Journal journey: Notebook Rhodia

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

I hope you are all safe in this mad world out there. I know that one topic overrolls all news these days. I am really shocked and sad that we still live in a world with racism, hatred, inequality and injustice. I think everybody can give his/her best to make this world a better place. We all can stand and fight against these negative and destroying moments. Black Lives Matter! In the last weeks I read a lot about this movement and I pray for every soul. Such terrible moments should not happen ever again. 🖤

Let us have a look at the outside of the notebook ‚goalbook‘ which is made by the company Rhodia. It is a faux leather soft cover, berry coloured. It feels amazingly smooth. To be honest, I sometimes take it out of the shelf, just to feel the surface. 😉 The seize is an A5 and I ordered it via Amazon for 16,95 Euros. The weight of the notebook is 399 grams which is totally fine to have with me all day. Around it is an orange elastic band as well. For me, it is a really pleasant colour combination.

To find a bridge from such an important theme to an other great notebook is quite hard, nearly impossible. So, I am sorry for the hard cut now.

The thickness of the paper is 90 gsm and due to that it is a little bit thicker than the paper of the Leuchtturm1917. I do not have any problems with the usage of pens, pencils, highlighters and brush pens. Watercolours is one thing I have not tried so far. The paper is smooth and light but it is not a bright white colour. It is more of a creamy white and it has dots on it which are visible but not too intense.

The pages are numbered and there are 224 pages to write on. The corners are rounded which I really like. On the first page is a little space to write your name down and the next page started with an index which is called contents. The following pages are an overview of the months from January up to December. After that there is more space for every month for important dates where you can write a little bit more information.

The goalbook by Rhodia has two book marks in the same orange like the elastic band. At the back of the notebook is a pocket for your stickers. What I like about this notebook is that the inside for the cover is in the same bright orange like the book marks.

Our second stop in our paper road trip ends now and next week we will look at the next notebook. 😁

Wisdom of day: Be kind, be brave and don’t let racism rule the world. #blacklivesmatter

Love to you all,


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