Journal Journey: Lemome notebook

Hello lovelies 🙂

It is the middle of the week and my workload is huge at the moment. I will not complain about it, because it is a good sign that we are going back to normality. I have been working from home for 13 weeks now and while it was exciting at the beginning – maybe a bit like a little adventure – I would like to be back at my normal office. How about you? Do you still work from home or do you go to work as usual?

Because of that, I am really excited to go on our little notebook/paper journey again with you. This time, we will stop at the Lemome notebook. Have you heard of it or have you used it so far? No? Then have a look because I think you could be interested and like it too 😉

The Lemome notebook has a hardcover and the outside material is brown imitation leather. It is really smooth and it looks very elegant. The seize is A5. I ordered it via Amazon and the costs were 10,99 Euros, which is a good price I think. The notebook’s weight is 426g.

There are 180 pages which aren’t numbered and the paper is 125gsm thick. This is a very good thickness if you are interested in using it for pens, highlighters, pencils and even some watercolour pictures are fine. The paper gets a little bit wobbly with watercolours on it but if it isn’t a drama for you then you can use it. The colour of the pages is not bright white, it is more a creamy white with dots. The dots are well visible.

When you open the Lemome you have a little space to write down your name. The next page starts with the dotted paper. So for people who like a preprinted index, I can say: Sorry my lovelies, you have to do it yourself. 😉

There is one bookmark in the same colour as the book binding, in grey. A really lovely feature is a black pen loop which is at the book binding in black. It looks quite elegant to me. At the inside back is a pocket where you can store stickers or some sheets of paper. The black elastic band helps you to keep everything closed and well fixed.

Wisdom of the day: Take your time to chill/relax/enjoy even in stressful situations.

Love to you all,


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