Journal Journey: Travelers Company Notebook

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

How is your new week so far? I hope you started with positive vibes. In case you didn’t or couldn’t , let me send you lots of positivity, strength and happiness.

It is really interesting how many notebooks we have already discovered together and our journey hasn’t come to its end so far. Our stop for today is the Travelers Company Notebook.

The first time I saw this notebook was on YouTube. I watched a young woman who set up her journal. I loved the leather, the little notebook and a cute charm. I googled the company and unfortunately they don’t ship to Germany. But there are several shops where you can buy the products. I decided to buy it at a store … but in Japan. Well, I did! I shopped it at the airport in Narita right after landing 😀 I am not kidding.

I use different notebooks of Travelers Company. In our case here, I give you an overview of the 026 Dot Grid. The cover is made of paper, so it is a flexible with a smooth surface. The colour is light grey and the Midori paper is bright white inside. The seize is 210 x 110 x 4mm. There are 64 pages and it weights 70 grams.

When you open the pages there is a decorative page and after that you can start journaling. There isn’t something like an index and the pages aren’t numbered. The dots are 5 x 5 mm and they are really lightly visible. The surface of the paper is smooth. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the grams per square metre, but if I should guess, I would say that it is thicker than 60 gms and thinner than 100 gms. There is a little bit of shining through when you are using pens which I personally don’t mind. If you like to use stamps it could happened then ghosting up to light bleeding is possible. I love my highlighters and colour pencils and I haven’t had any problem with it.

The pages aren’t corner rounded and there isn’t an elastic band or bookmark. However, you have the beautiful leather cover which you wrap around.

I use the calendar in this seize as well and I adore the products of Travelers Company as such. The products are of wonderful, unique Japanese quality.

Wisdom of the day: If you like to travel with a notebook then the Travelers Company Notebook is a great companion.

Love to you all,


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