness of the paper is 80 gsm. So it is quite thin paper (low on the scale of paper weight) but nevertheless this is good for when you like to write with a pen or pencil. Highlighters and other brush pens are fine as well. If you would like to add watercolour, you can do it but keep in mind that the paper can get wavy. The paper itself feels smooth and light but it isn’t a bright white. I would say it has a really light touch of yellow in it. My example has dots on it because I prefer a dot grid. You can buy the Leuchtturm with lines, squares or even blank. Dots/Squares/Lines are all well visible but in a decent way.

The pages are numbered and there are 251 pages which would like to be scribbled onto. 😉 Also, the corners are rounded which is a nice feature. When you open your Leuchtturm1917 there is a place to write your name into and then you have a preprinted space for an index as well. I personally work a lot with the index because I cannot remember where I wrote projects or ideas down.

The notebook comes with two book marks. One is in the same colour as the journal and the other one has a different colour (blue and grey in my case). So you can tell them both apart very well. And other goody is that there is a pocket at the back where you can store sticker sheets for example.

Well I am a little sentimental with the brand and its notebooks because it was my first one. The first one which I used to get addicted to Bullet Journaling.

Well, my dear ones, this was our first notebook we discovered together on our journal journey. Stay strong, healthy and fit.

Wisdom of the day: Everybody has a first love even with a notebook. Leave a comment down below what your first journal was.

Love to you all,


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